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  1. Middle_Class_Hero

    Post your latest gaming purchases

  2. Middle_Class_Hero

    Soul Calibur VI

    So it is 😊 I honestly never noticed. Doesn’t seem right really, but it is what it is 😆 Whoever this “mate” is sounds like a pretty stand up guy. Clearly has really strong morals if he disapproves of Kilik pokey pokey tactics 😊
  3. Middle_Class_Hero

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Unfortunately not which is a bit of a shame. But to be honest, I haven’t got time to play all the new games I want to, yet alone games I’ve already played 😆
  4. Middle_Class_Hero

    Post your latest gaming purchases

    Bought Bayonetta 2 on Switch for £28. Well pleased as I was a huge fan of the original and missed out on the sequel due to it being WiiU exclusive. Only issue now is when the hell I’m going to have chance to play it. Still working through God of War, and there’s that cowboy shaped game just around the corner.
  5. Middle_Class_Hero

    Soul Calibur VI

    Really want to get this, but just got too many games on at the moment (RDR2 is looming as well). Will definitely pick it up at some point though as it looks great and the reviews I’ve seen suggest it’s a return to form. Last one I played was SC4 which I found to be a bit disappointing (although I forget precisely why). Didn’t get SC5, partially due to them cutting most of my favourites from the roster.
  6. Middle_Class_Hero

    Dead Cells

    Ha, ha - I know! It is quite satisfying booting enemies against the wall and watching them obliterate though. I’ve actually started using melee stuff (swords) a lot less now and tend to favour crossbows as my primary weapon up close. They tend to be slow, but pack a hell of a punch at point blank range. Closest thing Dead Cells has to a shotgun 😊
  7. Middle_Class_Hero

    Dead Cells

    Yeah, I've come to the same conclusion about the cursed chests. They're tempting because I don't like to leave stuff behind, however I die far, far more than I get good blueprints when I open them. The reward isn't really worth the risk in my experience. Also, I recently found out that you can smash down those "pay to open" doors, but you get a similar curse (30 enemies I believe). That shit REALLY isn't worth doing 😄 Another thing I've been thinking is maybe I should reign in the amount of weapons i'm unlocking, as it will be diluting my chances of getting the stuff I like and am effective with. Only problem is that the weapons in this game are so bloody cool that I want to see as many as possible ☺️
  8. Middle_Class_Hero

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I certainly prefer VII, but I like VIII a hell of a lot. I actually prefer it to IX I think (although, I appreciate I’m in a huge minority there). I know the relative enemy levelling up and stats tied to spells pissed people off, but I can’t ever remember being bothered by that personally. Story was definitely ropey in parts (it is a FF game after all), but I maintain that I felt much more invested in Squall and Rinoa’s relationship than I do most other gaming couples. Has been a while since I’ve played it though, I’m a little more cynical these days so might not get on with it as well if i revisited 😊
  9. Middle_Class_Hero

    Nintendo Switch

    Really pleased I got a Switch for my 40th now (only really asked for it due to lack of other ideas) as they've got some good stuff coming up. Also pleased they're going to keep supporting the 3DS as my little boy has just broke his, and I didn't want to have to replace it for absolutely no reason. PS - I've never really understood the malice poured on FFVIII, I think it's bloody great!
  10. Middle_Class_Hero


    From what I can remember the cannon packs one hell of a punch, but is quite impractical due to it using 10 (?!!) quick silver bullets per shot (so effectively you only get two/three shots with it). Been a while since I’ve played Bloodborne though, so I’m possibly (nay probably) talking bollocks.
  11. Middle_Class_Hero

    Dead Cells

    Barely used shields, in fact, I don’t actually know how to parry 😔 I do really like the freeze grenade but I tend to favour the ice blast. It’s got shorter range and smaller aoe, but it has next to no cooldown time so you’ve always got it available to slow enemies down. I picked up the blueprint for that last night. I’ll get cracking on unlocking it 👍
  12. Middle_Class_Hero

    Dead Cells

    Picked this up on Switch recently and think it's bloody marvellous. After a length of time where I had actually convinced myself that I was getting worse and worse at the game, I made some progress and got to The Clock Tower last night. Found a good load out with a BROAD SWORD - ICE BLAST - ARROW TRAP - CRUSHER combination. It was so good that I was even wrecking enemies in The Clock Tower with it, then I ran into an Elite...… 😞 I like that the game not only encourages experimentation, but practically forces you into it. If you don't get favourable drops you just have to make do and cobble a combination of weapons together, and sometimes you inadvertently stumble upon some quite good load outs (like I did last night). That said, what combinations have people been favouring?
  13. Middle_Class_Hero

    Pokemon Go

    Cheers manicm. Accepted your Friend Request. if you’re lucky, I may send you some poke-gifts from sunny Sheffield 😊
  14. Middle_Class_Hero

    Games of the generation (8 bit)

    Will do...... After Great British Bake Off.
  15. Middle_Class_Hero

    Games of the generation (8 bit)

    Arcade-wise, Taito platformers have a special place in my heart. - New Zealand Story - Bubble Bobble - Rainbow Islands - Liquid Kids - Wardner - Rastan Great to see Head Over Heels getting some love on this here thread. I’ll also throw Knight Lore and Batman into the isometric hat.