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Gears 5


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The very quickest of impressions as I've only gone through bootcamp (which I did in the beta) and played less than an hour of the campaign (as fucking work was calling)




Obviously the game looks stunning, Gears was always an Xbox showpiece and this is no different and on the X it sings... 60fps in campaign means it feels a little more spritely in movement too.


The first act has you controlling JD making your way through a destroyed Azura (from Gears 3) complex searching for a way to bring the Hammer of Dawn back online. It's a by the books start to the game... It's apparently chapter 2 where the differences kick in.




Shooting feels tweaked but still has that weight behind it and we still have the best headshot in gaming.?


I'm hoping this turns out to be an ode to Gears, I know we're returning to past area's, I know past characters are returning... I want lore from this game and answers.




Old man Marcus is such a badass.


I have a eight hour night shift that finishes at 7am, the missus will be leaving for work at 8am... You'd better fucking believe I'll be staying up until God knows when playing this tomorrow.?



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I’m now on to act 2, visually it’s good!! Very good!!! I’m on an Xbox 1s and it’s good! For me it feels a little slow....taking time to get into the game, I’m sure it will ramp up. Everything else is familiar and good!! Did I say it was good?

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You may have mentioned it @Manicm...?


I must've put in over eight hours today on various modes, mostly campaign but I've had an hour or two with KotH and Arcade mode multiplayer.


So far it's the story that's doing it for me, I'm loving how it's directly tied back to the previous games with locations and characters, found out a bit of back story with Anya which was something that really bugged me in the last game... And they're really painting JD in bad way here, the COG are definitely not the good guys. I'm only up to act 2 (got the skiff) and just sailing around seeing what I can see at the moment.


Unfortunately my multiplayer time wasn't quite as enjoyable, it seems a little flakey at the minute with an awful lot of people dropping out during matchmaking which causes the lobby to restart. Hopefully this'll get better with time... And I need time to adjust to the speed of this, it seems way faster than 4 ever did.












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39 minutes ago, mfnick said:

I was under the impression MS published games would stay on Game Pass permanently? 


I honestly have no idea... if that is the case, sweet.

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I was the same once, but having Game Pass and them recently giving away Gears 4 on GwG (so I could revert to the digital license) has made me realize how nice being a lazy cunt can be.

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Twice now I've had to reload current checkpoints because the next scene hasn't triggered. And just now it says saving content on the bottom of the screen indefinitely, so have had to load a previous checkpoint from 10 minutes ago.


Other than that, I'm loving it. Looks amazing on XB1X 4K HDR.



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18 hours ago, retroed said:

And just now it says saving content on the bottom of the screen indefinitely


I take back what I said, I've been hit with this multiple times today... It's really put a damper on the experience. I'm pretty certain it's a server side issue but it's having the effect of fucking up the collectable tracking and other stuff.


Such a shame as I'm really enjoying the story and the game itself.




They've come up with a nice way to get to fight some enemies that haven't been seen in a while... and if you look closely some of them are slightly different in a way that makes loads of sense.




I'm on to Act Three but I'm in two minds as to whether I want to restart now as all these lost collectables are really leaving a sour taste in my mouth.




Didn't manage to put any time in to multiplayer today either.?

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@illdog was saying he's been having quite a few problems. I've not had any crashes on pc, bar one area that hitched a bit I've had no issues at all in game. It does seem to take an age to get past the title screen, like it's going some snide server side check (in the sense that it should wait until I want to play online)


It's definitely a better game than 4 even if it ends now. It has started to throw up repeated enemy types with spurious reasons as to why they'd be there, but the combat still feels better than 4, I'm not sure about the robot's specials, I think I'd like more creatives moves from it that don't feel as forced. The gas for example, the shield boost needs to be quicker to recharge to keep the pace up in that area, exploring can involve a bit of waiting


I do think the writing is better than in 4, I'm still not sure the script is great, definitely better, and the characters (some of them) are a lot more likable. There's less shit humour, so far at least. I don't know if it's because I'm not versed in the lore but there's moments in the story that make me feel like I've either missed something or it's really not good writing. There's someone who dies, didn't know her and don't really care. One of the characters has done something terrible, it sounds like it's a big deal, but it didn't happen in 4 and they didn't exist before that so it's hard to care, it feels like a forced narrative and character change


I'm enjoying it so far, but it reminds me of Sands of Time in that the obvious end of sections and checkpoints makes me want to stop. I need to be pulled along in games, if I'm given a chance to stop I will, takes me ages to get through games like this

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48 minutes ago, DANGERMAN said:

I'm not sure about the robot's specials


I really like these, it kind of reminds me of the combat in Mass Effect where you could you use your teammates special abilities.


1 hour ago, Manicm said:

died a lot!!!


I'm playing on experienced and up until today wasn't having a bad time... that changed when I met the Matriarch.? 

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I’ve just got out of the gas factory and am loving this game. In some ways it feels like Gears just caught up with games from 3-4 years ago. In particular Uncharted 4 with it’s semi open area sections and bit more emphasis on cinematic scripted sequences. Which means it really doesn’t feel like the most innovative game in the world.


But at the same time everything it does do I think it does excellently and is firing on all cylinders. The guns feel great. The combat scenarios have been fairly diverse. I kind of feel like there’s too many guns and not enough reasons to use them, but I’m also playing on Normal so maybe in higher difficulties the advantages/disadvantages show them selves more and if enemies take more damage it’ll be nice to know where they’re lying around. 


I also really like the story and characters and think this is the best Gears has ever done any of this stuff. The end of act 1 I thought was actually quite gripping. I loved Lizzie. No spoilers but the whole thing that’s going on with Kait, maybe that’s a bit odd. It’s starting to fall into the realms of sci-fi that’s a bit out of Gear’s scope, but maybe they sell it better later on.


And it just looks stunning. All of the time. 


The only issues I’ve had with scripting is the AI. There’s one bit in the fishing village where Del just stopped moving I guess, and every time I got to the end of a section and it was about to load in the next bit he would teleport over but then just get stuck at the beginning of that section, too. Had similar problems in Act 1 when getting in and out of cutscenes and characters teleport to places they definitely were not. And sort of funny there’s a bit in Act 2 where you have to button prompt to get Kait to jump down a ledge, but she stood there for about 5-6 seconds thinking about it because the game wasn’t ready with the load.


 It’s not game breaking by any means, but it’s one of those areas where it’s like ahh. This game needs some work on transitioning from areas to area, or sometimes positioning in and out of cinematics. 


The next big, crazy things in movie like 3rd person action games/cover based shooters this is not, apart from graphically it feels a couple years behind. but so far it’s a really great one and I’m still liking it a lot as of Act 2 chapter 4.

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38 minutes ago, Nag said:


I really like these, it kind of reminds me of the combat in Mass Effect where you could you use your teammates special abilities.



Yeah, I want them to be a bit more useful, more than 2 at a time. Leveling a few things up might help 

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