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  1. Rocket League with KBaM? Ew.
  2. mfnick

    Steam Deck

    Yea that’s what I read too. Ive got one pre-ordered but I doubt I’m in the first batch. But genuinely P4 is one of the main reasons I want it so if they can’t get that working, & depending on first hands on impressions, it may be a deal breaker for me. At launch anyway.
  3. I actually get the opposite. Have generally stable, clear viewing on Netflix whereas on Disney+ I quite often get poor picture quality dipping in and out. Only started happening recently too.
  4. Wow that’s late!! Oh well, this is one of those films I will own on 4k blu ray to be able to watch it in its proper glory & without any artifacting, buffering or bitrate issues. Maf, you should do the same. It’s worth it.
  5. mfnick

    Steam Deck

    Sort Persona 4 out or it’s a no buy.
  6. Give over, Ghosts was boring as fuck. I love a bombastic SP CoD more than most and even I thought that one was shit. Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is seriously underrated. Some amazing set pieces in that one.
  7. Yeah, I recently played through Guardians of the Galaxy and that’s one I own on Disc. Couldnt hear the XSX at all while playing it. Strange, wonder if they used different drives for certain batches? Nice one. That’s usually the exception not the norm though. And I’ll still be able to sell mine on for anything between £10-30 afterwards. Especially if it’s like other Tales physical Xbox versions where they barely make any copies so resale stays relatively high.
  8. mfnick

    Death’s Door

    When beating Grandma I’m pretty certain most my damage to her was from hitting projectiles back. Beating her with the umbrella shouldn’t be too bad even with low damage output.
  9. Same here, got 9 too but 2 were complete guesses so 7 really.
  10. mfnick

    Death’s Door

    I’ve made a start now it’s on Game Pass. I’m enjoying it so far. In the first proper dungeon at the moment with the Witch. I love the graphic style and music. The couple of bosses I’ve fought so far have been fun too in a similar way to Metroid Dread, where it’s pattern recognition which leads to you being able to destroy them when you get it down. I love that shit. The level design is really smart too, it’s all well defined and the variety is high so you know where you’re going and where you’ve been without the need for a map - so far anyway. The way it’s constantly opening short cuts is very welcome too. However, like Maf. It’s not really grabbing me yet. It’s all well made but he put it really well when saying it’s just not exciting me. I feel the exact same. Only a couple of hours in so hopefully it does click with me more.
  11. You all have too much money.
  12. ? I’m not sure what I’ve done but 😂
  13. Oh yea, this is annoying to be fair. I’d forgotten how bad it is until I played FFVII again this month. Why the hell it keeps having to do it even when you’re not playing the game in the disc drive or after the game has loaded up makes zero sense too. I can’t even hear my XSX but the PS5 makes itself very well known.
  14. Last game I bought physically was Tales of Arise 2 days ago lol. I’m still probably about 80% physical. I wouldn’t be able to afford to own and play as many games as I do if I wasnt. Don’t know how you all digital folks afford it. I also can’t mentally get past the fact of how much cheaper physical is, especially when you factor in the fact you can sell on. It cost me something like £15 to play Ratchet and Clank on PS5 for example, a game which was £70 on PSN. Tales of Arise just cost me £32, it’s £50 on Xbox Store. I just can’t get my head around you all digital lot who think that’s ok. Some games have basically cost me nothing. Although I have started buying more digital as I rarely buy at release and the sales have definitely gotten better over the years on consoles. So that mainly applies to buying at release or near these days. But if it’s a game I’m not sure about I’ll still probably buy physical even if it’s cheap digitally so I can sell on if its rubbish. If it’s really good I’ve sometimes bought them again digitally for no extra cost by time I’ve sold the physical version.
  15. I see it more as a TV company having Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV etc. on their OS. I know the business model between that and gaming is very different but I can see it getting a lot closer as subs and cloud (shudder) gaming take off. Yea Sony are well ahead of Ms in gaming, even after the Activision buyout, but they have a chance to become the only console worth buying if they allow gamepass on there. & im talking in about 10 years stuff like that will start happening. I understand where you’re coming from though and there’s a chance it may never happen. But I’d bet a fiver that it will. Exactly why I’m excited by this. In much better hands than “exploit for yearly instalments” & “fuck the staff” Bobby. Come on MS, get Raven working on a Singularity 2.
  16. Worst list ever, you guys suck. Never mind, you’re all ok actually. Thanks again for doing this @DisturbedSwan
  17. @Maryokutai basically a SFV box haha. Like it. Wish I’d known about the PC browser thing.
  18. I know what you mean, but if it meant games like CoD (when it goes exclusive in 2 or so years), Forza, Gears etc. come to PlayStation that’s a huge potential audience for your console. Which means more potential customers for your own Subscription service & like I say, having players in your ecosystem is what matters. Would almost remove Xbox as a competitor entirely. I say almost as MS, I imagine, will sell a box still and they can claim to be more powerful, have a cheaper sub and maybe offer the option to download games whereas PS get mostly cloud versions or something. It’ll mean some pride swallowing on Sonys part, but I can definitely see it happening, especially now they’ve got a juggernaut like CoD. I’d welcome it, it’s kind of leading to that one console style future. But exclusives decide the service you subscribe to not necessarily the console.
  19. This is exactly my thinking. Yea it seems crazy but look what’s happened in gaming over the last few years. It’s all crazy! In the future I could see it. Sony take a cut of Game Pass & games previously exclusive to Xbox (including future CoD releases) are suddenly available on PlayStation - as well as all Sonys own stuff = the console to buy. & then you’re in Sonys ecosystem where they’re taking a cut of game sales, PS+ subs etc. as well as a cut of Game Pass. & MS are happy because you’re subscribed to game pass which is all they really want. It’s win, win, win really.
  20. mfnick

    Dead Cells

    Got my Dead Cells fingers back! Knew it wouldn’t take long. Just beat the new boss. Another good DLC. I adore the new ship level, the atmosphere and visual design is ace. Surprisingly easy for a late game level which is a relief really after some of the Bastard hard stages they’ve added previously. I’d pick it over the others late game now. The other 2nd new level is a bit disappointing as it’s just a elongated boss stage. But the boss is good still and it’s take is quite different within this game. The chase parts are pretty fun. The new Queen boss, I absolutely love. Great design and a lot of punishable parry attacks. Special mention to the new bonuses they add to levels you don’t visit much. It’s made me play the new levels more. I used to avoid them which was stupid since I paid for them, but because I wasn’t as familiar with the enemies and they seemed a lot harder, even the early stages, I wouldn’t want to risk going into them and lose my good shit. Or I wouldn’t have enough good shit to even attempt them. I’m actually doing them now though and starting to learn and enjoy them more. That dark level can still do one though. It’s doo-doo.
  21. ^Burnout 2? Nice!! 09/01/22 - Guardians of the Galaxy (XSX) - Complete 09/01/22 - Inscryption (PC) - Complete 16/01/22 - FFVIIR (PS5) - Episode Intermission 20/01/22 - Dead Cells (XSX) - Queen and the Sea DLC Excellent as always.
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