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  1. Blakey

    Death Stranding

    Everyone else can do it on mobile without issue 😂 Yeah I'm excited to get to later chapters! Haha. I wanna make some serious progress on this at the weekend. I'm gonna do some side orders but, yeah, not all of them whilst in Episode 2.
  2. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Well I'll be giving my impressions as soon as I've got it. I won't be getting FM though so my impressions will just be on Destiny 2 complete and Gylt.
  3. Blakey

    Shenmue 1 & 2

    Really pleased you enjoyed it @radiofloyd the world-building and magic to it are one of the reasons why it is such a special franchise for me. *Raises hand* 'I see....'
  4. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Some people asked them about the estimated dates and a support person said they were wrong and would be there by the 19th if you were in one of the first waves of pre-orderers but yeah I've no idea if that was just to placate the person who asked the question or not at this point. But yeah it's a bit shit that it's not gonna be here in time for launch day if my estimate is correct but some have got far later dates than me so I can't complain too much.
  5. OpenCritic Metacritic (Sword)
  6. Only seen one of those awhile back but it was great. I just don't have the time to watch much of their stuff anymore, all I've seen recently is some of their reviews really. I haven't watched the Podcast since March I don't think. Box Peek Season 2 came out on Friday though and airs 1 episode every week, loved the first season.
  7. Blakey

    Death Stranding

    Could you please just put a vid in spoiler tags if I'm not meant to watch it @one-armed dwarf? Also how can you still not do the @ thing 😂 I don't wanna read this thread and have to dodge reading certain bits and pieces when there's a spoiler tag option for that very purpose. Anyway, played 45 minutes of this last night - which seems pointless but I didn't want to wait until the weekend before playing it again - and unlocked the standard orders. Picked a few of them up from the Wind Farm as they were located in more-or-less the same direction I was going in to my next main objective anyway. It's weird that the BT's have just straight up now? I was fully expecting a hard time going through there again with a full load on my back but it was super easy. I then built a generator at one of the bases and powered up the and boy is it easy to get round now. It's pretty crazy, I made my way to the next objective within mere minutes and it controls pretty damn great surprisingly, not unwieldy at all.
  8. Blakey

    Yakuza news

    New Yakuza 7 story trailer:
  9. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Mine’s due by the 21st according to Google Store
  10. Blakey

    Death Stranding

    Only on Chapter 2 still guys. If you could be extra careful about equipment spoilers etc.
  11. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    I've honestly no idea. I believe Stadia Pro subscribers get discounts on games and then 1/2 free games a month but beyond that I have no idea. 😂 you can go back through this thread if you want, all the info is there Stadia does have a monthly subscription called 'Pro' but that's if you wanna play in 4K and get 1/2 free games a month.
  12. Sonic looks loads better. I'll be seeing it just to see what Jim Carrey's performance is like. I'm hoping for a Venom situation at best where it's so bad it's great.
  13. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Gylt will probably be my first purchase.
  14. Blakey

    TV Shows

    Loved His Dark Materials Episode 2 personally, I haven't read the books though. I really like the way Ruth Wilson has played Mrs Crowther(?) so far. Quietly mysterious and arrogant in the first episode but now we know she's quite maniacal, conniving and brutal behind the facade. As soon as Lyra found the I was proved right later on in the episode.
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