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  1. Pretty much sums it all up, @AndyKurosaki
  2. Must not buy...must not buy...must not buy....
  3. Frankie Boyle as the Riddler.
  4. Bigkopman

    What's your....

    Strategy games and Soulsborne ones. Not sure if I have the patience for either these days.
  5. I should probably try and finish FFVII before @Blakey does. If he finishes it before me, I will have to leave the internets in shame. *insert GOT walk of shame gif*
  6. Play: The Division 2. Finally hit the end game now and currently looting for er... loot. The Witcher 3. My guilty game. I love it but dropped off it a while ago but always felt that I should be playing it. Back on it now when i need a break from the Division. Want: Crash Team Racing. The best kart racing game there is. Hope the remaster does this game justice. It was so good. Bin: Dreams. Not because it's bad or anything, just that I've had no time to get into it at all. Gutted. It's joined my backlog for the time being.
  7. Great edit, @Hendo!
  8. I can't wait to get FFVII Remake and not finish that either...
  9. Also Hitman 2 is Deal of the Week on PSN Store for £19.99.
  10. @mfnick The prices on the stores are high but if you know your prices then you can work out when is the best time to purchase online. Sony always have sales on these day and currently do a Deal of the Week and a Big in Japan sale. I've learnt to be a lot more patient now. Once a game is released at full price, it generally drops after a month or so both physically or digitally. My counter argument is that the trade in prices can be absolutely insulting depending on the game. It just depends on whether you're willing to accept £3.50 for a game you bought at £30 - 40 quid. Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated.
  11. PS1 - Final Fantasy VII ('nuff said) PS2 - God of War 2 (such a great game) PS3 - Killzone 2 (my introduction to online gaming) PS4 - Spider-Man (haven't played enough of God of War yet to compare)
  12. Nice editing @Sly Reflex ,as always, and enjoyed the chat but Andrew? Really?!
  13. Can someone give me £50 and I'll let you know my answers.
  14. Bigkopman


    And in the end , everybody is different.
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