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  1. shinymcshine

    Diablo Immortal

    And unsurprisingly, here's just why they do it : https://www.eurogamer.net/diablo-immortal-has-earned-almost-20-million-in-just-two-weeks
  2. Well better than me....
  3. Last Night in Soho (Sky Movies) Edgar Wright's super stylish time bending throwback to 1960s London, starring Thomasin McKenzie, Anna Taylor Joy and Matt Smith. What starts as a delightful throwback turns into a dark twisty enjoyable thriller, as a fashion student struggles with fantasy and reality and the aspirations for stardom in the big city. Pretty good all up.
  4. Could be great - wonder how much they'll take from DD Online (which of course never made it here), or if they'll (hopefully) stick with single player focus & improve AI of the pawns ? Maybe they'll throw out another Deep Down teaser too...... πŸ˜‰
  5. Wow, that came quickly, only ordered it yesterday from the Game Collection (see post in Super Deals thread) plus it's the Ultimate Edition with the DLC included !!
  6. shinymcshine

    Twin Peaks

    Probably more relevant here than in the General RIP thread, as Julee Cruise took her own life a few days ago. "Her husband, Edward Grinnan, wrote on Facebook: β€œShe left this realm on her own terms. No regrets. She is at peace … I played her [B-52’s song] Roam during her transition. Now she will roam forever. Rest in peace, my love.”" I'd already started my annual rewatch of Twin Peaks The Return, it'll be especially sad to see and hear her on screen. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/jun/13/julee-cruise-obituary
  7. Pillars of Eternity 2 : Deadfire looks like RPG goodness for a bargain Β£8.95 (PS4) or Β£3.95 (Xbox One). https://www.thegamecollection.net/checkout/onepage/success/#sqr:(q[pillars]) I ordered the PS4 version, arrived next day (standard class) and, it's arrived as the Ultimate Edition with all DLC - which was a nice bonus.
  8. Dark Arisen also added the teleport stone thing (eternal ferrystone) which makes fast travel much easier.
  9. For a 'choose your own destiny' RPG there's still a huge focus on shooting things - how about allowing you to use other skillsets to achieve your objectives ? Is there sneaky stuff, tech hacks, psychic skills, diplomatic solutions ?
  10. IIRC Winnie the Pooh* has just gone into 'public domain' (in terms of copywrite) so I guess products exploiting it are inevitable. * The book / sketches not the Disney interpretation.
  11. Remember that game you loved on PS3, and bought again remastered on PS4, well buy it again on PS5 .... It all sounds a bit too much like GTA V and Skyrim - and a really poor direction of travel for the industry and a bad deal for gamers.
  12. Seems like early reviews like it: https://www.pushsquare.com/features/round-up-the-quarry-reviews-say-its-as-good-as-until-dawn
  13. So, EA can't make their mind up either whether it's "Dreadwolf" or "Dread Wolf".....
  14. Steamworld Heist was a fantastic turn based strategy game - but it's steampunk 'futuristic/post apocalyptic' albeit space based setting probably illustrates the difficulty as to whether it's classified as Sci-Fi.
  15. Does that weird ending of Fahrenheit make it sci-fi? Then again I guess Detroit must be, and that was pretty great. Otherwise early MD RPGs such as Buck Rogers and Phantasy Star were pretty great (but the latter isn't a series that I kept current with).
  16. Wonder if in future (with console titles) we'll just end up with things being released in extended 'beta' - so they can generate income whilst continuing to develop/finish the game. Think some PC titles have been doing that already - maybe that would have been a better release model for Cyberpunk too ? Perhaps in someway it's been like that for a while (given release issues & big patches with some games) just never labelled as such for console releases.
  17. I was trying to edit some typos out of a post Id just made in the RE4 thread, but keep getting an error message that "it's been too long since the comment was posted/it might have been moved/deleted". Which is weird!?!!
  18. Not sure this is a good direction - to me it reflects that lack of trust in big companies wanting to put out a new IP - maybe increased in production costs across ever demanding systems (and consumers) mean it's less likely that companies really want to take the financial risk of launching something completely new? Perhaps it's akin to movies and big studios relying on the same genre of fillms/franchises, with creativity found now only from lower budget Indies?
  19. I'm with you there, I saw it last night, and I didn't enjoy it much.
  20. shinymcshine

    Fable II

    Played this again about a year ago (on 360) and I was surprised at how short the main quest is (if you don't go down the route of doing a bunch of sidequests / challenges / dlc). I still had a fun time though.
  21. Never really understood the appeal of Diablo - I played the first one on PS1, it was okay, and more recently Diablo 3 on PS4, local co-op, but, much like Dungeon Siege and Titan Quest, I just end up getting quickly bored with the ARPG - wade through monsters, pick up loot, level up, repeat - it's just like playing Gauntlet back in the 80s but missing the interaction/camaraderie of 4 players around an arcade cabinet.
  22. shinymcshine

    Random News II

    Dragon Age 4 is to be called DA Dreadwolf: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/dragon-age-dreadwolf-everything-we-know-about-biowares-upcoming-fantasy-rpg/1100-6503858/
  23. About 10 yrs ago, I worked with a guy who use to live near Warwick Davis (in Sawtry, nr Peterborough) and his kids were in the same school year as his. He said Warwick was a genuinely nice bloke, who use to get involved in local community activities etc.
  24. Conversely I think all games should have a definitive 'ending' option - so even when the story if over and you go into 'free play' - I think there should always be a 'retire' option that brings the game closure - rather than say, after 100+ hours of Elder Scrolls etc, you just end up switching off and leaving in limbo the character you've developed.
  25. It's been over 10 yrs so nice Skyrim (first) came out, and still no firm timeline for the next Elder Scrolls game. Otherwise I expected that IO would have done a sequel to their excellent 2003 game Freedom Fighters, where plans for a sequel were announced in 2004.
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