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  1. RoboticMonk3y


    Have any of you played sword and sworcery? (Anoher game made from the creators of this game). I remember people being divided over that one too.
  2. RoboticMonk3y

    Battlefield V

    Have any of you been following the drama with this? DICE, in order to try and make the game more beginner friendly in time for Christmas, have increased the time to kill. This has caused a lot of the community to become a little upset, as the consensus was that the TTK was spot on. I did notice that I was surviving longer, but I also noticed that a few times I got the drop on someone and they had time to turn and scrub off half my health. I also played a good chunk of the game as recon, I was spotting people running out of a building and shooting at people camp sniping in the doorways. Several times I landed clean headshots and didn't kill people. The community have been grumbling that there is a lot of janky net code, and last night is the first time I've actually seen it. That all being said, I still had good fun playing last night. I'm surprised how many people have skipped over this one.
  3. RoboticMonk3y

    Gaming Shout Thread

  4. RoboticMonk3y


    I think for being on in the background, they were both fine. I tuned in more when there's a good action sequence. To me, it kinda feels like the films are ideas for beautifully shot action sequences that are hung together with someone having a go at making a film in between. I wouldn't have said it was a bad film though, and I have plenty of films that on paper are awful, but for something as a lovely distraction when there's nothing else on, are great (I'm looking at you Fast and furious films)
  5. RoboticMonk3y

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I got this! it took 14 hours to download! 🤣 I've rolled through chapter 1, which was good fun. Only killed a few people by accident... I'm in Chapter 2 now, although I've done nothing other than spend 6 hours noodling about in the wilderness. Killed all sorts of wildlife, picked all sorts of plants. Helped out several ungrateful strangers... I tell you, next time I see some jeb end up a tree with a cougar attacking him, I'm going to pull up a chair and watch. I keep being blown away by how pretty the landscape looks, and little details like seeing a fish splash up and pluck a fly from the surface of a river. I was wandering around the countryside, and a pair of O'Driscols threatened me. Naturally, I shot one, and hog-tied the other. I tried to take him back to camp, but you're not allowed... I walked into valentine, and an O'Driscol started chasing me down the street and shooting at me, I guess that was some karma for me...
  6. RoboticMonk3y

    Currently listening to....

  7. RoboticMonk3y

    Currently listening to....

    The truth, by handsome boy modeling school... Fuckin yes please
  8. RoboticMonk3y

    Currently listening to....

    This song blows my shit out the door.
  9. RoboticMonk3y

    Xbox Game Pass 6 months for £23.99

    Half price 12 months on Amazon UK right now. £47.99 for the ’12 months holiday offer' https://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-Game-Month-Membership-Download/dp/B07K7CFTQC
  10. RoboticMonk3y

    Ear worm!

    Some people just want to watch the world burn...
  11. RoboticMonk3y

    Ear worm!

    this one isn't so much ear worm as ear herpes you have been warned
  12. RoboticMonk3y

    Ear worm!

  13. RoboticMonk3y

    YouTube “stars”

    up and down up and down? a pornstar? a kangaroo? wait... you mean rolf harris? why you watchin his stuff man?
  14. RoboticMonk3y

    Ear worm!

    HEHEHHE yeah, this ones a certified gold star classic. ah the wonderful early internet days of youtube, when you had the weird overspill of flash animation
  15. RoboticMonk3y

    Stardew Valley

    If there was an option for local, I never found it on PS4...