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  1. https://amp.hothardware.com/news/ea-hikes-f1-2021-price-in-many-countries-with-lower-annual-incomes EA celebrate buying Codemasters by hiking the price of F1 2021 around the globe
  2. So... You agree they only want the license and don't give a flying duck about codemasters?
  3. My kids don't really care much for playing on the latest games, the have been enjoying picking through the things on gamepass. If I were to get another console, I'd pick up an S, because it does the job. MS did a smart thing my making a 'good enough' next gen ish machine. It's almost certainly going to cause a few wrinkles, like cyberpunk on last gen. But I think there will come a time when next gen will start to break away, or playing the 'S' version just isn't as desirable. No doubt, the 'S' being on the market will slow this More interesting is what Sony will do. Right now, they have a golden ticket to make first party exclusives that MS won't be able to counter with anything the 'S' will be a part of.
  4. So businesses exist to make money. The usually do this by selling a product, or by providing a service. Once a company has become big enough and the one product or service that they have has reached saturation, sometimes they will seek to make their market share bigger by way of acquisition. This serves a few purposes. Expand user base, eliminate competition, or, gain possession of intellectual property. EA, gained a shitty reputation for churning out generic shite year on year and for buying up smaller companies, hollowing them out, churning out low grade sequels and laughing all the way to the bank. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, you can argue it's a Swan all you like, but it's probably a fucking duck...
  5. I never really thought about it too hard, I just put it down to "mythical beasties were bigger and scarier", but them being bigger does seem to track with making each "tell" on an attack easier to read. I'm rolling back though the list of bosses I can think of that are human shaped. The first ones that spring to mind are ornstein and smough from Dark Souls, they should be like normal people but they are fuckin huge when you think about it. I don't remeber coming up much higher than ornstien's wait
  6. The ps1 music instrument capability ages the 'original' soundtrack. I have an orchestral version of the soundtrack and it's ace
  7. I enjoyed watching good omens. I love the book and I'm completely OK with the TV adaptation. (apart from one very dodgy attempt at a Scottish accent)
  8. Because large chunks were unscripted, the cast weren't told what they were doing and they got told part way through filming that it was being canned. First 2 seasons are good but it's trails off in 3. Last episode particularly
  9. RoboticMonk3y


    Looks like a game I remember playing on the PlayStation 1 called rollcage. Looks like a lot of fun
  10. What I'm most excited about from last episode.
  11. Interesting pod. Nice one guys. Who's in the intro?
  12. I don't get the complaints about it being too dark. It's a fight at night time and in pitch black. Did you want them to bust out some floodlights or something? Side note. Has anyone else on here spent time adjusting their TV picture settings? I have a setting for day, night, and gaming. Looked fucking dope on my TV..
  13. I hope its just Jim Carey being Jim Carey for 90 minutes. The thing that looks jarring for me is sonics legs. They're weird little muscle man legs. I'm fine with the fact there's a taking hedgehog, I'd also be fine with accepting that he had comically thin cartoon stick legs. You can't please everyone though, right.?
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