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    TV Shows

    @radiofloyd Futurama is a good shout, that episode is amazing, in fact that series was probably Futurama at its best.
  2. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    I didn't mind LOST's ending too much. The last series was mainly trolling the fans but it was at least a bit bitter sweet.
  3. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    ...never finished it off...
  4. For me the biggest issue is Thrones is a show that has always excelled at character development and world building, partially because that is what the books (for better and worse) focus on, with some grand spectical used fairly sparsely throughout a season, coupled with for the first few seasons you didn't know which characters where going to live and die so there was some genuine tension to the show. For me, beginning with season 6 and getting progressively worse, it's gone from character development to character types (ie good and evil, loyal and deciver etc) and too many fan favourite character have plot armour or just keep coming back because we like them (Bron I'm looking at you). It's also shifted to too much grand spectical that comes at the expense of good story telling, sure it's exciting at the time, but it rings a bit hallow. That all being said, I've still really enjoyed it and it was satisfying seeing big events in this season that have been hinted at for years now. For me the last episode was the worst of the season and perhaps the worst episode of GoT, I'm not angry about it but a bit disappointed. It just wasn't very interesting, and didn't really sit well with the basic principles of how the show has worked throughout its entire run. For a show that had me literally on the edge of my seat shouting at the TV, it's a shame to see it go out with a whimper.
  5. Jimbo Xiii

    TV Shows

    Was going to put this in the Thrones thread but probably makes more sense here. I've been thinking of a list of shows I've watched that have had conclusions and trying to think where GoT fits. So I think in best to worst in terms of my enjoyment and satisfaction with the conclusion: Battlestar Galactica Breaking Bad Lost Game of Thrones I'm more surprised that I've only ever watched 4 TV shows, pretty sure there is more. I'll edit as they come to me.
  6. Memes you say? Also, this take on how it should have been 10 seasons.
  7. Please, let us not comic book another thread.
  8. I'd forgotten how many good exclusive games the Xbox has/had. Forza will always be my favourite and I still pine for a way to play those games (although not enough to buy an Xbox 1 it seems...). I will give a mention to Viva Piñata, both of those games where a pretty decent take on the Animal Crossing genre and I put a fair few hours in to both of them.
  9. Jimbo Xiii


    I lived with a guy for a couple of years at uni who was doing a music degree, I knew he'd done pretty well in the industry as a session keyboard player and playing in bands, but hadn't realised he was also doing his own compositions, and they they've been used in some pretty massive films! https://mattfoundling.com/ Both the recent avengers films have used his music, the new Mary Poppins and loads more.
  10. Would be cool if that was a Stark Foundation t-shirt.
  11. https://redd.it/bp084n Kevin Feige is doing an ama on the MCU subreddits in about 4 hours time, so might be worth a look in the morning.
  12. Jimbo Xiii

    What's your....

    Fighters to a competent level, not just mashing. Seeing and listening to people like @DifferentClass and @DANGERMAN talking about fighters make me wish I was able to get better at them but it's always escaped me. Also Bethesda RPG's and Western RPG's in general. I really like the setting of Fallout, Elders Scrolls and The Witcher, but all of those games quickly move past my ability and patience.
  13. All the keys are gone for the Android beta but there are some still available for iOS.
  14. There should be a setting in Safari to request desktop version. We don't have a desktop and mobile theme anymore, it just scales depending on screen size and what it identifies your browser as.
  15. This thing where the page jumps down when on mobile is driving me fucking bonkers.
  16. Jimbo Xiii


    Yep. It comes from watching poltergeist when I was about 5-6ish and then watching the original IT a few years later.
  17. Jimbo Xiii


    It's on nowtv so probably sky cinema if you can get on that? It was pretty good, but filled me with absolute dread, but that is more on me than the film.
  18. I hope they've got Shane Black in to write the script 😒
  19. Jimbo Xiii


    Made it 1 minute in to the trailer before stopping. IT will always be my nemesis.
  20. I was really running with this Wesley snipes thing.
  21. I don't think I like the look or style of it. It isn't my FFVII, but I hope it's good still.
  22. Why does Barret look like and sound like a fat Wesley Snipes in Blade?
  23. I dismantled mine the other day and blew all the air out (edit, yeah that's right, I blew all the air out, not the dust). It was caked in lint dust and fluff. I haven't really used it since as the controller pretty much died immediately, but the 10 mins of project cars I played was pretty silent, certainly seemed better than before anyway.
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