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  1. Bigkopman

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Get the Admin to change his name to Neg. 😂
  2. Bigkopman

    PlayStation Classic Console

    Pre-order is in.
  3. Bigkopman

    Your Top 10 Games

    I'll be happy to do an episode but I'm on hols for over a week but will be free after that.
  4. Bigkopman


    Just watched 21 Jump Street for the first time. Now that it's a funny movie. Can't believe it's taken this long to see it. 😂
  5. Bigkopman

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    All of this. We've all said things we regret in life but when its recorded and presented years and years later. Man, that's fucked up. We should be getting more mature as we get older and can change our naive views. Some things can never be unsaid too. I guess it depends how bad his comments were. Social media still has a lot to answer for in its own infancy...
  6. Bigkopman

    The Hot Topic

    Destiny 1&2 Was expecting a great story in an always online FPS from the makers of Halo. It couldn't go wrong... What we got instead...
  7. Bigkopman

    Cool Video Game Shit

    Kinda hella NOPE then.
  8. Bigkopman

    Your Top 10 Games

    Here's mine in no specific order: Fallout 3 Final Fantasy VII Halo Battlefield Bad Company 2 Borderlands 2 Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Bubble Bobble Street Fighter 2 GTA III God of War 2 (Subject to change) Happy to go on the podcast too.
  9. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Aha! Now I know the secret to completing that game now... 😂 Great chat, as always, well done guys.
  10. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    I can and cannot confirm if I like this response.
  11. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    @illdog Speak to @Sly Reflex about getting yourself on it too.
  12. Bigkopman

    The Division 2.

    I'm happy with this. Anthem, Fallout 76 and this have grabbed my interest so far.
  13. Bigkopman

    Final Fantasy VII

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Still where I was before.
  14. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Another great listen for the 20 questions. It's great to hear what peeps from the forum sound like and some genuine banter going on as well. 👍
  15. Bigkopman

    Final Fantasy VII