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    Fwiw you've been one of my favourite forummers but it seems like every week for the last month you've got involved in an argument with someone. The only reason you've heard from me about it is because I've been on a lot recently, if I hadn't done it someone else would have Recently you've not been able to let anything go, you make things unnecessarily difficult whenever we do anything as mods. This for example, you've involved yourself in it for no reason, and pretended there's some sort of double standard. I'm fully expecting you to complain next time someone posts a rumour or leak from twitter
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    I have some relevant DMC Twitter news to share
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    Well,it’s finally out. I’m three missions in,and thus far,it’s off to a very good start indeed. It looks glorious,thanks to the RE engine. You start off as Nero,the only character that was in the demo. And he’s a riot to play as. I’ve never been a master of this series. I can throw down a few SS/SSS combos here and there,get the odd A rank from time to time. But I’ve long since accepted that I’ll never be a top tier DMC player. But that doesn’t matter to me. All that mattters is, “am I having fun?”. And thus far,DMC 5 is absolutely fun. There’s a ton of skills to play around with,the Devil Breakers add a new level of tactics to combat. I went for the Digital Deluxe edition,so have access to the Mega Buster from Mega Man. Which is definitely a favourite thus far. Now,on to the issue of micro transactions. A lot of people kicked off when it was announced this game has them. Jim Sterling has already said in his review that due to his standpoint,this excludes the game from “Game Of The Year” consideration,despite the huge amount of praise has for it. So,are they actually that bad in DMC? Honestly,no. They’re hidden away in the Menu screen,at no point are you obnoxiously told “Hey Kids,want to buy some stuff?”. And the prices of the items themselves,aren’t that much at all. £1.70 gets you either 3 Blue Orbs,or 100,000 Red Orbs. All of the reviews I’ve read have said you get more than enough without resorting to them. And I feel that seems about right. So yeah,it’s not the end of the world that they’re in this. There’s a catch up video that sums up important events in the previous games,which is pretty decent. It made me laugh that DMC2,the worst entry in the series,gets less than 10 seconds mention,whereas the rest get several minutes at least. So yeah. I’m excited to finally have this. Should be fun.
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    Wasn't Elvis meant to be a bit of a predator? I mean not on the magnitude of MJ, but there' was some dubious shit going on there. Why no calls for his music to be pulled? Maybe because there's a whole foundation of stuff resting on it making money? That estate is still pulling bank decades after the guys death and I suspect MJ's would be or will be too. I personally think that rights and likenesses and all that should expire so no money can be made for it years after the demise of the last creators. I don't see why people should be able to cash in on other peoples entertainment work miles down the line. That's an whole other argument though, one that will never come to fruition because money.
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    @shinymcshine yeah, there was squabbles over his estate as soon as he died, and they've released stuff to make money from his back catalogue. Maybe this is unfair but it does look like they're more interested in protecting the brand than a loved one's reputation
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    Go get the game then and show me Mission 19 spoilers Anyway I beat it now. It's great, the most open and expressive feeling combat the series has had. But I think DMC3 is a better overall package. I'm not decided yet, but that's my takeaway from this Devil Hunter playthrough. The pacing and balance was better in 3. The character moments were stronger (tho they are good here too). There's some wierdly OP stuff that certain characters get that fecks with things a bit that reminds me of Bayo 2 Most importantly tho this is a far better and more complete feeling game than DMC4 was. Comparing it to the reboot is harder. The fighting is much better here, but all the other stuff outside the fighting is better in DmC. This game also seems to take some ideas from that game with certain fights (like the one I put in a spoiler just above).
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    I think both are strong possibilities, to be honest. I can understand people thinking he was a fiddler, but the hardcore Michael Jackson fans who defend him to the hilt just worry me. I love Tom Waits, but I don’t really know the guy and wouldn’t immediately jump to his defense if he got arrested for something similar. You only see the side that people want you to see.
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    Posted in the For Free thread, but putting it here as well as I didn't realise Crackdown 2 wasn't backward compatible already.
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    Doubtful, as I'll be winding down my involvement here.
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    Crackdown 2 is currently Free on Xbox Marketplace. The first one is as well, and has been for ages.
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    I got to mission 16. Died to a boss and I'm too sore and tired now to figure out how to beat it. But I'm probably one session away from being done now. Right now I'm just using two weapons and two guns for Dante cause I don't want to get too overwhelmed with switching and new mechanics. There is so much in this game, like maybe four times as much as DMC3 and I'm not even done. So I'm just going to hang in my scrub corner just with the starting weapons for now. Even just the gauntlets are crazy, they have two forms and each form has their own swordmaster moves. Other weapons are like this too it seems. It's like a Russian dolls of demon ass kicking with Dante and he's not even the main character lol. (Also I feel weird about that hat weapon now. Not sure I want to learn it's secrets... )
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