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  1. RoboticMonk3y

    Tetris 99

    It's not April 1st?
  2. RoboticMonk3y


    I've been working on my Google surveys to build up credit, I'm up to £11, which is close to me being able to buy it on mobile...
  3. RoboticMonk3y


    Wanted to play thimbleweed park for a long while...
  4. RoboticMonk3y

    TV Shows

    The last season of Hannibal is nuts. They knew it was being cancelled, so they threw everything at the wall.
  5. RoboticMonk3y

    Apex Legends

    Mic is not a problem. Did you know that you can ask for stuff too? When you bring up your menu, if you're missing armour, you can ping to request it.
  6. RoboticMonk3y

    Apex Legends

    Playing as a duo with random pick up 3rd player again. I had some really great experiences. It's nice that not every random on the internet is a colossal belmer
  7. RoboticMonk3y

    Apex Legends

    I had a fun evening playing. Played with another friend, which means we had a random each time. Only one Jeb end. He kept shooting at us and ultimately gave away our position Man this game is fun.
  8. RoboticMonk3y

    Objectively bad music

    Working in retail pretty much ruins all Christmas songs. As a side note, I can't stand fairytale of New York. Giant pile of wank..
  9. RoboticMonk3y

    Apex Legends

    You could do this in Titanfall 2. Nothing more satisfying than plucking someone out of the air or dragging a sniper off a camping spot.
  10. RoboticMonk3y

    Titanfall FTP Battle Royale game released on Monday

    Well that quote days "we're not making Titanfall 3, we are making Apex" It doesn't say that they have no intention Titanfall 3. I wish them well, it makes me sad how Titanfall 2 didn't net them the success it deserves. I bought DLC shit to throw them some extra dollars. I will do the same if I get so much as a whiff of joy from playing Apex. I live in hope that I get to see a trilogy. 😍
  11. RoboticMonk3y

    Titanfall FTP Battle Royale game released on Monday

    I wonder if this means we might see a Titanfall 3? I would rather like that...
  12. RoboticMonk3y

    Picked up a PS Vita....

    Good old auto focus giving us a perfect view of your index finger, there...
  13. RoboticMonk3y

    Picked up a PS Vita....

    I didn't get into persona 4 golden. It was a lot of busy work until you get to the actual game and I also found having to complete things by a certain in game date a little bit stifling.
  14. RoboticMonk3y

    Picked up a PS Vita....

    Binding of Isaac. It was my commuting game of choice
  15. RoboticMonk3y

    Titanfall FTP Battle Royale game released on Monday

    Funnily enough, I was only saying to someone on Friday how I was thinking about buying Titanfall 2 for the Xbox. First I heard of this game was on the bus ride into work today. Looks like fun.