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  1. bellow

    DmC (Devil May Cry)

    I didn't know it was hated. I loved it, personally.
  2. bellow

    BAFTA Games Awards

    The boat? That was great.
  3. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    That probably will be my game if the year😕
  4. My eldest kid has been putting off buying a switch for ages because of these rumours. He knows I'll upgrade and he'll cop mine. Cheap bastard.
  5. bellow

    Octopath Traveller

    Finally beat all 8 first chapters. Only took me 21 hours! Gonna search thru some of the caves and forests I've encountered in this adventure. Decided to bypass everything until I had all 8 characters so I could pick and choose for levelling purposes. Some need more attention than others, it seems. I'm glad I chose olberic as my main protagonist, though. Sumbitch knows how to swing a sword.
  6. bellow

    Octopath Traveller

    Done 8 hours since Sunday! That's weird for me, but I can't stop picking up the switch for a quick battle. Such a great combat system, fast with loads of feedback on the screen and in the joycons. Up to now I'm really enjoying winging it, but if anyone has any tips on how to get the most out of the game I'm all ears (eyes). I've heard and read conflicting viewpoints, either stick with 4 characters, or collect all 8 and swap them around if and when required. I'm leaning towards the latter as I tend not to rush games like this. I played bravely default over a year with breaks for other games. I got there in the end, though.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/mar/13/nintendo-at-130-interview-shinya-takahashi-and-hisashi-nogami Nintendo at 130!
  8. bellow

    Nintendo Labo

    You gotta be fucking kidding...
  9. bellow

    Comfort gaming

    Skyrim, xenoblade 2, GTA 5 or San Andreas, ocarina of time, Resi 4. After my recent Spiderman playthru, that could make the list
  10. bellow

    Yakuza Kiwami

    I don't mind doing things with hostesses 🙄
  11. bellow

    Yakuza Kiwami

    Foolishly I went into the PlayStation store and found this for 9 quid! I had to research what it was, and was surprised to learn it was a ground up remake of the first game. Result! I've played 3, 4, and 5, and enjoyed them, but definitely with decreasing marginal returns. I thought they were becoming a bit bloated to be honest, and hungered for a more focused adventure, like 3. So this hits the spot for me. I'll see how it goes. For me these games are definitely about the story, and I tend to bypass most of the side activities like karaoke, baseball etc. I dig the fighting, though.
  12. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    As someone who never played the original, I thought the missed the opportunity to fix that problem. How hard would it have been to create a couple of new situations to make the 2 scenarios work in tandem, like a different puzzle and route to the garage for the second character. The game certainly implies at the beginning that these two people exist in the same universe and are being forced apart to make their own way to the end of the game.
  13. You can parry lasers from large guardians.
  14. @Maf They should make the next Uncharted with those character models from the titles. I'd be all over that. They could shoot paint rather than bullets too.
  15. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    I must have got an E then (still a pass at A level and good enough to get you into a decent polytechnic back in the day). Because I was walking around for hours trying to find that library crank😀.
  16. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    The final boss died, and I walked in the sunrise. That, sir, was my score.
  17. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    Probably the saves
  18. Ahh, Ys 8. Now your talking. That game rocks.
  19. So I'm near the end, and I'm just about to chase a train in typical Uncharted style. In fact the whole thing settled down into more familiar territory after that excellent semi open world section, even down to your companion shouting out the solution to puzzles when you've only just started to get your bearings 😕. A nice adventure though, spectacular in parts and nice to look at.
  20. This wasn't really doing much for me initially. That Uncharted gameplay familiarity was hitting home pretty hard, and I playing it poorly, too - messing up my usual stealth approach in almost all encounters. But then I hit the (semi) open road to complete the queen's ruby quest and the game started making sense to me. I really like what they've achieved with this approach. You're just disoriented enough for it to feel like an adventure, but never to the point of frustration. If I could just find my stealth shoes...
  21. bellow

    Resident Evil 2

    It was a lot easier than those revelations games, I thought. But then I thought they were a bit too hard at times, even with the dodge button. I was still pretty scared though. And quite happy when the bosses went down sooner than I thought they were going to. (So the opposite of the bosses in revelations!)
  22. I think it was the clumpy plants
  23. My kid just asked me was this a PS3 game (based on the way it looked). I could sort of see his point. Not that it looks bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the last few PS4 games we've had in the house have been on another level visually: Spidey, red dead, Resi 2 and God of war.
  24. Not really. I have it loaded on the PS4 and ready to go. They're both rather short from what I've heard. @Mafi'm expecting some familiarity. But I'm comfortable with it. The series has probably run its course by now, though.
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