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  1. NPD (US) March 2019 Sales Data
  2. Blakey

    Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

    PS4 Gameplay from late March:
  3. I know I'm probably alone in picking this up, but if anyone's interested TheGameCollection have it for as low as £32.95 on Console at the moment - which is far better than I've seen elsewhere. Admittedly not as cheap as it should be to thrive but it's far better than the £40/£45+ elsewhere.
  4. Blakey

    Days Gone

    Days Gone free DLC kicks off in June. Includes new bike, horde, combat challenges & 'Survival' difficulty
  5. Atlus reveals first details on Persona 5 The Royal Screens: New Character Key Art:
  6. Blakey

    What's your....

    Completely forgot about Rockband, got The Beatles one for my Birthday one year for £180 or something. Also must’ve suppressed the memory that I paid £250 for Steel Battalion 1&2 in brand new condition donkeys years ago.
  7. Ah ok. Well one of the attachments you’re after is there in Hirata Estates. The other you get from a bridge in Ashina Castle near Ashina Reservoir @one-armed dwarf As for the health upgrades, have you been killing mini-bosses and picking up their prayer beads? Have you been confronting memories after defeating main-bosses?
  8. Have you found an old lady with a bell in Ashina Outskirts @one-armed dwarf?
  9. Blakey

    What's your....

    £280 for the FFXV UCE for me I think. R6 Siege I’ve probably spent £120 or so on over the years thanks to all the season passes. Halo 3 LE and Halo Reach LE were probably £120. GoW3 Trilogy CE was probably £120 as well.
  10. Blakey


    I learnt my lesson with the last Godzilla. Good trailers, but fucking dopey films. I was laughing out loud in the cinema at the last one.
  11. Blakey

    World War Z

    So the PvE mode is a separate mode to the Campaign (which is also PvE as far as I can see) @AndyKurosaki? I’d seen this has a PvP mode as well and I’m not sure if you mean PvP when you’re mentioning PvE?
  12. Upload VR are doing a VR Showcase:
  13. Blakey

    The Most Played

    For those saying they wish Raptr was still about to track their games. There is a new alternative in HowLongToBeat. It's all manual tracking so for those who just can't be arsed with that, that's fair enough. But it's the only modern alternative I've found to Raptr that tracks your game hours and such nowadays. As for my most played. League of Legends, Halo 2, MH4U and R6 Siege are definitely up there. I also spent a lot of time playing Mercs V Spies in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow back in the day. Fallout 4, AC Odyssey and RDR2 are all close to 100 hours in the SP department for me. Persona 5 was 92 hours, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was 95 hours. Lots of the early Forza games I must've spent a ridiculous amount of hours on too, probably Forza 1 and 2 were the most.
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