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  1. This is a hell of a bump but I’ve still got the Taiko no Tatsujin incl. Drum (Switch) available for £50 incl. P&P if anyone wants it.
  2. I'll have a go on Call of Cthulhu but the others I won't be bothering with.
  3. Blakey

    Fantasy Critic

    Cheers @Nag 😊
  4. Blakey

    Fantasy Critic

    Good stuff @Nag 👍 You and @Nabby9 still need to create a Publisher in the League so you can take part.
  5. Blakey

    Fantasy Critic

    I've taken over from @wiivo 2.0 for this this year. Those who want to take part, please click the Invite Link below: https://www.fantasycritic.games/league/ff5e20f6-710b-437c-987e-f2e5604e404b/2020?inviteCode=88f00b88-83b3-4de2-8324-dee1cc68f1b7 I had to create a new League so those that were a part of last year will have to rejoin this one to take part. @Whiskey_chaser @HandsomeDead @AndyKurosaki @Bigkopman @Hendo Mark, and @Whiskey_chaser took place last year and are invited to join this year too if they wish. I believe @Nabby9 and @radiofloyd want to join too. Of course the @Maf @one-armed dwarf @Maryokutai @Nag are welcome to join in the fun too if they so wish.
  6. Blakey

    DC Cinematic Universe

    The Batman has started filming
  7. Blakey

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Haha s'alright @one-armed dwarf happens to the best of us 😘 I would get it Day 1 if I had the PCVR equipment. With the Next Gen consoles and a possible Switch Pro coming out this year my Tech budget is stretched as it is.
  8. Blakey

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I'd like what you're smoking. I wish it was out next week! Not out until March.
  9. Blakey

    Random News II

    I've had KoTOR on PC for years now and still never played it. I remember trying it on Xbox back in the day and I only got 30 minutes in before throwing in the towel - that was a time before I liked RPGs though to be fair. So I'd be well up for a Sequel/Remake.
  10. Blakey

    DOOM: Eternal

    I don't expect much from the MP for this either because that's not what interests me about Doom. But it definitely sounds better than the 2016's effort as that was outsourced - and ID weren't happy with it apparently - this games MP is done in house and is very different, it's a 2v1 'Battlemode' Similarish to Left 4 Dead's Versus mode or something like that it sounds like. There's no Deathmatch or anything like that. As it says in the article maps and new Demons post launch will be free. No Microsotransactions.
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