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Apex Legends

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Found this from Eurogamer @Whiskey_chaser



Apex Legends roadmap, seasons and Apex Legends battle pass explained

How Apex Legend's future will pan out - and what we know about its take on a battle pass.

The Apex Legends Roadmap gives us an idea of what to expect from the future of Respawn's battle royale game.

As a genre that thrives on regular updates to keep the game fresh and audience interest high, Apex Legends has already outlined how it's offering post-release content - from seasons to an Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Details are thin on the ground, but we do know we can expect new Apex Legends character classes, new weapons and loot throughout 2019.

There's also the confirmation of Apex Legends cross-platform play - though that seems to be a separate initiative 

Developer Respawn has revealed what to expect from the Apex Legends Roadmap for the coming year (thanks Purpletoaster20 on reddit):

If the above image is a little difficult to read, then the pertinent details are:

There are four seasons in 2019, the first arriving in March

Each season will be three months in length

Each season offers a Battle Pass, new Legends (Apex Legends character classes), new weapons and new loot

As for Apex Legends season and Battle Pass timings, we know that:

Apex Legends Season 1 begins in March

Apex Legends Season 2 begins in June

Apex Legends Season 3 begins in September

Apex Legends Season 4 begins in December



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I saw some people complaining on Reddit that if you want to buy stuff (weapons I think) everything is priced at 1100 beans but you can only beans in quantities of 1000, meaning you need to purchase 2000 beans to get anything. I think that's the first negative thing I've really seen about this so far.

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