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  1. Bigkopman

    Gaming Podcasts

    @wiivo 2.0 and The MFGamers forum got a nice shout out from the Computer Game Show podcast host (David Turners) today in the episode out today. ?
  2. If you liked Hereditary then you should check out Midsommar (Director's Cut if possible) as it's by the same Director. The Wicker Man vibes all through it and it's definately a slow burner but creepy and disturbing all the same. Incredible performance by the lead actress again.
  3. Spiderman - Turf Wars DLC I really enjoyed the main game, which I got the Platinum for, and thought Black Cat DLC was OK but I'm stuck on the combat heavy mission set in a Warehouse that is kicking my arse! I tried so many variations of combat styles and gadgets but the getting done in either just before or during the Final Wave is bringing on rage quit. Shame.
  4. Having very long loading times when checking the site out. Using a S8 and Chrome. All other websites, etc. work fine.
  5. You can hide games in your library so its easier to sort through. Press options then hide.
  6. Much better than the last few choices. I wonder what Sony have up their sleeve this month?
  7. Bigkopman

    TV Shows

    Just started season 4 of this. Great series so far...
  8. Final Fantasy or Resident Evil for me. Looking forward to the FFVII remake now and the next take in Resident Evil will be interesting after they went FP then back to 3rd for the R2 remake.
  9. Made it to Kalm. Sephiroth's origin is out of the way now. Time for some open world shit.
  10. Bigkopman

    What's your....

    Yup, 90s for me as Hip Hop went fucking full throttle at this point. Best decade for music for me.
  11. So...er... started this again on my vita as currently on holibobs with the famalam. Just completed the train section and about to head up the tower. Wedge has taken a dive off the top. Love this game still. Here we go again!
  12. Yes... No.
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