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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


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yeah so, i like this, it's a bit different to previous mgs games, in that the map is massive and you do missions in smaller parts - and you get a horse to ride around on - bit like the witcher 3. controls are confusing like normal, but pretty well explained. there seems to be a lot of scope for sneaking and doing things differently which is cool, but i am a bit rubbish at it and often get spotted while trying to be sneaky and end up killing loads of people - which is what i usually do in mgs games. doesn't seem to be an easy mode but it's not been too difficult so far. there is a chicken hat you can equip that stops you getting spotted a few times after you fail once or something - that might be the easy mode - unclear.

you can hide while riding your horse by sort of hanging off one side of the horse, i thought that sounded ace so...

i'd just walk right past this guy guarding a base, but no he just started shooting so you must have to be further away for it to work or something.

the into/prologue part is a sort of long interactive cutscene, which has some funny/cool bits, and some rubbish/boring bits imo.

i hate it when games make you crawl/move really slowly for ages.

but the character customisation bit was ace.

after the first bit there hasn't been that much dialogue/cutscenes which is odd. but i'm not too far in so there's still time.

extracting stuff is awesome.

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I attempted to write an impressions threads a few times but there's a lot to it so I didn't know where to start..

The base building stuff is way more deeper than Peace Walker. Because your base can be invaded you can set patrols, build better defences, Moral systems Etc there's a lot to it. I think it's awesome.

My favourite thing so far has been new open world missions. The game encourages you to find a good vantage point, scout/tag/plan then try and sneak in.

I'm still in the first area but it feels and looks huuuuuge. More like a Red Dead than MGS. So cool.

Because of the open world approach there's now a lot more dynamic things that can happen.

You might run into a aggressive animal that you could waste your tranqs on or brake a suppressor.

You could bump in to walking patrol or a patrolling truck.

There's a day/night cycle that you can use to your advantage or could be a hindrance.

There's a weather system. I had a big sand storm come in which restricts you and your enemies view. Looks really cool too.

All this stuff can mix with each other to make some awesome moments.

The AI is a lot more fun to fight as well. One moment I had..

I went to sneak into a small stronghold to find one of its leaders. Got seen as was going in. Then hid a room behind some draws while they looking over the house to try and find me. All this is going on while a cassette player is playing Kids in America in the room I'm hiding in.

Things quiet down abit so I go and take out the leader and Fulton him. But I hear Kids in America again as I leaving the base. You can steal the enemies cassettes and play them on your own. So I decided I wanted it. I get to the room, I take the cassette, the music cuts out and a guard outside I didn't know about walks in.

I think fuck it and run out of the base, get on my horse and head to where my main objective a good distance away. Everything goes quiet again. I come out to the vantage point of the big base I need to sneak into.

It's pretty quiet and I'm trying to look for the best way to enter and tag everyone when I hear a truck engine.. The truck stops at the base and then all the soldiers in the base start looking more irrate and 3/4 soldiers move to the outer base to man turrets/trenches thinking something is coming.

I'm not sure if that was cassette man that came to warn his mates. But it was cool as fuck.

Still pretty early, but I like this ALOT. I think it might be the first Metal Gear where you could take out all the cool Kojima crazy/MGS stuff and it would still be really fun to play. Best playing Metal Gear there's been.

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I got a 'take on me' cassette! Missed that kids in America one though.

Lost some progress due to how the checkpoints work :( but other than that really enjoying it. Just did a mission where I extracted nearly everyone. Probably spent too much on upgrades early on, probably should have saved some money/resources.

Agree with Duck, 'best playing metal gear'.

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I'm guessing the cassette stuff is random then? That's cool.

Had another cool thing happen with the AI again today that makes me thing it was cassette man warning his mates. It was on a main story mission so I won't say what happened.

My base is starting to come together. I have an Intel team now that can give me weather forecasts warnings or tell me when enemies are near when I'm out in the field. Pretty useful.

I like how Kojima has scaled back a lot of the usual metal gear assists (the on-screen map, vision cones etc) and asked a lot more of the player. You're usually drop in the environment, told your objective is roughly over here, go find it. It's down to you. If you want more Intel on it you'll have to hold up soldiers. If you want to know where bad guys are you'll have to tag them. It really adds to the tension as you don't know what's around the corner or in the next room. So good.

I've unlocked a free roam mode too. That's lets you just wander about. Some soldiers from my base have been asking me to get more medicine so I'm going head out and find all the plants I can. Going to scout for some good soldiers for the base too.

I don't think I'm even half way through this yet. But I think it's going to be one of my favourite games ever. Kojima showing every else this gen how it's done.

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I'm guessing the cassette stuff is random then? That's cool.

not sure if it's random. i did zoom in on a radio playing kids in america but i was pretty far away, thought i'll pick that up when i get closer...but i forgot.

been moving staff around so i can improve my extraction capabilities.

still really enjoying it. still think it needs more checkpoints - i'd be inclined to try more different strategies if it didn't mean potentially losing the last 30 mins.

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not sure how to quantify approachableness for this...it gets pretty complicated with all the base management and controls, but does a pretty good job of explaining most stuff imo, and yeah it's definitely the most fun i've had 'playing' an mgs game (rather than watching) so far anyway.

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Twin Snakes is the worst one imo. :lol:

Man, it really surprised me how many hardcore gamer types haven't played many MGS's. I just assumed that most people that are into games had played them all. I guess not.

If you've ever played a XCOM or any sort management type game you'll be fine for the base stuff. It's deep but it's not that complicated. As Spat says it explains it pretty well.

The actual stealth and combat is probably the most forgiving/realistic it's ever been. The slow mo snake time or what ever it's called helps.

The audio tapes fill out some of story from the previous games if you haven't played them. But there's been a few nods to MGS3 that you might not notice if you haven't played it.

Overall I think it's approachable for a new/ish players. If a mate asked me, I can only play one MGS what should I play. I would probably say this one.

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I've only properly played Metal Gear Solid. Loved it, one of the best PS1 games I played. I did finish Ground Zeroes the other day, and didn't really enjoy it at all. I can't say I'm fussed about playing The Phantom Pain. Guess I need to hand my Gamer card in! Mad Max looks more appealing to me personally. My mind could change, however. It wouldn't be the first time.

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How 'stealthy' is this? I really like the look of it but i'm absolute shite at stealth games. My brief encounter with Ground Zero ended with me accidentally killing someone with a machine gun, jumping into a truck out of shear panic, and then driving around the base running over people.


yeah most of the missions i do end up like that too, i try and be stealthy but it barely ever works. most of the missions i think it's fine to blast your way through if you want...i'm stuck on one now though where i suspect you're supposed to be stealthy but i keep using a rocket launcher instead and keep failing - but maybe if i upgrade my rocket launcher? if it keeps getting more difficult i'm going to start getting annoyed. i want an easy mode.

edit - i didn't really like mgs 1 and 2, not played peace walker much, liked 3 and 4.

oh and Ed - i didn't like ground zeroes either - this is much better imo.

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I don't think this is too stealth, but when you do it feels satisfying. In the early MGS it was you have an entrance in a 'room' and you have to get to the exit. But MGV doesn't really use that formula at all. The map is so big you can scout and sneak around camps if you find a way.

As I was saying to Ed on Twitter, GZ's was OK. It showed the way they were heading mechanically in PP but it showed such a thin slice of what PP is about.

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Finally got my code around 3pm today, spent the next couple of hours downloading it before diving in for a 90 minute session.

That opening is, I think, THE most impressive opening to a game I've ever experienced, it just absolutely blew my mind how bombastic, cinematic, polished and spectacular it was, absolutely blew my mind, so much suspense, tension and an unnerving atmosphere that didn't make me feel wholly comfortable playing it, typically Kojima and I think MGSV will end up being his Masterpiece if it carries on like this.

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