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    MFGamers Podcast - 20 Questions Episode 13 I host a surprise guest who I asked 20 gaming related questions. Hosted and edited by Simon, with thanks to the surprise guest. Intro/Outro by @wiivo 2.0 Background music by @Hendo Download the episode here. Subscribe to the feed here. iTunes link - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/mfgamers/id1318429602 Non-iTunes feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/mfgamerspodcast
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    So this was my Sunday afternoon. Had a bad glare on the TV towards the end and played kinda scrubby, but I got the vocals to kick in for the final fight and that felt cool. Unfortunately I had a bad time on mission 19 as I kind of suck as Dante and just threw gold orbs at him until he fucked off, got a nice D for that.
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    Well I guess that gives away the surprise guest...😂
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    So I read this last month, but rereading it now to catch up on Venom and this series is crazy. Like it holds no bars with retconning stuff but I think it makes Venom a way better character than he has ever been (At least when they try to do more with him than just a crazy Spider-Man villain). Anyway, this is really worthy of the spoiler tag stuff but I have to post these images because this really surprised me first time I read it and on a second go I still have massive respect for it This is one of those times where having the physical copy of the book in your hands makes it even better because you turn the page to...whoa
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    And the rain, when you're climbing and end up sliding off.
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    Yes. Put stuff in your arms from the inventory menu by pressing X, then drop them in a cook pot. Hold block and then press A just as an attack is about to hit. I was shit at it and it was never a problem.
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    RMs got a good podcast voice Not to be that guy, just that it was the last bit of the podcast, but you could build a VR capable PC for less than a grand. It's still more expensive than the PS4 alternative, but you only need a 970/1060 and a fairly old cpu. It's still not the way to get people in to VR though, I've always thought that would come from phones with cheap headsets as gifts. We probably just need apple to invent VR if it's ever going to really take off
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    It was a very good podcast
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    @Nag Didn't really know where else to put this but apparently, this is a picture from a grocery store in Asia...
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    Action Boy is too good not to take. Even if you're not using VATS a lot you're still looking down scopes and running about, so having it recharge quicker the better. It's going to pair well with Strong Back as well for when he gets over encumbered and needs to speed things along so he can get outside and fast travel. I've not played much because I was putting the finishing touches to the podcast, but I did start the Far Harbour kick off mission, which I'm going to leave for now, and the bit that's meant to be about the Salem Witch trails. Also ended up in a cannery where the meat going into the cans wasn't what it appeared to be. Before that I was jumped by a Mirelurk Queen who I took out in 5 shots of explosive shotty blasts. That things is completely filthy. I rounded the night off by defending Starlight. That's been the first attack since forever. I didn't really need to do anything really, I just turned up and my turrets were fucking the bejesus out of everything unfriendly. I am thinking of reworking Starlight. As proud of it as I was when I first built it I'm not now. I can do better as well as make it a bit more convenient to walk around. I considered ripping off @OrangeRKN's idea of building on the cinema screen, but it's all bent out of shape and I think it's going to be a fucker to line stuff up on.I think instead of having it built up I'm going to build far and wide and use the space up. There's so much space there and in reality you'd use all of the ground stuff before building up. I think there's a better more aesthetic way of doing it. I managed to put the finishing touches to my favourite weapon tonight as well. I'm going to rename them all when they reach their max build. Witness this beauty.
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    This might be a bit style over substance, which isn't to say it's bad, just I think it's a better idea than it is a game so far The promise if that you're an American in 50s America, watching a video on idealistic American life. As such you've got guns for hands and everything you do involves shooting things. Some of that is targets at a shooting range, but it's also how you knock on windows, play catch (shoot the ball back to your dad), open cans, you even use your gun to collect candyfloss and feed it to your date. It's quite a funny game, but it moves at quite a slow pace. It's hard to know if that's just direction, if it's to lengthen things a little bit, after all, the gameplay is naturally going to be longer than the joke needs to be, or if it's caused by some of the issues with the gameplay. The American Life requires Move controllers, which work well for the most part, but I had an issue where one of them kept turning to one side (would have been my set up, but even then the game didn't have me looking right at the camera, it had me slightly to one side with no way to correct), that could be sorted by shaking the move, but I was having issues with targets at a distance, the aim would swim about a bit. Also causing some problems is the PSVR's resolution. The graphics are more than fine all told, but the PSVR screens just don't have the definition you need for precision distance aiming. So far it's not been too punishing so that it would matter, but it has acted as a reminder of the problems. More of an issue, and one that had me thinking about Sony's refund policy before I found the restart checkpoint option, are the bugs and scripting errors. I ran out of bullets at one point, not a problem, you've buttons on the carriage you're in that you can press, a new mag fires up in the air, time slows, and you angle your gun to catch it in the slot. Nice idea, but the button stopped firing out mags, meaning I couldn't progress. Later I had one where the next scene just wouldn't start, I stood there shooting everything I could, paused, unpaused, hoping I coult just get something to activate, but no, so that is where I turned it off for the night I'm going to stick with it, it seems decent enough, but it also seems broken and I'm amazed it hasn't been patched and fixed, I'm sure there's reasons why not, but it's actually pretty shitty that it hasn't been
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