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  1. Bigkopman

    TV Shows

    Just started season 4 of this. Great series so far...
  2. Final Fantasy or Resident Evil for me. Looking forward to the FFVII remake now and the next take in Resident Evil will be interesting after they went FP then back to 3rd for the R2 remake.
  3. Made it to Kalm. Sephiroth's origin is out of the way now. Time for some open world shit.
  4. 🤣
  5. Bigkopman

    What's your....

    Yup, 90s for me as Hip Hop went fucking full throttle at this point. Best decade for music for me.
  6. So...er... started this again on my vita as currently on holibobs with the famalam. Just completed the train section and about to head up the tower. Wedge has taken a dive off the top. Love this game still. Here we go again!
  7. Yes... No.
  8. This.
  9. Bigkopman


    Over completed this on the PS3 and PS4. Gotta lot of love for this game. Never played the sequel but have it installed, ready and waiting.
  10. Would everyone just stop talking about FFVII...😉
  11. Bigkopman

    Google Stadia

    I have trouble loading this forum and it's pages up on my Samsung S8 on either wi-fi or 4G let alone trying to play Destiny 2 on the go as an example. You'd better be prepared for amusingly named after animals connection faults in hotels or buses.
  12. Bigkopman

    Star Wars

    Agreed. Really amazed he's not seen them.
  13. Got to disagree there mate. That music for me is so iconic and hearing probably most of that soundtrack I could work out which part of that game it came from (except the end, obviously...).
  14. Pretty much sums it all up, @AndyKurosaki
  15. Must not buy...must not buy...must not buy....
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