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  1. ThreeFour

    The Classic N64 Mini Thread

    The Ripper creeped me out in that. Climbing all over the place 😬 Anyone remember Forsaken? Floaty shooter. Rush 2049 was a fun racer. Lots of crazy jumps and collectibles.
  2. ThreeFour

    The Classic N64 Mini Thread

    I'd buy it. Lick it. Whatever. Put Chameleon Twist on it, I don't care. I'd have to get it.
  3. ThreeFour

    The Hot Topic

    Yeah that's another thing I'd agree with. Sometimes they can drop the ball or not have the team keep them in check, something you pointed out elsewhere, but generally you keep track of what they're doing.
  4. ThreeFour


    That's exactly what I thought if it. King Arthur wasn't as bad as I thought. But this I don't think even has the Guy Ritchie 'bad but being drunk makes it better' thing.
  5. ThreeFour

    The Hot Topic

    So it was you who sent Sonic down the pan? 🤔😝 I'd probably say the older manufacturers too. Being that age and before the whole lootbox/MTX thing I suppose games you could say we're purer back then 🤔 I dunno there's definitely a nostalgia thing to it. Currently I don't have anything other than maybe a kind of loyalty to a good game and buying into the sequel. Maybe Nintendo as their flagship games are still honest to goodness gaming.
  6. ThreeFour

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I use the GameCube pad. I don't think it's essential but I'm familiar with it as I've used it on all the Smashing.
  7. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Be proud, that's some good numbers 🤓 You are the forum Overwatch overload 😅
  8. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Yup no surprise 😉 I thought it was something like that. I got all the ultimate weapons for the characters.
  9. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    If you need a fireteam you're always welcome to join us @spatular. Your numbers prove you're a dependable Guardian 😉
  10. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    I remember doing that. You had to dodge like 100 or something for a reason I can't remember. I remember getting pretty high then losing concentration and getting zapped, then start again 😡
  11. ThreeFour


    Ok so I Echo the Spider Verse sentiments. It's very good. Plenty of fan service, lovely visual style and very funny. Wreck it Ralph 2 was surprisingly good aswell. The mid credit scene had me in tears 🤣 just hit my funny bone. Planning another dual showing next Friday. Might be Poppins and Mortal Engine.
  12. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    You Destiny nerd 😅🤓 Not enjoying D2 tho 👎😉
  13. ThreeFour


    Convinced the missus to watch Spider verse with me 👍 Got to watch Wreck it Ralph tho aswell. Didn't mind the first; so I win 😁
  14. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Numbers? Scaredy cat 😜 @regemond I know 😕 I do love it tho 😅😍
  15. ThreeFour

    Sony Consoles and Updates

    Cheers @Nag. You done yours? Bet Gears is up there 👍