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Halo Infinite


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Reached level 3 tonight. I do like the game, but the progression systems are terrible, and without the reward incentive I don’t think I want to play it that much. I can enjoy the combat for what it is but when that’s all there is I feel like I could put my time to better use.


There are 2 problems for me. Firstly everything is locked behind the battle pass. I get that this is F2P, I don’t think you even need Gamepass for it, and the battle pass is £7.90 or some weird number, so what they’re asking for is not really that bad. But I don’t want to spend on it so I don’t get anything for playing other than the fun of playing. And the fact that is proving to not be enough might say a lot about how I feel about the game and I don’t think armour pieces are going to fix that, so I don’t think it’s worth buying.


The second problem is the level ups are so slow. I didn’t realise it until tonight but you don’t get XP for skill you only get XP for completing challenges. Which is like 50 points per match and to get to level 3 was a 1000 points. I unlocked some other daily/weekly challenges too, but it still took a very long time. It was a disappointing realisation to see I did quite well in a match and expected to earn a lot of points and only got 50 for the game. 

The only way to earn anything without paying it seems is to play ranked. Which after yesterday I’m scared to do it’s just so hard. 

I dunno. I like it, it’s fun. But if I try to take it seriously I get pissed off and if I don’t take it seriously I feel like I might as well play something else. Add on top earning helmets to be told you can’t wear it is like…


Ehhh I can’t see me sticking with this much longer

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I meant to put this game back on for 45 mins until 1am it’s now 2:45 and I hate it even more


I’ve been trying to get this achievement for killing someone with a charged shot from the Ravager. It might be the worse gun ever made in Halo. It has a 2-3 second charge, you can only use it 3 times before out of ammo, the grenade has super travel time between firing and the target, and it’s an AoE fire grenade. So even dead shots don’t kill. You need to find a weakened enemy first.


How. Fucking. Annoying.


I got it but it took forever. I also noticed there is actually a lot of guns in the game where the bullets have a lot of travel time and it sucks shit in big open maps where no one stops running and jumping. I really believe any weapon in this game that isn’t a straight forward gun that shoots normal bullets is garbage. Maybe big weapons like Rocket Launchers (Which I can’t believe they started calling them Spankers. That’s new right? God it’s so shit) but even then it’s only really good for vehicles.


The 2 things that are killing my enjoyment the most.


First is when waiting for a weapon cabinet to reload it doesn’t tell you how long you have to wait. They should at least red, yellow, green colour code it so you have a general sense if you should wait for a weapon or not.


My 2nd thing is I know people want to show off their armour but waiting to get in and out of games because characters are posing. Get fucked I want in the game and I want out the game as fast as possible no fucking around.


I’m also having a really hard time not dying in this game. I feel like everything that isn’t right in front of you is a blind spot. Which maybe that’s what separates good Halo players from bad Halo players but I’m constantly just getting fucked up from all sides all the time. 

I also can’t aim for shit, that isn’t helping.


I think I hate this video game, I dunno 



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I'm tearing it up in this, though the 3500 hours I put into Halo 2 seem to have cemented some level of skill into my brain (it's nice to be half decent at an online game whilst being in my 40's).

Weaken them with grenades, shoot them in the head until you're close then gun butt them in the face. Agree about some of the guns though, I avoid anything that isn't 'human' - lots of the alien weapons are shit with the exception of a charged plasma pistol that's great for taking out vehicles.

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yeah i like that red one too.


played some ranked games today, still not enough to get a rank, but having BR starts has really helped me as that's the gun i use most. faith in halo restored. halo can be a bit up and down like that. partly as well due to the hidden rank, which past games have had so i guess this one too. bit early for it to be making much difference here though i guess.

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Ah right, i had thought it might be a joke but went for the serious reply anyway, sorry! I know what you mean though i feel like that too when playing online.

You cant call the vehicles in Maf, think they respawn on timers, some of the weapons have visible timers


edit- yeah could be pc players, not looked to see if you can disable that yet

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Yeah i think youre right about crossplay based on the controller.


just found out that the weapons have timers, its the blue bar at the top, if its blue and the bar is filling up the weapon will respawn, if the gun is red its not going to respawn, maybe because someone already has it, and some just keep respawning anyway. Looks like the vehicles have a similar blue bar.

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I hijacked a flying enemy vehicle with the grapple hook TWICE and the achievement didn’t pop. 



I think I’m going to buy the battle pass


EDIT: So you can change your armour and colour. Some of it I’m sure is locked behind a pay wall but I did get to change my armour and colour at least


Reached level 6 tonight. It is slow going holy hell. I’ve already seen some players wearing some fire effect which means they hit level 85! That’s a lot of Halo


Also I got so mad at accidentally punching when trying to aim I swapped melee and crouch and now every time I want to punch someone I run up and duck in their face



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