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  1. Blazing Bull? Blazing BULLSHIT more like!
  2. Yeah, same here really. It’s stressful enough trying to keep myself alive, yet alone having to worry about some market trader getting a cough.
  3. My understanding of dragon rot is it builds when you resurrect in any shape or form - this includes both the “press a button” resurrect AND respawning back at a statue. I’m not sure whether one is the lesser of two evils though. Basically, the only way to avoid dragon rot is simply not to die 😔
  4. "GRAND UPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sold!
  5. Had a great evening on this last night. Took down chained ogre, shinobi hunter, and another general. Plus, I got a few new prosthetic weapons, including the feathers. Quick question regarding the feathers:
  6. Might ring in sick on Monday and say it’s dragon rot.
  7. I’ve got as far as the ogre, but feel like I’m getting the hang of combat now. I have just been taking out grunts though, so I’m sure I’ll come crashing back down to earth before long.
  8. Yes, that as well 😆
  9. I think part of the problem with me is that I can’t yet shake off “souls habits” that I’ve picked up over the years. Fights seem similar on a surface level, but mechanically they’re a lot different. I’d be interested to see how a person who’d never played a Souls game before would fare with it. Quick question (it’s early game, but i’ll spoiler it just in case):
  10. SO. FUCKING. HARD. Died so many times on that General. I just couldn’t get that jump counter into my muscle memory and he just kept wrecking me. Doesn’t help that I’m trying to play it like Souls as I’ve no doubt that’s the road to ruin. Beat him eventually, but going to have to do a bit more sparring with that guy at the temple to get the feel of the combat more. Not entirely sure how Dragonrot effects things, but right now I’m dragonrotted to fuck.
  11. Cool. Post your thoughts somewhere as I really like the look of it, but can’t find any reviews anywhere (because it was a suprise release maybe?). Not content with just The Witness stretching my tiny brain, I decided to purchase Baba Is You on the Switch.
  12. No, me neither. Only ever done it once - my first playthough of the Bloodborne DLC was on NG+. After about three evenings trying to beat NG+ Ludwig, I caved in and summoned the NPC to help. My balls did indeed shrink slightly when I did this 😊
  13. Ha ha, maybe some macho cock flexing on their part. From what I’ve seen, people are finding it slightly harder given that you can’t fall back on summoning help or grinding your stats up like you could in Souls.
  14. So, the 2:00pm embargo end was bollocks as reviews have started to trickle through. And (from what I’ve seen) they’re damn good.
  15. I suspect that I’ll get totally wrecked because combat seems to have emphasis on parrying, which I’ve historically been terrible at. I’m hoping there’s not TOO much emphasis on stealth as well.
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