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  1. Mods. Can we ban him please?
  2. it does seem like they've tried to make it as shit on possible on purpose and crossed the line where ironically bad is just plain bad.
  3. I think the dumbest thing Nintendo did was say Hyrule Warriors isn't canon. A game where all the timelines converged could have been a nice excuse to get rid of the 3 timeline split and make things more coherent in the long run.
  4. I think Winter is my favorite part of the game. Feels like Tomb Raoder.
  5. Pretty sure there's an item in it called "Bread of the Wild"
  6. OK, actual answer time then. I find it weird that you call your own theory lazy. Twice. I don't think it's particularly lazy, it's basically a riff on the Arthurian legend. There are loads of different versions of that depending on time and country. Personally I prefer the official timeline, whichever one we're on now. I think it changes every 3 weeks to make someone else happy. There's nothing wrong with the "bunch of lads sharing a tale in a tavern" framing, but I find the official story more exciting; from Link and Demise's first battle, the curse on links bloodline, the three souls linked together for eternity in a never ending conflict. It's poetic. It's like Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and Hath-Set in a way.
  7. This genuinely made me laugh. Not to go all PC Blakey on you but any reason this isn't just in the Gaming Shout Thread?
  8. Shantae belongs to WayForward already. She's their character.
  9. Rikzilla

    Resident Evil 6

    DMC2 did happen though https://www.giantbomb.com/devil-may-cry-5/3030-68910/forums/capcom-have-retconned-the-dmc-timeline-acknowledge-1861696/ Just finished Chris's campaign and it's starting to make the movies look not as bad ? Last 2 chapter especially were ridiculous.
  10. Rikzilla

    Random News II

    Probably the most perfect character to use in an endless runner. I'm probably going to give this a look.
  11. I picked it up back when it came out and never played it. No reason other than I didn't have the time to commit to anything like that, it looks massive. Still want to give it a try though. Has anyone tried Ashen? I keep meaning to pick it up on the Switch but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  12. Rikzilla

    Resident Evil 6

    Cleared two chapters of Chris's campaign and it is so stupid it's unreal ? It's got everything! Amnesia, flashbacks, air lifted giant troll monsters and parachuting Eastern European mutant boys! My friend and I spent the whole time cracking jokes about punching boulders. Playing more tomorrow and hoping to finish Chris's campaign.
  13. I've just been looking at GameCubes on ebay and holy shit they're expensive now! I bought one about 10 years ago for the girl I was seeing at the time and it cost me like £15 with a game.
  14. This makes me miss being drunk at rock clubs. Alestorm are always great for a singy dance along.
  15. Rikzilla

    Random News II

    I think that needs its own thread. Not a fan of these catch all threads if I'm honest.
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