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  1. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Erm, Sherry I think you got something in your eye 🤮
  2. ThreeFour

    The Division 2.

  3. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    *note to self. Equip my flashbang on bosses. 😅 Sucks he took it with him. Funny tho. To me 🤣
  4. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    So too do grenades. Tbh with the amount of things that can save you having something always there makes little difference if you don't get chomped 😎 been trying to perfect the old bait n sweep round on these Zombos. They're a bit more 'sticky' when it comes to grabbing you. The original they were dumb and slow as owt 😅 Nope. No leaving stuff for scenario B peeps either. When you look back quite a bit is different. Which is testament to how good this remake is in feeling familiar yet new. Top stuff.
  5. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    😅 Oh yeah. Well so is saving. Gotta do it with only 2. Or none! What about if you only use knife?
  6. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Yeah that revolver soon went in the box. It's nice having an extra pistol essentially to start with, but later on there's better guns to equip. That Grenade launcher tho 👌🏻 If I do hardcore I'll be getting that knife first. Makes sense 🤷🏻‍♂️ After Claire's run I'll put up my impressions. Safe to say it'll be a positive round up 😍
  7. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Good nosh 😂 I never found Lickers that bad in the original or here either. Easy mode with Claire's arsenal tho. Just been down the car park area. But yeah reckon Hard mode is just that. Make use of blue herb defense, knee cap zombos. Hmmmm. Hopefully I'll get round to having a go before Anthem but at the pace/time I have it's looking tight 😐
  8. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Finally after a busy week I got myself back on to some Resi to start my Claire B run. Is it weird I find it relaxing settling down to some (good) Resi? I love this game 😍
  9. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Bloody mark 😛 I'm a bit miffed it isn't in by default. I might play it on YouTube when I'm playing to get that vibe. Such a good soundtrack.
  10. ThreeFour


    Depends on the content added. I prefer paying for a meaningful content drop. I don't like banking on some mugs dropping silly money on cosmetics. A game like this people expect regular content. Destiny and Division struggled to keep up with demand. If you're competitor is offering more regular content they may disperse elsewhere. I'm assuming they're going for a live service type thing. They may do it differently. We'll see. Loads of the Destiny community got invited to the studio to cover it. I get, and they, the feeling that's the market they're aiming for, despite the genre differences. So it's going to be interesting going forward.
  11. ThreeFour

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Cheers boyos. I'll see if I can get it done tonight...
  12. ThreeFour

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    😮 I have not done this. What's involved? 😯
  13. ThreeFour


    We all knew it was coming. I'll worry about when I see it as, like with all these things, I'll just ignore it anyway. I'm more concerned about the base game actually having good content in whatever form. Then the future content be good enough to come back to.
  14. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    I'll see if I've an earlier save and just go shoot it.
  15. ThreeFour

    Resident Evil 2

    Fuuuuuck. There's a Racoon I forgot to shoot in the sewer. Cheers for that reminder @AndyKurosaki 😭