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  1. Think I just did the same bit as you there Illdog. At least it sounds very similar. Good to see the stealth gameplay working effectively this time round. The Borgia tower missions are great as they actually require some proper planning in order for you to be succeasfup.
  2. Great impressions le dog. I actually grew rather bored with AC II but Brotherhood is amazing and by far the best in the series. I love how much of a badass you are in this game. Loads of new moves and gameplay bits. It feels like they have really been able to put so much into this third outing. There is lots to collect here too, but this time in much smaller doses which is better. Also the challenge tombs are back and bigger and more rewarding. Ubisoft Singapore who worked on some of this game are in the same building as me and so I have been playing multi with a few of the devs and getting owned. All in all the multi is very nice and stays true to the core game. It's not something you will play solidly for hours and hours on end, but a few games here and there are incredibly satisfying.
  3. Oliath

    Phone Games & Apps

    Currently going RPG crazy on my iphone at the moment with: Maple Story: Thief Edition Crimson Gem Saga Inotia 2 Love all of them but probably should just play one at a time :-) Also Hendo... i too have no clue about how to play civ rev. Need some help :-(
  4. Oliath

    Red Dead Redemption

    This game is like a piece of art. I am actually enjoying just wondering around in the world and taking my time to get things done. In no way am i tempted to rush stuff just to beat the game as i want this experience to last as long as possible. Anyone know if there is a sensible way to tell if another horse is better than your current one? There are no stats.... but was wondering if there were different 'models' with visual ways to identify if its worth and upgrade over your current mount.
  5. Oliath

    Gears of War 2

    Eerie. Becuase i have done exactly the same. Also the patch is fantastic. Before i could not find a single game in Singapore. Even if i left it searching for an hour. Now i can hop into a game in minutes and really dont suffer from lag too badly. Turns out in a previous patch Epic decided the best way to fix the lag was to put a ping limit on the game search so anyone higher than 150 was cut out of multiplayer. Fantastic for people not in America. Utter bloody disgrace too cutting off customers like that. Thankfully this new patch has more than redeemed themselves and the multiplayer is worth a look at for anyone that was remotely interested in it before.
  6. Oliath


    Yeah i got the 'previously on blur' intro this morning. Such a good game. I got it on the PC though so can't race any of you :-( It tells me there are only 89 people online, but even then i can find a game within minutes and then it just cycles the maps which means it has a very efficient matchmaking system The multiplayer is where the heart of the game lies though. Some real heart pounding moments in my races this morning and i actually scraed first once which litterally made me pop a vessel on my bellend. Learning the placement of the powerups is as important as learning the tracks and I have found that saving one defensive slot is the best way to avoid being taken out. Its pure arcade racing but done exceptionally well.
  7. Blur is like Call of Duty in cars. Its got me nice and pumped for the day.

  8. Anyone know if this is running on the same engine as Fallout 3? Cos it's good if it is then at least I know it will run on my machine. I hate pc gaming.
  9. I hope the multiplayer isn't anything based off those bollocks 'trials' to win the golden mask in Ass Creed II. Especially the capture the flag game. That sucked donkey balls. Did anyone play the Assassins Creed II Multiplayer on the iphone? It was pretty fun. You get a top down view and play against three other opponents, each of you is represented by either a white, green, blue or orange character. You have to pick up an assassination contract and then take out the other human player of the matching colour. Problem is the map is littered with AI that looks just like you and your opponents. If you take out a civillian you loose points.. so you have to study the movement of the crowds and work out which one is a human before you make your move. Surprisingly it works really well and is pretty tense when you are trying to follow your target to get closer to them without running or moving too quick or they will notice you and take you out. No idea how or if that would work in a 3D environment though. On a side note - Ubisoft Singapore is actually in the same building as my office and got a couple of guys living in the same condo as me. Maybe i should try pestering them for a sneak peek
  10. Oliath

    Phone Games & Apps

    Need for Speed: SHIFT is out on iphone today. http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/need-for-speed-shift/id337617836?mt=8 Its been getting really good reviews so far and runs really well on my iphone 3G. Ridge Racer was also released a few days ago. I would NOT recommend this title though. Absolutely terribly put together and runs like crap.. EA +1 Namco -1
  11. Oliath

    Left 4 Dead 2

    Been playing this all week now and LOVE it much more than the first. I should note that over here i played alot of the first simply because it seems to be popular and its easy to find games. Its so much harder than the original but in a good way. I haven't managed to finish one single campaign yet as we get stuck on the climaxes. Its brilliant though. This is how left4dead should be. New weapons are awesome, graphics are improved and i love the weapon mods... adding lazer sights or incendiary rounds is a nice touch and forces you to do more than just decide between shotgun, AR or sniper and then simply pick up the next level up gun... Here you really think about what you are picking up because if you switch up a gun you lose your mod.... but gain new ammo. Online versus is epic once again and the new infected actually balance out the playing field. Its not so much about completing each stage anymore as it is about just doing more damage to the other team. Little waypoints are in place as well that pop up and tell you 'the survivors are 25% way through'. Little things like this make it a much more rounded experience. I am making the most of versus while the game is still new and people don't know all the little tricks yet. Left4Dead one got silly with people knowing all the best spots to camp in when a horde comes along and the kids here take it WAAAAAAAAAAAY too seriously. You shoot a boomer when its in close by mistake once and thats it... they vote to kick you out the game.... Grrrrrrrrr.
  12. Oliath

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Totally agree with you Stoobie. I think the game engine is absolutely incredible and sooo much fun to play within... it was a shame the original story was so stale. Gay Tony for me is by far the best expansion and its bullshit that PC and PS3 players don't have the experience but i guess thats how exclusivity rolls. I would gladly get more expansions as and when they come out.
  13. Ahhhhhh that just reminded me. Before i left for Singapore i lent my copy to a mate at work... on the condition that when he finished it he traded it in and then gave me the cash. Never did.
  14. i think so yes, mainly because of the smaller amount of damage it takes to kill someone compared to other games. especially on hardcore mode, i do quite a lot of camping. i dont stay in once place the whole match, i move around, but i get a lot of kills from stationary vantage points. i think this game demands it. historically camping has been frowned upon, but in real life where a bullet can kill you (like hardcore mode) soldiers dont run around one man army like rambo, shooting from the hip and not having their back covered, and my natural instinct playing cod is not to do so. i also use perks that make me invisible to radar etc most of the time. Thanks TopGun for that. I tried a more stealthy approach last night and got the most kills on my team on derailed :-) Switched my to using a silencer so as not to give away my position when i shoot and also to radar jammer perk. Any idea how this works exactly from the opponents POV... i.e... when i am close does their radar just fuz up?... and i shouldn't show up regardless of UAV's correct? Anyway... it definitely helped my score / survival go up a significant amount and its actuall quite enjoyable sneaking around.. killing... waiting for a few more enemies to come get you... moving on. Another strategy i started doing last night was to sneak into a room where i know an enemy is... kill them... then move to another point of the room and wait for them to come and get me back... kill them... then move to outside the room.... and wait for them to come yet again.... and kill the from outside hahah... it feels mean but it keeps on working :-) Also...payback is simply awesome.
  15. Oliath


    I think this is my game of the year! So much to choose from though but if they release a sensible amount of DLC at a steady pace then i can see myself playing this for a looooooooong time. Rekon they need to up the level cap too or something though. Still on first playthrough. Got the game on PC and have had a couple of mates round for lan play and its utterly fanstastic. Really reminds me of old school diablo2 lan sessions i used to have. I am looking forward to experiencing the super crap ending i keep hearing about. I am actually more excited to see just how shit it really is than i am concerned about any story conclusions / twist.
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