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  1. merman1974

    Google Stadia

    But is that model sustainable for anyone other than EA? And how are smaller developers going to gain traction AND be able to provide continuing content?
  2. Epic's Tim Sweeney claims gamers are criticising the Epic Store "because they can't see the good it is doing for games" Erm, that's nonsense. That's like saying Burger King is better for the cows than McDonalds.
  3. There's a lot of noise about Metro Exodus selling more on Epic Store than the previous Metro title in its first week - but that's down to the series being more well-known (and hyped) than before
  4. merman1974

    Google Stadia

    Interesting that it will support a lot of controllers, including Microsoft's Adaptive Controller for accessible gaming.
  5. merman1974

    Google Stadia

    Streaming? Nope, not for me. The fact that people are sharing images of the video stream glitching is ironic.
  6. Any recommendations on a good place that builds custom PCs? Need to get one when I move, and thinking that a 4K monitor would be nice too when I get round to upgrading my Xbox...
  7. I would point out, a lot of the redundancies are falling on office/administrative staff rather than developers. Still, it does look odd to announce record profits and slash the workforce.
  8. There was a lot of speculation online that Respawn have only been making Apex Legends - but EA are saying a new "premium" Titanfall release will be out this year. Doesn't necessarily mean Titanfall 3...
  9. USB to Atari 9-pin connector cable for my PC. Oh, and my latest non-gaming purchase was wedding rings...
  10. Through Unbound I have backed/ordered Virtual Cities https://unbound.com/books/virtual-cities/ This book is filled with case studies on how cities are portrayed in video games, such as Half Life 2 and Dishonored. The author has been doing a series of articles for Wireframe (and wrote an article in Retro Gamer) last year and that whetted my appetite.
  11. merman1974

    TV Shows

    Care - superb drama co-written by Jimmy McGovern for BBC1. When Mary (Alison Steadman) suffers a stroke, her daughter (Sheridan Smith) struggles to cope and tries to get care for her mother. Had a lot to say about the social care situation too.
  12. Thanks! It's called Grid Pix and will be released on cartridge soon.
  13. I'm doing the music for a new Commodore 64 game based on Picross
  14. Brother got a Switch and MK for Christmas, so was playing my niece earlier. And I worked out I've been playing the series for 24 years, and the only one I haven't played is MK7 for 3DS.
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