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  1. Alright, calm down! Although I have just looked ‘em up. They did the DBZ Supersonic Warriors Games on the GBA. I had the first one, that was quite good if a bit mental.
  2. Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) First game of the year! Beat the story with 178 stars. Wasn’t sure it was gonna live up to its name early on, but it’s definitley a top notch Mario game
  3. This looks amazing, but most DBZ games I’ve played have been pants. At least by the time it comes out on the switch we’ll know if it’s any good or not.
  4. Not as interesting as I’d of hoped - not as good an announcement to justify the internet getting its knickers in a twist over. I was expecting some news on the Virtual Console, ideally GameCube games. Some good looking stuff but nothing new (from Nintendo anyway), and nothing about chibi-robo, what a troll that was!
  5. Did not know this was coming out! Glad I didn’t pick up Ultra SF2 now. Yea there may be too many versions, but I guess the novelty value is there. SF Alpha 3 is my favourite version ever, and I’ve always been disappointed over the years when they end up releasing shit versions of old Street Fighters. The first Street Fighter will certainly be a novelty - I have very caught memories of playing it in an arcade when I was very young. Cant wait to get back into Alpha Countering Alpha Counters again!
  6. If anyone’s interested my friend code for the switch is : 3960-9461-0228 Havent got any friends on my Switch yet, but If I get time I’d like to try some Splatoon 2!
  7. I refuse to do arcade mode below medium! Although i might have to to get all the characters. Done it with ryu, ken and blanka so far and got to seth with sakura. Can pan him in the first round but the he goes sick and theres no hope. I think the game is awesome, i was a bit worried it wasnt going to be as fast as alpha 3 but it seems just right after a few goes. Hate the way some characters just spam throws, gets right on my nerves! Had a few goes online but then my month sub ran out
  8. Mario Kart - Wii Mirrors Edge - 360 Tomb Raider: Underworld - 360 Call Of Duty: World at War - 360 Gears of War 2 - 360 Dash of Destruction - 360 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix - 360 Naruto: Rise of a Ninja - 360 Dragonball Z: Burst Limit - 360
  9. Forgot to post so far this year Mario Kart - Wii Mirrors Edge - 360 Tomb Raider: Underworld - 360 Call Of Duty: World at War - 360 Gears of War 2 - 360 - Only on normal so far
  10. I was going to jump online and give this a try now, but i cant find my free xbox live gold trial tickets anywhere! I must of had about two months worth - all gone! Ive got a feeling i stupidly left them all in one game case that i have now traded in. D'oh!
  11. I have been contemplating getting a PS3 for awhile now, and i too am torn between can i be bothered or not? Mymain issue (besides the cash) is having the time to fit playing on it in my busy schedule. I dont want to get rid of my 360, and i dont really want to part with my wii despite not playing on it properly for months. Im dissapointed theres no decent way for you to play online with mates on the PS3, one of the main reasons id like one is to play Battlefield Bad Company online with an old BF2 chum. Although online is free, which is good as i refuse to buy another gold sub as i dont use it enough. Besides this id like to try LBP, and im into my racing so the F1 games and Gran Turismo would suit me. (Although i thought F1 games were going to be on the 360 now?) My mate showed me the demo of Naruto Ninja Storm, and i must say its fucking excellent! PS3 only for that bitch. If it drops below £200 for a PS3 or i magicaly come into money then ill get one as the blu-gay drive would pretty much justify it at that price. Lifes a bitch innit?
  12. Whew! I havent posted here for ages! Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles - Wii Dead Rising - 360 Portal - 360 The Darkness - 360 Assassins Creed - 360 Rogue Squadron II - GC Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - XBLA Rogue Squadron III - GC Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - 360 Virtua Vighter 5 - 360 Arcade Mode with all Characters Super Mario Galaxy - Wii Grand Theft Auto IV - 360 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix - Like Ed said, its one for the list Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Over Hyped, but still an entertaining game i thought, worth a play.
  13. I was a big fan of the theme park games back in the day, sim city as well. Really good to relax and play. Are any of the theme parks or sim city's on the DS any good? I have a hankering to play some...
  14. I too am enjoying this game,looks and sounds fantastic! It too awhile to sink into it as i was a self confessed god on alpha 3 so this was difficult asits sooo much slower. Used to play Alpha three onthe highest speed or it just wasnt street fighter - Used to train on the japanese version, Zero 3, which wentup an extra two speed notches It is great though, havent played it loads yet. To fight akuma am i right that you have to not lose a match up to bison? I managed to get to sagat with ryu,but he beat me and i turned it off I found it easier to use the analogue stick, and by mapping heavypunch to the right bumper and heavy kick to the left trigger.
  15. Double Post FTW! A word of warning to you guys saving up the credit notes, in my work our credit notes are only valid for 12 months... so it might be worth checking if gamestation's notes run out. . . Otherwise you might have to get spending soon!
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