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  1. Reports on Twitter that the XBLA versions have disappeared and cannot be re-installed. This is yet another reason digital/streaming is such a bad idea...
  2. Dumbo (2019) It was... OK. Not great, just OK. I was expecting MORE from Tim Burton, to be honest. The huge Dreamland "set" look amazing. Danny DeVito is on form, but even that role lacks any real bite. It's schmaltz by numbers, and the "pink elephants" homage seems completely out of place. Maybe it's because The Greatest Showman put on such a good circus first.
  3. So now I have moved in with my wife I need to get my gaming/emulation PC sorted. Thinking of getting a 4K monitor for PC and Xbox One X. Any recommendations in the 26-30" range?
  4. merman1974

    Google Stadia

    It's been interesting reading journalist Chris Scullion's response to this on Twitter. He is very firmly in the negative camp... ...and I tend to agree with him. Games aren't a service like the video streaming options, the financial model just doesn't work (unless you include huge amounts of advertising). And there are still serious doubts over the streaming speed/latency.
  5. merman1974


    Sega Master System - a visual compendium unboxing https://youtu.be/bDvv0SztPLo
  6. merman1974

    Burnout Paradise

    There are (limited) physical editions available online, but yes it's on the Epic Store and I did see it listed on GOG pre-orders.
  7. merman1974

    Burnout Paradise

    You are aware of spiritual successor Dangerous Driving from the ex-Criterion staff at Three Fields?
  8. merman1974

    TV Shows

    Loved the first two episodes of What We Do In The Shadows (spin-off from the film of the same name). Kayvan Novak as Turkish vampire Nandor, Matt Berry as Laszlo and Natasha Demetriou as Nadja - three vampires in a flat-share on Staten Island, New York. Filmed in the same documentary style as the film.
  9. merman1974

    TV Shows

    So, Veep is over. This last season was funny but had some serious pacing problems. Two time jumps (six months and then 24 years!) were squashed into the last episode, which was very funny but felt rushed.
  10. merman1974

    What's your....

    I have spent the most on Rock Band, but really the most I spent on a single game is probably trading in over a hundred quid's worth of C64 games in exchange for a Jaguar with Tempest 2000.
  11. Epic are *not* the good guys and never were. The fawning interview with Tim Sweeney in the last issue of EDGE really got my goat.
  12. So I went looking for a particular game on Epic Store the other day... They call it a storefront but that website is a mess. Links that send you round in circles and few visible prices.
  13. merman1974

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Series co-creator Ed Boon talks to Retro Gamer about the evolution of the franchise and MK11 in issue 193 (in shops Thursday, subscribers receiving their copies now. Also includes my interview with Stoo Cambridge).
  14. merman1974


    Helen McDonald - H is for Hawk (Costa book of the year winner) When Helen's father dies, she buys a goshawk and tries to train it. In returning to a childhood hobby and re-reading classic books on falconry, Helen deals with her grief and grows close to the hawk (who she calls Mabel). About a third of the way through and it's as brilliant as advertised.
  15. Tom Speight - Collide Debut album from this young British singer-songwriter, he worked with Olly and Gale from Turin Brakes on several of the tracks. He suffers from Crohns (like me).
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