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  1. The ps1 music instrument capability ages the 'original' soundtrack. I have an orchestral version of the soundtrack and it's ace
  2. RoboticMonk3y

    TV Shows

    I enjoyed watching good omens. I love the book and I'm completely OK with the TV adaptation. (apart from one very dodgy attempt at a Scottish accent)
  3. RoboticMonk3y

    TV Shows

    Because large chunks were unscripted, the cast weren't told what they were doing and they got told part way through filming that it was being canned. First 2 seasons are good but it's trails off in 3. Last episode particularly
  4. RoboticMonk3y


    Looks like a game I remember playing on the PlayStation 1 called rollcage. Looks like a lot of fun
  5. What I'm most excited about from last episode.
  6. Interesting pod. Nice one guys. Who's in the intro?
  7. I don't get the complaints about it being too dark. It's a fight at night time and in pitch black. Did you want them to bust out some floodlights or something? Side note. Has anyone else on here spent time adjusting their TV picture settings? I have a setting for day, night, and gaming. Looked fucking dope on my TV..
  8. I hope its just Jim Carey being Jim Carey for 90 minutes. The thing that looks jarring for me is sonics legs. They're weird little muscle man legs. I'm fine with the fact there's a taking hedgehog, I'd also be fine with accepting that he had comically thin cartoon stick legs. You can't please everyone though, right.?
  9. Holy smokes! People are MAD about this episode! Spoilers in this link.. LINK
  10. This was my only gripe. I think that this episode did not need to be that long
  11. But, where was she even going? The whole chunk seemed like it just didn't need to be there. It's the home she grew up in, of all the times to get away with filming someone squeezing through a hidden passage or crawlspace. Instead we got what looked like someone playing a stealth game when they forgot how to use the mini map
  12. Well.. I kinda feel like that was long for the sake of length. Loads of hanging shots of people just milling about. I think that episode could have lost half an hour of people walking from one side of the screen to the other. Also..
  13. genuine laugh out loud on that one! almost sprayed coffee across the kitchen.
  14. I have become old... I can't get over the gore for the sake of gore. Makes me want to hold this one at arms length
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