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  1. Centy

    1080 (N64)

    I think you need to tap Z just as your landing to soften it and make sure you're coming in at an angle where the back of the board hits just before the front. You'll get the hang of it eventually but the trick system is quite different to Avalanche in that they are far harder to pull off but much more rewarding when you can do 1080s. Landing is always about doing it almost dead straight there isnt the same wobble meter thing for crap landings like the cube has.
  2. Nothing huge but we got a Xmas vesrion of Crash but with a load of fairy lights and a christmas tree in the middle
  3. This is why no one wants to play with me And those 10 deaths at least 4 of them were suicides due to lack of ammo! Still loving this game though anyone still playing the 360 version still did you guys get the Christmas map?
  4. NICE! I probably will rebuy it but more than likely I'll flog my japanese copy first no sense in having 2 versions. I think that if they truely have reworked alot of stuff and added more characters it will be much closer to it's amazing big brothers on GC. Needless to say I will be testing it before I buy so i'll let you know what I think when it comes out.
  5. what the fuck. Yeah I forgot this thread entirely this month probably due to nothing decent being released so perhaps a compromise and say Metroid 3 that was just denied it last month should get it because it was up against some impossible competition.
  6. Centy

    I am Legend

    Saw this a while ago and have to agree with you guys the end was a bit of an anti-climax and it definently needed as ben said more depth to the level of his mental situation would have been great I think they did well taking alot of direction from Tom Hanks in Cast away. It just seemed the latter half of the film felt rushed suddenly there's new people then the shit hits the fan. The scene in the warehouse place with the Silent Hill esque infected standing around in the dark the air of fear around there was quite intense.
  7. I didn't like it they have strayed away from the clean easy to play style they had in American Skateland it just felt forced to me and the visuals are trying to be too nice and end up looking a bit crap. Though the trick system is spot on if they made an American Skateland 2 with this engine the better multiplayer and such then that would be awesome. Ill hit it on the head when you have to do all the stuff over again it just feels like a chore with little or nothing compelling you to do better save for the superior multiplayer.
  8. It's produced!? You make it sound awfully professional when you say that and with Sam involved thats unlikely
  9. Centy

    Halo 3

    Part Time Gamer wrote: I guess but hell it will give PS3 owners something to smile about as Unreal Tournament supports user maps and mods and other games to follow suit because the PS3's online system is alot better in terms of open ended developement. I just said something positive about the PS3 wow it must be xmas
  10. Centy

    Halo 3

    Still thats hardly fair that they are effectively forcing you to pay for what any other game gives you for free or is that a Live thing generally Pc games give out new official maps in patches but then we do have the mod community making customs but doesnt that mean you're getting shafted twice by being denied both.
  11. Centy

    Halo 3

    spatular wrote: Wait a sec hold up. You have to buy maps? Jesus do you have to buy stability patches aswell?
  12. I think this was enevitable, it was always the plan really and the site could have changed many times before but the balance of multiformat supporters seems to have shifted to the pro column. I think though, as much as I'm not happy about the change, now is the time to do it a new fresh place to talk bollocks over multiple formats . As for names how about happysmileytown.co.uk
  13. I do enjoy the fact that this is a mostly nintendo based site and that the 360 is probably the only other format that will be discussed. I think this could cause a bit of a split with those who don't have a 360 feeling even more left out than they are now. I mean DS chatter has really dived over the last few months. I don't have a Wii or a 360 and I won't get any good PC discussion going on since there's about 3 PC gamers here. So yeah I'm not against a multiformat site I just think I'll have much less to contribute because whatever way you look at it the 360 will be the dominant topic and it doesn't interest me in the slightest.
  14. Well I just about 10 minutes ago completed a game a very fucking hard game and I could only manage on easy. CONTRA 4 is done! I have never played such a 'kick you in the balls repeatedly' hard game in my life and it's fucking done on easy and now it's going to collect dust because I don't have the skill or pateince to try it on a harder mode. This game makes Call of Duty 2 on veteran seem like you have GOD mode :S makes Ouendan on cheerleader seem like Hannah Montana... well you get the idea.
  15. illdog wrote: Was it the hillside bit that killed you most I gave up Veteran mode right there it was just getting ridiculous and due to my temper my F3 key no longer works
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