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  1. merman1974

    TV Shows

    Care - superb drama co-written by Jimmy McGovern for BBC1. When Mary (Alison Steadman) suffers a stroke, her daughter (Sheridan Smith) struggles to cope and tries to get care for her mother. Had a lot to say about the social care situation too.
  2. merman1974

    Picross (All Versions)

    Thanks! It's called Grid Pix and will be released on cartridge soon.
  3. merman1974

    Picross (All Versions)

    I'm doing the music for a new Commodore 64 game based on Picross
  4. merman1974

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Brother got a Switch and MK for Christmas, so was playing my niece earlier. And I worked out I've been playing the series for 24 years, and the only one I haven't played is MK7 for 3DS.
  5. merman1974


    I got This Is Going To Hurt for my birthday and could not put it down either. Got a couple of books for Christmas - The Games Console by Evan Amos (more photographic, with tear downs of famous consoles and controllers) and Nostalgia Nerd's Retro-Tech.
  6. merman1974

    Wireframe magazine

    Issue 4 is out today, with a choice of two covers inspired by Disco Elysium. (Will update later with contents)
  7. merman1974

    Donut County

    Want to play this, but it will undoubtedly pop up in a Steam sale soon and be better value...
  8. merman1974

    Dangerous Driving (made by Three Fields, ex Criterion)

    Looking forward to this, I enjoyed Dangerous Golf (which is a hybrid of Burnout's Crash Mode and crazy golf - hit a golf ball around a location, break stuff and try to get it in the hole; even has the slow-mo aftertouch).
  9. merman1974

    Wireframe magazine

    I am a freelancer, as I was for gamesTM. My first piece is the preview of Dicey Dungeons in issue 3, interviewing Terry Cavanagh.
  10. merman1974

    Wireframe magazine

    There is a new print magazine out there, from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Wireframe aims to lift the lid on gaming, covering it from many different angles. There are features, interviews, previews and reviews of current games, there are retro features, and in the middle is a special section dedicated to game development. From using maths in games to creating pixel explosions in the style of Defender, these articles are ideal if you want to make your own games or find out more about how they are made. Visit the website at: http://www.wfmag.cc Printed issue £3 every two weeks, there are some great money-saving offers on subscriptions right now. Issue 3 out this week.
  11. merman1974

    Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled

    I enjoyed it. Very clever how they made a virtue of the PS1's low polygon count - not enough to render arms, legs and full bodies so let's just design characters without them. Crash Team Racing felt VERY similar to Speed Freaks, including some of the weapons. I did like how CTR used the motifs/objects from the main games (crates, apples, masks etc.).
  12. merman1974

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Farming Simulator 2019 for the Commodore 64