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Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV)

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30 minutes ago, Whiskey_chaser said:


I noticed that, how the hell did that happen!? 

As a warning to others..

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A bit of slow progress with this. Managed to fuck everything up which lead to a crash course in application debugging to find out what was making the game crash on startup. Managed to fix it and install an improved UI, some texture packs and i've played about with some shaders. Considering how awful the base game looked, (the years haven't been kind to the outside areas) it's starting to look pretty good.


Oblivion 05_02_2019 00_59_41.png

Oblivion 05_02_2019 01_02_15.png

Oblivion 05_02_2019 01_12_48.png

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I ended up putting some more time into this last night as social plans were scuppered by vomiting children.


Managed to install several mods which all work despite having varying installation methods. In no particular order I installed:


Obscuro's Oblivion Overhaul: A massive mod that completely reworks a lot of the game with the biggest changes being the levelling system and enemy levels, but there are loads of tweaks throughout the game making it a pretty different experience.


Enhanced weaponry pack: Mod that adds hundred of new weapons.


Character overhaul pack: vanilla Oblivion character models are awful - they all look like they've just had an allergic reaction. This fixes that.


Enhanced waters: Graphic back that improves the underwater section.


Deadly Reflex - combat mod that makes the swordplay less gash.


Companion Vilja: this is the one Sir Terry got involved in. So far she's pretty impressive, and far more developed that any companion character Bethesda has ever done. She can lead you out of dungeons, spar with you, brew potions, practice spellcasting and all sorts. She can even become the lead adventurer and go on her own quest making you the companion. 

Apparently once you buy a house she'll even paint pictures and hang them in it.


She's also a hellbent on killing everything that comes near you. Had a benny hill style chase over half the map because she was after a bear that tried to run off. Five minutes later around six bandits, a bear, three wolves and some  crabs were all fighting as I sat back and watched, lobbing the occasional fireball.



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