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  1. Resi 3. On PS. Despite looking a bit ropey now I still find it such a joy to play. The music is sooo good in these old classics. Nemesis is probably the least played out of the Resis for me so it's almost a new game. I think I'll continue, what was a bored curiosity, into a full on playthrough. I'm sure there's other things I could be doing tho 🤔😆
  2. Oh yeah forgot I started that. I should get back to that. Initial impressions weren't overflowing with enthusiasm. Early days tho, only a few episodes in so I've no concrete feelings on it yet.
  3. Jesus, get a room 🙄😛 Anyway. Started Evangeliion on Netflix now it's become available. The animation is better than I remember. Got that nice 90's cut to it which gives me nostalgia feels. Let's see if the rest is as good as I remember... Also continuing with One Punch S2. Still dragging a bit and focusing too much on this Garou guy. Doesn't help it's one a week, so I can't binge, and they're only 20 mins. So if not much happens it feels even more underwhelming. Still. Saitama always makes me smile 😊
  4. 1-3 great stuff. 4 meh. 5 😴. Though I do need to go back n give it more of a watch.
  5. ThreeFour


    Yep, you get that quote a bit. Aliens, Androids, fairies 😆 All adds the pure batshit amusement. You're going at a good pace 👍🏻
  6. Oh cool. Been meaning to pick this up. Absolutely love the original. Level 0? 😄 Love me some hot tub hula-hula action.
  7. ThreeFour

    Apex Legends

  8. Yeah but it's also extra masturbation time not having to deal with the gathering and research n connecting (although there's some rather enjoyable and pacifying about doing that). I've not decided yet. Got my CCTV and Shed to put up before I move onto this so haven't got into it. I was at the Meltdown gamer bar in Sheffield last night watching the Xbox conference. They had a few Chilliblast PC's I noticed 🤔
  9. ThreeFour

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Shame not much, if any, in-game gameplay there. I'm still really excited for this. The addition of the best deadpan actor to ever exist is a nice little bonus 👍🏻
  10. ThreeFour

    DOOM: Eternal

    "They are no longer your people to save" DoomGuy gives no fucks 😈💀 November. Sweet. My end of year sorted.
  11. Why aren't you watching? It's good. Trust me 😏
  12. You're obsessed.
  13. It's definitely on Crunchyroll. Don't they all 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. ThreeFour


    Mecha-Godzilla c'mon 🙄😆
  15. Finished S1 of Seven Deadly Sins. I must say it's probably one of the better Animes on Netflix. A pretty good one all round I'd recommend. Onto S2...
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