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  1. Will play Scorn and Plague Tale for sure, the rest I won't.
  2. Woo congrats @retroed welcome to the C2 club! I probably should've mentioned this when Maf got his, but there's a thread on Era that has optimal settings for the TV on the various different sources you'll encounter (SX, PS5, DV, SDR, HDR etc.). It's what I used for mine, I'm no good at that kind of stuff so just went exactly but what they've got on there in terms of settings.
  3. DisturbedSwan

    Far Cry 6

    I'm pretty much the same to be honest, I only care about AC. I guess new Splinter Cell will get my interest in the 8 years or so they take to get it out the window, likewise with the Avatar game.
  4. DisturbedSwan

    Random News II

    Insider Gaming: Codemasters' WRC 23 lets you build your own Rally Car
  5. DisturbedSwan

    Far Cry 6

    I didn't really like FC5 all that much to be honest so it put me off trying this. From memory it came out at a pretty crowded period which didn't help either.
  6. I'll definitely give Hot Wheels a go, already played the other some years back, IJ2 is fantastic, Superhot less so but both worth a go if you've not played them.
  7. I think they gave up on it before ever really giving it a chance to be honest, easy to say in hindsight but they should’ve not announced anything before they had some big AAA games from their few Google Game Studios (all closed now) to launch with. I was a day 1 adopter but never really used it all that much beyond the first 2-3 months to be honest, most of the stuff on there was ports of PS4/XB1 games I’d already played, the one exclusive I did play and finish was Gylt, which I really enjoyed as a more cartoony Silent Hill almost. But it was a smaller title and not a flagship release the service needed. Overall, it needed some proper commitment and money spent on it in terms of investment in studios, buying some timed exclusives and patience from Google and they never wanted to give it any of that. From my experience of the service, it was excellent and I never had any issues from latency or all that jazz, everything ran superbly and looked as good if not a little better than the last gen systems at the time. But yeah, an unmitigated disaster that was doomed to fail from the beginning thanks to Google not wanting to dive into its funds as much as it should’ve done and the world just not really wanting or being ready for a streaming service. I sold all my stuff for it aside from the controller back in 2020 and have never really thought about it since.
  8. Resetera: First Screenshots released
  9. They are keeping it, Kevin Feige has already said D3 will be Rated R. I doubt TJ Miller will be in it though.
  10. Well, can only speak from my experience 15 hours into the game and it hasn't happened once. Overall, the companion and enemy AI is a huge noticeable improvement from the original (I've not played the Remaster aside from Left Behind).
  11. Looks really interesting, will definitely be one I keep my eye on.
  12. Yeah, Wolverine will definitely feature prominently. I also agree that it'll likely be a buddy cop comedy with Deadpool and Wolverine. Another vid they just put out: In other news: Not good at all, they were starting to shoot in November so that's not long to find a replacement if they intend to stick to that schedule. Sam Raimi to the rescue again? Who knows.
  13. I agree it's very good, just not 100% as good as I remember it being is all, its aged a bit is what I mean. It's not bad in the slightest just a little more mundane than it was when i originally played it. The companion AI has been fixed now so Ellie doesn't run in front of clickers and things like that though.
  14. What a fucking trailer! Holy fucking shit I want to watch this so bad. Everything just looks so authentic to the source material and so amazing. My only slight reservation would be the new character played by the Woman from two and a half men who looks dressed an awful lot like a Seraphite from TLOUPII. I will say as well that the relationship key to the game (and presumably the TV series) along with the infected not being Zombies (clickers in particular are far different aesthetically from the typical TWD 'walker') and it being a virus that isn't a 'zombie virus' will hopefully successfully separate it from other apocalyptic TV shows. Got 4M views already so I think folks are excited.
  15. Can't wait for this, every time I read something new it just sounds better and better.
  16. Cheers, I got confused and thought they were PC mods for a hot second there lol.
  17. There's a famous saying 'never meet your heroes', which I was incredibly aware of and worried about going in to this. For how much I absolutely love the OG TLOU I have never once replayed it (I don't usually replay games as you all may know) so whilst I was excited to go back to one of my favourite games of all time I was also a bit apprehensive at what I'd find once I got back into that world. Thankfully, what I've encountered going back in and playing through it again has made me appreciate it all the more. It's kind of a strange juxtaposition though, a game that looks so current-gen and astounds you pretty much at every turn coupled with a game that is structurally made in the last throngs of the PS3 generation of systems. Back when I played it in 2013 I absolutely adored the combat, I tended to agree back then that Uncharted's gunplay was one of its downfalls but throughout TLOU I never had that issue and always loved the tense stealth gameplay during the clicker/runner sections and the somewhat Uncharted-esque segments where human foes are involved. All tied together in this gritty semi-realistic way, making you craft things out of bandages, scissors, alcohol, cloth and other rudimentary materials you find dotted about the many derelict abandoned buildings you come across. So needless to say, the way it plays doesn't 100% hold up in 2022 which is a shame, TLOUPII just blows it out the water in that regard and ruins this somewhat as a result. That level of experimentation, problem solving and mobility to the combat segments in particular are just missing in this and after awhile you go into a pattern - particularly in the stealth segments - of carefully sneaking up to each enemy, strangling them all to clear out the room then moving onto the next room and sometimes doing the same thing again. I will say it does vary up the stealth segments with the human segments and the set pieces very well so you never get too much of one at the same time, but even so at the point I'm into the game now (just entered Fall) at 12 hours in the way it plays is a little more stale than I remember it ever being in the original. As for improvements, the animations are much improved along with the enemy AI who now flank like hawks (?) even on the 'moderate' difficulty I'm playing on, gunplay also feels tighter but because of my memory I can't notice too many differences from the original in terms of the combat and stealth segments. I'm still absolutely besotted with it though, the story is as incredible as I remember it being, there's little nods in there to things that I don't ever remember being in there like a moment quite early into the game where Tess tells Joel to move on when Ellie enquires about Joel's past, likewise there's a poster in Pittsburgh of a Twilight-like romcom, Joel comments that it's the last film he saw before the Pandemic and Ellie says something like 'why would you go to that, it's for people my age' and Joel deflects the question and they both move on, with you, the player fully knowing why. It's still incredibly moving and I've cried twice so far with more heart-breaking moments to come. I never noticed it before but you can see Joel get more and more attached to Ellie as the game goes on, he has his guard up at the beginning and doesn't want to open up but the more time they spend together the more fond of her he gets which you can tell by some of his replies to certain things she says. Should go without saying really but graphically it’s a real showpiece for the system. I think the lighting and reflections are perhaps the most impressive aspects but the level of facial detail in the characters along with the crazy detailed new textures in buildings, materials and everything else on your adventures. I can't tell you how happy (maybe that's the wrong word? lol) it makes me feel to play this game again, like slipping into your favourite pair of old worn slippers first thing on a Winters day, it's just cosy. Going back to something you've got such vivid, fond memories of and it being every bit of the game you can remember and then some (well, mostly) is just such a nice feeling to have. I'm quite lucky too that my memory is so bad that I've forgotten vast swathes of the game, whole areas of Boston and Pittsburgh I'd completely forgotten, the whole opening chapter with Tess I hardly remembered at all either. So yeah, sometimes it's great to meet your heroes and hang out with them again. Pics:
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    Just a PSA, but this is available on PS+ Essential this month, an easy Plat too if you're into that.
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