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    I’ll take it
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    Champions Pubs is ace. Safe Cracker is an interesting table in that you are constantly adding time to the ball save, it's an interesting game that might find some fans. I don't rate Magic myself but a lot of people like it. Id rather of had Cirque Voltaire as I think that's the best "entertainment" based table going.
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    I have no idea what this is about but the cover is great
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    That moonwalk video would have been a lot cooler if the game wasn't out the same week as this Michael Jackson documentary I'm watching...
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    Just Cause 4 must've sold terribly. It's on GamePass, already.
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    I wish I could scrub my memory of this game and play it again. Top ten of the generation for me.
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    Price dependent I can see this doing well. I'd be tempted at the £125-150 mark.
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    I know you guys love my Gwent updates. I got 188 yesterday which beat my old high score of 184 and unlocked an achievement (for winning a round with a score higher than 187). So that was nice. Also, I think I have nearly collected all the cards in the game now. I have two cards left in Velen, five in Skellige and zero cards left to win from “players of no renown or title”.
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    I'm not going to say it's a terrible idea because I don't think it will do any major harm, other than possibly not make money (like, it's not going to damage the brand or anything), and if it's really, really cheap I can see an initial rush of people being tempted. I can see why they might try to sell a Game Pass box, however their current SKUs aren't exactly flying off the shelves, I'm not sure a basic Xbox, with no disc drive, is really going to tempt people, with the caveat of if it's stupidly cheap I can see it doing alright
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    Thought the first episode of new Partridge was ok, but was a tad disappointed if I’m honest. However, thought last nights epidode was bloody superb. Also started series 2 of Fleabag yesterday. Great stuff.
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