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  1. So I’ve been dethroned?! CURSES 😔 I’ll give your stage a go @illdog just to show there’s no hard feelings 😉
  2. Cheers mate, although it’s the little ‘un who made it so I’ll give him the plaudits. He had very little help from me, but I reckon he must have got some ideas from the YouTubers he watches. He’s had quite a lot of positive response about that level which is lovely. It’s great for kids nowadays - that they can produce something, publish it easily, and get feedback on it from all over the world. Nothing like that existed in my day. @Blakey Really enjoyed your stages. They were just the right level of difficulty - tough, but didn’t push it or take the piss so that they became unenjoyable. Took me a bit to get used to the cat one as I never played 3-D World, so wasn’t really sure how the cat suit worked. Cracked it though, so it’s all good. @OrangeRKN Good stuff mate. Was nice to have a proper razz about in the car. Previous to yours, i’d tried a few stages that included the car, but they didn’t implement it into the course design properly. Yours was the first to not use it just for the sake of it, and it actually played like a sort of 2-D racetrack. Enjoyed it a lot.
  3. Bought this the other day but barely had chance to play it because the little ‘un is on it all the time. Very impressed with it from what I’ve seen, so once I get a go I’ll try your levels @OrangeRKN and @Blakey Little ‘un uploaded his first level the other day if anyone fancies giving it a whirl. Code is: YCK-B96-RXG Please be merciful though, he is only 8 years old 😆
  4. Stayed up to watch BBC coverage of The Cure at Glastonbury last night - thought they were absolutely superb. Great band performance, setlist was brilliant, and Robert Smith was incredible - a true icon. Ha! I was guilty of this back in the 90’s - I’d only heard Friday I’m In Love and Inbetween Days. And then I bought Disintegration ha ha.
  5. Ha! Funny story..... It’s actually BEAST milk (crafting material), and not breast milk. I’d mis-read it (I WAS TIRED!) 😊 Quite disappointed really because I’d pictured having to fight a giant boob enemy in order to obtain it. Oh well.
  6. If you know, you know.
  7. Really need breast milk.
  8. So I decided not to get the Switch version and have just bought it on PS4 (partly because of the 30fps thing, but mostly because I’m an impatient bastard). Looking forward to starting it as I love Symphony of the Night, so more of that is very welcome. Also just found out that some abilities require Street Fighter style inputs to perform, which has got me quite giddy (but not quite sure why).
  9. Almost certainly going to get this. Can’t seem to find any reviews anywhere (presumably because of the launch day embargo), but it seems to be very positively received. Probably going to wait on for the Switch version though.
  10. Ah, cheers. I’ll pick that up then with a view to playing it at some point (maybe sooner rather than later if the Bloodstained RotN reviews are shit).
  11. Has Brigitte had any new nerfs with this latest patch? She’s been nerfed into oblivion since her initial release, but can’t seem to find any info on latest ones. Disclaimer - I think most of these were justified btw. For example, I cannot believe her shield bash used to only have a five second cooldown!
  12. For me it’s just been a big mixed bag. There were some bits of it I thought were absolutely brilliant (especially visually), and other bits which were just god awful. I certainly don’t think it’s the complete disaster that some are making out. I’m not one of those people who go “Well, I didn’t want that to happen, therefore it’s shit”. Sure, I understand people being personally disappointed - but it is what it is. There has been some pretty shitty writing and rather ropey dialogue throughout though, and that isn’t down to taste and shouldn’t be ignored. Like I say, a mixed bag.
  13. On the plus side, dance emotes are back 😊
  14. My favourite line of the whole thing was Arya’s
  15. Apologies if already posted.
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