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  1. Resi 3. On PS. Despite looking a bit ropey now I still find it such a joy to play. The music is sooo good in these old classics. Nemesis is probably the least played out of the Resis for me so it's almost a new game. I think I'll continue, what was a bored curiosity, into a full on playthrough. I'm sure there's other things I could be doing tho ??
  2. Oh yeah forgot I started that. I should get back to that. Initial impressions weren't overflowing with enthusiasm. Early days tho, only a few episodes in so I've no concrete feelings on it yet.
  3. Jesus, get a room ?? Anyway. Started Evangeliion on Netflix now it's become available. The animation is better than I remember. Got that nice 90's cut to it which gives me nostalgia feels. Let's see if the rest is as good as I remember... Also continuing with One Punch S2. Still dragging a bit and focusing too much on this Garou guy. Doesn't help it's one a week, so I can't binge, and they're only 20 mins. So if not much happens it feels even more underwhelming. Still. Saitama always makes me smile ?
  4. 1-3 great stuff. 4 meh. 5 ?. Though I do need to go back n give it more of a watch.
  5. ThreeFour


    Yep, you get that quote a bit. Aliens, Androids, fairies ? All adds the pure batshit amusement. You're going at a good pace ??
  6. Oh cool. Been meaning to pick this up. Absolutely love the original. Level 0? ? Love me some hot tub hula-hula action.
  7. ThreeFour

    Apex Legends

  8. Yeah but it's also extra masturbation time not having to deal with the gathering and research n connecting (although there's some rather enjoyable and pacifying about doing that). I've not decided yet. Got my CCTV and Shed to put up before I move onto this so haven't got into it. I was at the Meltdown gamer bar in Sheffield last night watching the Xbox conference. They had a few Chilliblast PC's I noticed ?
  9. ThreeFour

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Shame not much, if any, in-game gameplay there. I'm still really excited for this. The addition of the best deadpan actor to ever exist is a nice little bonus ??
  10. "They are no longer your people to save" DoomGuy gives no fucks ?? November. Sweet. My end of year sorted.
  11. Why aren't you watching? It's good. Trust me ?
  12. It's definitely on Crunchyroll. Don't they all ??‍♂️
  13. ThreeFour


    Mecha-Godzilla c'mon ??
  14. Finished S1 of Seven Deadly Sins. I must say it's probably one of the better Animes on Netflix. A pretty good one all round I'd recommend. Onto S2...
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