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  1. I bought this on the 3ds for my boy just so he could have a bash about on the 3ds like daddy. Don't think its totally suitable for a 2 year old, fun for me though!
  2. pickled

    Sunless Sea

    I really fancy this game, been watching a couple of let's plays on it and it looks like a lot of fun. It would just sit on my pile of unplayed games at the moment though...
  3. pickled


    Literally only just checked the thread again, do you still want them? Yes please, if that's ok No worries, I'm at the in laws for the next few days but will pm them to you when I get home :-)
  4. pickled


    Literally only just checked the thread again, do you still want them?
  5. pickled


    I've literally no interest in them at all, not a fan of playing horror games, quite like watching them though.
  6. pickled


    I've just bought the beat the average bundle and have no interest in any of the resident evil offerings if anyone wants them
  7. I wonder how much I'd get for my wife...PC bits may be the way to go, a new console is a bit obvious!
  8. This and Fallout 4 are going to make me spend money either in a new console or bits for my PC to let me run them...Wife will not be happy with me!
  9. I've recently subscribed to Marvel Unlimited again, for about £6 a month it's a bit of a no trainer for catching up on older Marvel stuff. I've just been reading all of the Hulk stuff from about 2000 onwards and am getting stuck back into the major crossovers, Civil War, Planet Hulk and Dark Reign done so far, just cracking on with Siege. I'm pretty much up to date with the X-men, not sure how I feel about the original X-men being brought forward in timeand given their own series though..
  10. None of my windows machines have updated yet, there is a way to force the update if youare so inclined. Iusd the developer preview for a bit and thought it was pretty good, although the touch interface (on a surface pro) was junk at that point. Hopefully it's been updated now.
  11. I picked this up on the humble bundle yet, haven't actually got round to playing it yet, it seems like it's going to cause me a large amount of frustration and swearing though!
  12. pickled

    Breaking Bad

    Every episode in this second part of series 5 is like a rollercoaster... So awesome
  13. Frame rates, ive got a little bit obsessed with them since upgrading my pc, to the point where i spend longer tweaking graphics settings than playing the game!
  14. pickled

    Nintendo 3DS

    I took my 3ds to Belgium and got 3 hits, unlocked an achievement type thing for having streetpasses from 3 different countries, although Nintendo doesn't seem to believe in Belgium as it has no map for it or any concept if it as a place...
  15. This is one I can't get working on my netbook, even cogs go, which is for netbooks, it makes me sad
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