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  1. Fragpuss


    I've had my eye on this for a long time, i was concerned when it had 4 patches on day one almost, but they seem to have done the job and fixed the game up
  2. Fragpuss

    TV Shows

    I'm Mr. Bum cakes, i make bum cakes hahaha.... i'm 49 years old
  3. Fragpuss

    TV Shows

    It's not Christmas without a viewing of this quality
  4. Fragpuss

    TV Shows

    I don't watch regular/live tv so i wouldn't know.
  5. Fragpuss

    TV Shows

    I didn't know the show was out yet, just got the movie on bluray, the final cut
  6. Fame at last! Honk if you're horny!
  7. Sorry my comment was aimed at MAF who was saying Aliens was shit. For some reason my phone wasn't showing any replies after that
  8. I'm honestly wondering if this guy is just trolling
  9. Got Medievil the other day and ordered the other today
  10. As somebody that never played SOTC on PS2 i can agree i think the whole game is a pile of dogshit, i just don't get the appeal other than to give some sad acts a nerdy fanwank. There are much better games out there in need of a remaster/remake than that old pile of cack
  11. Fragpuss

    Okami Returning?

    I take full credit for existing at this time, thank you
  12. Fragpuss

    capcom Remakes

    Fair enough, i wasn't sure where else to put it.
  13. Fragpuss

    capcom Remakes

    It seems after the success of the RE2make and DMC remake Capcom are planning More remakes What would you all like to see? For me it's definitely Dino Crisis 1 and 2, along with Ghouls & Ghosts
  14. I grew up more on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore Amiga, but i did love the mega drive aswell, never really got to try the snes much, though i did get to play the NES a fair bit and enjoyed that. But yeah for me, the Amiga will always be one of the best platforms of all time, a wealth of varied game styles compared to consoles (which were mostly driving, shooting, and platforming with the very very rare rpg) but Amiga has it all
  15. I preferred the mega drive, still do because it has and had more games that appealed to me
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