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  1. Do I picked up the 3 months of game pass for £1. Great stuff! Thought I'd play Lego Star wars with the kids. Not sure when they brought in the clever split screen thing, but it's not in this game. Lots of being dragged off ledges and frustrating camera angles makes for a bit of a tricky experience.
  2. RoboticMonk3y

    TV Shows

    I've been rewatching from the start, we got to the end of season 6 last night. There's so much foreshadowing that I never caught
  3. RoboticMonk3y


    Why do they keep remaking films that were already good? Why not remake a film that had potential but was flawed in some way?
  4. Please do be that guy. I know very little about gaming on the pc. I thought that VR had a very high bar for entry. It's nice to hear it's becoming more affordable I've been told before I have a good radio voice... Or wait... Was it a good face for radio? 🤣
  5. It was a very good podcast
  6. I think it's worth trying bloodborne bosses on your own, but summons are the perfect solution to hitting a brick wall. Just don't forget to return the favour some time
  7. RoboticMonk3y

    The Witness

    I'll have a dig later, there's an interesting talk by Johnathan blow about obsessing over puzzles in games and how puzzles when done right can make you feel empowered.
  8. RoboticMonk3y

    The Witness

    They serve no purpose outside of making your mind obsess over spotting circles with a line coming from them. You don't have to find any of them to get to the ending. For that matter, you don't even have to complete all the puzzles in an area to get to the end of the game.
  9. RoboticMonk3y

    The Witness

    Puzzles aside... Doesn't the game look so pretty though?
  10. RoboticMonk3y

    The Witness

    Have you found any ambient puzzles yet?
  11. You can kinda do this already. I bought my Xbox one s with a year of gold from very, I'm paying it off over a year at £15 a month.
  12. Under rated masterpiece. Fucking loved this game
  13. RoboticMonk3y

    Michael Jackson

    I've not watched the documentary yet, but it's on my list. I remember watching a few programs from around his death though. On a side note I remember listening to an interview with Robbie Williams, he was talking about how much he struggled with being famous, and the fallout of being dumped out the back of the hype engine. Coming from someone who had a fairly normal upbringing then got surrounded by people wanting to keep you as an asset to make money. I remember hearing similar stories of Brian Harvey. Now imagine that same pressure but on a child, and them never being allowed to be a child. I don't really think it's that much of a stretch of the imagination to see how messed up someone could get with a seemingly endless amount of money, with an abusive father, was never allowed to be a child, and is forever surrounded either by paparazzi trying to force their way into every facet of their existence as well as a fleet of "yes" men Not that this excuses any behaviour on anyone's part...
  14. RoboticMonk3y


    You can only scum the ending if you have ps+ It's the only way that you can make a backup of your save...
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