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  1. Blakey

    Google Stadia

    Wait, @one-armed dwarf you went to Gamescom Kyle? Your impressions sound more positive than I was expecting to be honest. Your time with DOOM sounded far more optimised for Stadia than MK11 though. Still safe and sound @wiivo 2.0, it’s only £120 and if I don’t get on with it I’ll sell the Chromecast Ultra and Controller and move on, no biggie. I seem to remember you spending a similar amount on an Xbox earlier this year then selling it on 😉 it’s a bit of a punt, sure, but not a huge gamble at that price for me. I just want to try it on my own living room on my TV and see how I get on. It seems the popular thing on the internet to hate on nowadays, as usual with things like that I’ll get it in my own hands, see it with my own eyes on my own TV and make my own impression. If it’s great no one will believe me anyway 😂
  2. I’m sure they will never speak of Inhumans again 😂 I actually know precisely nothing about Moon Knight, Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk but I’m hyped as hell for all these MCU Disney+ shows. Posting the logos because they’re cool af:
  3. Blakey


    New High School Musical Trailer Encore One Day at Disney Lizzie McGuire is back Monsters At Work
  4. Blakey

    Star Wars

    Looks rad as fuck. Got the ol’ goosebumps.
  5. Just without a link or quote to an article to second half of your previous post sounds like you’ve pulled it out your arse is all @Maf. Well yeah if you want to support the info you need links, quotes etc., however tenuous said links are they’re still better than man on internet forum saying ‘I heard 70/30!’. It’s natural to think ‘what, wait, where the hell did you get that from?’ Yeah? You're right it does say universe but I think we interpreted different things from it. The fact is it’s unclear, I read it as saying it’s the Spidey franchise i.e. universe meaning just Spidey sequels and you inferred Marvel wanted the entire Spiderverse where elsewhere in the article it says they only had discussions for further help/involvement with Sony in the Spiderverse. It’s all opinions and rumours coming from 2nd hand info at this point man. It just seems silly how people are so certain about something or so sure x party is at fault just based on their preconceived notions. Not just on here but other forums, social media etc. Too. I like a good debate, I’ve said my peace and hope Sony and Marvel can be sensible in the future and still reach an agreement, that is in the best interests of both parties I think we can all agree on that?
  6. Blakey

    Telling Lies

    OpenCritic Metacritic
  7. Yeah I know what co-fi means. It still said nowhere in that article you quoted that Disney wanted to co-if every Spiderverse film, just that they wanted a co-fi agreement in place for the Spidey franchise meaning Spidey films, it said they were in discussions to further their relationship with Sony into the deeper Spiderverse stuff but nothing more. Where’s the proof for the info from the second half of this paragraph? The second half of that paragraph without proof is either made up or incorrectly inferred from the context of the article you linked. You do realise that all these articles are just insider gossip anyway right? There’s no real way to prove or disprove these articles, the only way you’d know for sure is if you were an exec inside SP or MS. Did you somehow miss the part where I said Into the Spiderverse was good and did well in my previous post? @OCH The fact remains Sony have not made a good live-action Spidey film since 2004. You saying Iron-Man is a C-Lister in 2019 is just laughably asinine I’m afraid man, he may of been in your comic books but he’s an icon for a generation nowadays whether you like it or not. No one cares you know he was a C-Lister last in comics, I’m sure he was, who cares? Good for you for knowing that, give yourself a pat on the back but it’s irrelevant. I don't agree with the Sony villainy narrative either @one-armed dwarf, I don’t think either party is particularly to blame, it’s just big wigs in suits getting into a tiff over money as big wigs in suits often do. It’s just disappointing is all, but hand on heart I think it’s obvious it’ll hurt Sony more than Marvel.
  8. Nowhere on that quote you linked does it say they wanted 50% of all Spidey universe films, no idea where you’ve got that from @Maf. All it said is that Feige spoke to Sony execs about furthering links between the MCU and Spiderverse is all. Also Into the Spiderverse was good but struggled to reach the heights of Homecoming and FFH for me personally. I’m not really familiar with the MM character though and an more of a PP guy so that could be why. Sony did do a good job with that though it’s fair to say, but it’s also fair to say their live action Spidey films have been shit for donkeys years from SM3 to TASM2 and they’ve yet to prove themselves in that regard. Even SM1 and SM2 have aged pretty horribly these days. As as mentioned previously perhaps 50/50 was a little greedy but Marvel made the last two Spidey films what they are, they had fucking Iron-Man in the first one for pete’s sake. I’d say they deserve more than a measly 5% share of the box office revenue myself, 30/70, 40/60 would’ve been agreeable. Sony needs Marvel far more than Marvel needs Spidey so I’m sure they’ll come crawling back cap in hand at some point.
  9. Blakey

    Death Stranding

    'I have seen Death Stranding at Gamescom and I finally understand what's going on'
  10. Awful news about the Sony/Marvel split. Considering Marvel were only getting 5% of the overall box office I don't blame them at all for wanting more of a share, 50/50 sounds fair to me for all the work they put in but 60/40 or 30/70 would've been agreeable. People are quick to forget it was Marvel Studios' creative process that made the last two films as successful as they are and without them Sony Pictures would be adrift at sea not knowing what to do or where to take the franchise. I don't worry about the future of the MCU at all because when Marvel outlined all their Phase 4 titles at Comic-Con there was no Spidey and collectively people were super hyped and excited to see what Phase 4 brings, plus X-Men/Fantastic Four etc.. It is disappointing that Spidey will no longer eventually take the Iron-Man mantle in the MCU that they seemed to be building up to slowly with FFH and that the first post-credits scene might not even happen now but that's the way it is. I think people easily forget the MCU has been about since 2007 and Spidey was introduced in 2016, it was successful before Spidey and it'll be successful afterwards, only an idiot would say otherwise. It's also disappointing to know we'll probably go back to shitty Spidey films again now there's no Marvel, with the FFH/Homecoming director not signed on to a sequel yet. FFH and Homecoming were the two best Spidey films in my view and without the input of Feige we'll likely get 'Amazing Spider-Man' levels of movies out of Sony in the future. So that's where I am, can't really say I'm that arsed about seeing Spidey movies in the future with Sony solely at the helm. Once their Spiderverse collapses perhaps they'll come crawling back to Marvel? Who knows. The two could still work out a deal in time, that is still the best conclusion.
  11. Blakey

    Random News II

    I don’t really have to do it on here because most threads are already segregated and neatly organised already. Most people make threads for what they wanna talk about if it’s a specific game or event if they don’t already exist. Dont get me started on that god awful ‘currently playing’ thread 😂 Fucking despised it and I’m very glad there’s no equivalent on there. It means we - mostly - have discussions in a games’ thread rather than a catch-all ramblings thread.
  12. Blakey

    Gears 5

    Haha I remember that, I’m pretty sure we both sucked ass at that bit and had to revive one another a fuck-ton 😂 Are we bringing the dream team back together for this? 😘
  13. Blakey

    Random News II

    Why not start a Gamescom thread instead of putting it in here? 🤔
  14. Blakey

    2019 Expenditure

    August update: January: £191.08 February: £110.86 March: £82.57  April: £104.56 May: £84.02 June: £20.06 Half-Year Total: £593.15 (-£161.21 on last year) July: £38.97 August
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