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  1. Oh cool. Been meaning to pick this up. Absolutely love the original. Level 0? 😄 Love me some hot tub hula-hula action.
  2. ThreeFour

    Apex Legends

  3. Yeah but it's also extra masturbation time not having to deal with the gathering and research n connecting (although there's some rather enjoyable and pacifying about doing that). I've not decided yet. Got my CCTV and Shed to put up before I move onto this so haven't got into it. I was at the Meltdown gamer bar in Sheffield last night watching the Xbox conference. They had a few Chilliblast PC's I noticed 🤔
  4. ThreeFour

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Shame not much, if any, in-game gameplay there. I'm still really excited for this. The addition of the best deadpan actor to ever exist is a nice little bonus 👍🏻
  5. ThreeFour

    DOOM: Eternal

    "They are no longer your people to save" DoomGuy gives no fucks 😈💀 November. Sweet. My end of year sorted.
  6. Why aren't you watching? It's good. Trust me 😏
  7. You're obsessed.
  8. It's definitely on Crunchyroll. Don't they all 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. ThreeFour


    Mecha-Godzilla c'mon 🙄😆
  10. Finished S1 of Seven Deadly Sins. I must say it's probably one of the better Animes on Netflix. A pretty good one all round I'd recommend. Onto S2...
  11. ThreeFour


    Not sure which ones you've watched but it will be interesting to see your reaction to Shin.
  12. Yeah that's about my break point where I'd consider it. Just finding time amongst the rest of the stuff I'm on with these days. I've broached the subject with the wife. She wants my old one for an office PC. Win 🥳
  13. Yeah it used both those for my bits when I built my own. No idea on their own custom ones tho.
  14. Yeah that's the dilemma. Doing the research and dealing with issues or let them do the horse work. Cheers. I'll check em out and weight it up 👍🏻
  15. So to save me wading through the whole thread; anyone recommend a place to buy a ready built gaming PC? I'm thinking I want a new one. Got to convince the wife tho first 😬 I built my last one but not sure I can be arsed doing it again 🤔
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