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  1. Urahara

    Free Simpsons Episodes

    Ive been on that tis amazing! Would recomend drawn together, so funny yet really random Will take a look at Ghost in the shell now
  2. Urahara

    I got my Wii

    Damn those wiis look good... When do you recon I could pick one up at its price of £180?
  3. Urahara

    Elite Beat Agents

    Last song on cheerleader now! It gets hard as hell on hard, but cheerleader mode is quiet easy to blast through, untill the last 2 songs. Brings back alot of memorys...
  4. Urahara

    Elite Beat Agents

    Just got it today, its fantastic! Was so happy to see that you can now skip the introductions of the songs, so you dnt have to sit watching the same clip over and over and over. The songs are really good, even the crappy oneshavnt botherd me, and the storys are just as good as ouendans. Thumbs up so far
  5. Urahara


    The band I'm in played a sort off mini-gig on friday night, Will see if i can get some footage or songs from there to post here. Went pretty well, but the party after was the highlight
  6. Urahara

    Elite Beat Agents

    Whats the difficulty like? Is it too easy after playing ouendan?
  7. Urahara

    Front Page **ALL MEMBERS READ**

    its amazig cos ray actually looks like this
  8. Urahara


    Anyone went to any good gigs resently? I saw stiff little finger on friday and they were awsome. 30 years or so playing and they're still as good as they were!
  9. Urahara

    42 All-Time Classics / Clubhouse Games

    Sorry, double posted. I hate hearts. Stupid game.
  10. Urahara

    42 All-Time Classics / Clubhouse Games

    The games great but I don't recon its a ten, 8 for me (so far) . For value for money tho, this game being only £20 is fantastic, and i would recomend to all those who havn't played yet.
  11. Urahara

    Front Page **ALL MEMBERS READ**

    Hendo wrote: I dont mind sharing my cloud for all others who can fly
  12. Urahara

    Front Page **ALL MEMBERS READ**

    wow, its just like i imagined!
  13. Urahara

    Ridiculous Bass

    Rancids pretty good for bass.
  14. Urahara

    Front Page **ALL MEMBERS READ**

    el Centy wrote: Once i make the picture im only adding new members to it not changing your bloody hair i know i have alot of free time but dont take the piss . Dont worry it will stick....
  15. Urahara

    Front Page **ALL MEMBERS READ**

    Yer, this is as close as i could get it really. Might change the hair or something in future.