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  1. Bigkopman

    Bungie and Activision split - Bungie keep Destiny

    I could see MS trying to snap them up and being Xbox exclusive.
  2. Bigkopman

    The Bethesda Problem

    Fallout 3 blew me away, back in the day. I fell in love with the atmosphere and played it to death plus the DLC. New Vegas was overkill for me, just too soon, so I never really got into it but according to many, it's the better game. When the Witcher 3 came out I was stunned. That is one huge game and looks incredible and arguably has to much to do but still an incredible feat for a much smaller team. I was excited for Fallout 4 but as I got it, it just felt like a mod for Fallout 3. The overall look of the game really didn't seem that different on a PS4. I left it for a while but recently went back to it and got quite into it. The quality of the Witcher gave me high hopes for Fallout 76 as BGS would have had time to create something special. When they announced that it would be online my heart sank and immediately lost interest and i feared that they had lost their way but the trailer for the game actually gave me a bit of hope. Man, they really fucked up. If you watch the Danny O'Dwyer doc on BGS you can see how happy they were to get the IP for Fallout but after all this promo bullshit they end up with 76. Granted, I've not played it for transparency, but there is enough general feedback from gamers to guide me on this. @Blakey , glad you can enjoy the game yourself and I may pick 76 up one day bit only when it's £10 just to see what it's like. Just so disappointed with BGS that they could have come up with something special...
  3. Bigkopman


    Watched the Predator the other night. Oh my. What the fuck has actually happened to that franchise. The tone of the movie was so wrong. I tried really hard to like it but they did a really good job of not letting that happen. Unless someone can ever create a reboot, I think the Predator character is done.
  4. Bigkopman

    Sony Consoles and Updates

  5. Bigkopman

    Mutant Year Zero : Road To Eden

    I like the look of this too. Will definitely pick it up once it's a bit cheaper.
  6. Bigkopman

    Currently listening to....

    Added to my playlists. Some great tracks there. Thank @Hendo
  7. Bigkopman

    Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled

    Best kart racer around. FACT. Stoked for this! If it's online too...oh my.
  8. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    *Everyone leaves the forum
  9. Bigkopman

    The Hot Topic

    The Division really clicked with me. I know it had it's faults but overall I loved it. It have at the right time as I was pretty much done with Destiny by then. Agree with the comments that it is very difficult to invest the time in more than one for me, if at all. Depending on the review for Anthem, I'm gong to have to make a decision on that and the Division 2 and it's not one I'm looking forward to have to make. If I want to play both it may well be playing one that everyone has already played and either levelled up beyond my reach or moved on.
  10. Bigkopman

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    It's the only FF I've actually finished.
  11. Bigkopman

    The Hot Topic

    Thirded. Been thinking about Fallout a lot of late. 76 just hasn't interested me with the new format and is apparently running like shit whilst buggy as fuck. Remembering how good 3 was made me boot up 4. I started it when it first came out but I still seemed to be suffering from Fallout fatigue but after loading 4 up last night, I really got back into it. My character (Alan Partridge) has just cleared up the Assembly plant whilst being accompanied by Codsworth had me me chuckling away with the insanity of it all. Jurassic Park!
  12. Bigkopman

    Gaming disappointments.

    Having a child.
  13. Bigkopman

    Echo Dot and Echo half Price

    Anyone able to confirm how good/useful these are? Quite tempted myself.
  14. Bigkopman

    Discussion: Is It The End of the Road for Vita?

    Anyone interested in hacking theirs for Emulation, etc then follow this guide. Did it myself last month: https://vita.hacks.guide/installing-h-encore.html Very easy to do.
  15. Bigkopman

    The MFGamers Podcast

    Agreed. The Hovis theme was inspired. Had a right chuckle listening to this on the way home today.