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Found 64 results

  1. Craymen Edge


    Mutazione is a narrative game following a 15 year old girl who sets off to a distant town to visit her estranged grandfather, having received news he's on death's door. The titular town was once a busy place until several decades ago it was destroyed by a meteor, and which slowly mutated the people animal and plant life left. The game itself mostly involves talking to the townspeople and getting to know this community and their lives, planting musical gardens, and solving the mystery of the giant tree in the middle of the town which sustains the island. It's gentle, slow-paced and relaxing stuff, lasting about 5-6 hours. I had a lovely time with it.
  2. Firstly, I cannot believe that there isn't a thread for this game. I know people bang on an on about this game, so I thought there would be one already. I think it is kind of weird that one of the FF haters is starting this topics as well, but there you go. Right, lets get some things laid out on the table. I hate JRPG's unless they are Pokémon, as that's the only one I have been able to understand the mechanics of how everything works because it is nice and simple to learn, and hard to master. I really hate how everyone goes on about how awesome this series is, all I see is turn based fantasy shite populated by people who have hair the size of a fridge freezer. I had very low expectations of this game, I was expecting to play ten minutes worth and call it a day. However, I was wrong. After persevering with the frankly crippled controls outside of battle, I find myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. The backgrounds still look nice after all this time, and the music is really good so far. The FMV has also held up well for such an old game. the "in the field" graphics and animations are bloody horrible though, it is hard to tell what is happening sometimes as the polygons creating the characters wildly move around the screen. I'm also hating on the save locations, I really hate games like this that make you use save locations instead of letting you go into the menu and save. For all it's short comings, I am liking this game. It has impressed me more than I though was possible and I look forward to spending more time with it, if only to find out first hand what happens with the story. What are your thoughts on this game? Another thing as well please, can we keep this spoiler free? I know certain people die and that, but I don't know when or why, and I would like to find out for myself. Thanks.
  3. Manicm

    Pokemon Go

    I had a quick go as I walked to work, I really don't see the point, one of the guys at work is going nuts over it, took his 5 year old for walk at 2am to catch more, I did tell him I would call social services if he did it again!!
  4. radiofloyd


    It doesn't get more retro than a card game...right? Anyway, this is Blizzard's new big thing. It's a free collectible card game, with a Warcraft theme, currently in open beta. I've played the first three battles of the tutorial and I love it so far. It's not a trading card game, the only way you earn them is by winning battles. I'm going to play through the single-player and then head online, I can see this being addictive as hell.


    Someone in the Discord put me on to this. Devolver put out Witcheye on mobile, I've no idea if it will come to consoles at some point, I wouldn't be surprised but the touch screen is integral to the controls. You're a witch who has had all her stuff stolen, as he flees the stuff gets dropped around levels, so you (as the witch's eye) must go through these fairly short levels, beating enemies and bosses, recovering your lost items. Control wise its all done with swipes, you don't have to be touching the eye, you can swipe directions on the screen, press to stop your movement, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemies. Enemies usually can't be taken head on, so you usually have to get behind or under them to avoid damage. Touch screen controls don't make that sort of precision easy. It kind of reminds me of that era of DS games where you were getting things like Soul Bubbles and Ivy the Kiwi, where you were getting inventive games built around the touch screen. It really made me miss using a stylus though, it's just not easy enough to control for some of the boss fights. Unless I'm just old man gamer, which is entirely possible
  6. radiofloyd

    Darkest Dungeon

    Quoting the kickstarter - "Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring. Descend at your peril!" Anyway, it was funded for over $300,000 in March 2014, spent a year on Early Access and eventually released in January this year. It's due out on PS4 later in the summer. It got good reviews and and has a "very positive" Steam user rating with around 15,000 votes. I've played it for an hour so far, it's cool. The game is structured like Sunless Sea in that you have a base, a safe haven, where you can buy provisions, recruit new members, take on quests etc etc. You can only set out with a party of four each time, but you can have way more than four people hired. One of the things you can do in the base camp or "hamlet" is assign people to certain activities which will reduce stress (like dread in Sunless Sea). If someone is assigned to an activity, you can't take them with you on your next trip. I'm not going to drone on about the mechanics in the game, but it is pretty similar to Sunless Sea really. Combat is turn based. Your party stands in formation and different characters have a preferred position...it's not what it sounds like. Both yours and the enemies position will affect the range of your attacks. That's all I can say about it so far. I did the introductory quest.
  7. HandsomeDead


    Dunno how many of you are waiting for this one but hey ho. It plays like those old western RPGs I never played. Get job, go to place, kill baddie tell job giver. Or maybe collect plants and take them back to some dude. Fighting is done in the style of a FPS, its not like Fallout 3 though, this does actually feel like one, all the stat stuff behind the scenes is there but you don't notice or consider it mid battle like you may on Fallout 3. The AI is bollocks compared to what we have come acustomed to, missions and dialogue are given out in soulless text like it is in Marrowind and despite the great artwork it still feels far too brown. So why couldn't I put it down for hours? I'm not sure yet, I think its the looting aspect and the weapon collecting, because of the randomly generated weapons I'd keep exploring the area to find something rare and useful that I could show off when I do end up online. It is a stupid thing to be driven by but I'm loving all these juicy stats. Haven't tride the co-op yet, will do that around its general release.
  8. or Dragon Quest V as it was. I've only played about an hour, so in rpg terms I'm probably still well into the intro. In fact I'm a little kid at the minute and the box art shows you as a teenager, so I'm guessing there's a split at some point where you grow up. Gameplay is just Dragon Quest, except maybe even more (how to say this without it sounding like a dig at it)... quirky. As you walk along you get into random fights, in these fights you get a first person view with the enemies all lined up, then you select attack/defend/magic/items/flee/etc. Thing is, if you're faced with say, 2 slimes and a rat, you can select to attack the rat or both the slimes i.e. it groups enemies of a similar type so you cant choose to attack a specific enemy. It's not a massive problem, but it does mean that your damage is more spread out over multiple turns. I think it's probably because you're a kid early on, but you dont die when you're defeated, instead you keep everything you've earned and end up back at the town where you're told to go and rest. It's pretty good for easing you in, I doubt I'd have got through the first cave otherwise, but I still circled around near the town to get into fights (before going home and resting) to level up my second character. The scripts really good too, I've come accross a character who talks like the count from Seseme street, and a guy I think is supposed to be spanish, but his accent is italian I'm really enjoying it so far, I guess if you've played loads of DQ it's just more of the same, but I've only ever played 2 of them and never got all that far in either.
  9. Surprised I couldn't find a thread for this... It's been out a while and i'd eyed it up on other platforms but ever pulled the trigger, but finally bought it on the Switch and it's superb. It's a rogue-like where you keep pushing further through a dungeon, unlocking new equipment that makes your life easier for the next run with the big twist being that all movement has to be timed to music and monsters also have their own movement pattern to the beat. The soundtrack's superb as well. It has that 'one more go' factor, and it never feels unfair. I'm still pretty shit at it, and have only made it to the third area so far but it's still throwing numerous surprises at me even in the first few stages, and I can feel myself improving the more I play. It seems the perfect fit for the Switch - a game you can pick up and play for five minutes or a good long session.
  10. HandsomeDead


    I started playing this today and my day is just gone. Fuck. It's a digital card game in the vein of Hearthstone except the cards are made up of Capcom characters so that was enough to draw me in despite meaning to try one of these out for a while. I guess I just needed my interests tickled more by stuff I think is cool and not fairies and rogues or whatever. Since I'm new to this I dunno how it compares to others but I'm having a lot of fun. I picked Albert Wesker as my character and I'm enjoying being evil. The kinds of cards he has are about powering up defeated cards and turning the last stretch of the game on its head. I guess he might be a necromancer archetype. Sometimes I can't do it, especially against Ryu users who's decks are more about just getting in and doing damage and I can't get set up. But when I do, it feels pretty good. Towards the end of my session I did use what I'd accumulated to buy a load of card packs and I got some good ones but now I'm trying to build my own deck rather than the one you're given. The arts pretty nice. It does have that look that a lot of these games have but still somehow works and all the characters do seem to fit this theme, despite different origins.
  11. Very much impressed with Telltales output these days. Walking Dead is brilliant. As is The Wolf Among Us. So being a massive GOT fan, I was well up for this. And Episode 1 is a very good start indeed. Pretty important to state though that the opening section has a massive spoiler if you're not caught up to the events of the start of Series 4/Book 3. So be aware of that. It's the tried-and-tested Telltale format, which I'm perfectly happy with. You play as the Forrester family, and interact with a few of the series main fore-runners. After his frankly god-awful role as Ghost in Destiny, Peter Dinklige is back on form here as Tyrion. 5 more episodes to go, but this is a promising start.
  12. Sly Reflex


    Have you played Minecraft before? If it's a yes, you already know what it's about, probably best to click off the thread. If no, pull up a chair. Minecraft isn't for everyone. It's a very directionless game where outside the simple premise of building a house for yourself, you are free to do what you want. In the day time the game plays out as a building sim where you spend time harvesting blocks of various materials. You start off by punching them, but soon enough you are able to knock together a means which will allow you to make tools. Tools allow specific materials to be harvested faster, axes allow wood to be gathered faster, shovels allow dirt or gravels to be smashed u[p faster and so on. On top of that, each tool you make takes a durability hit each time you use it, although as you progress you can make better and better tools for harvesting materials that you couldn't previously. Of course, the more materials you have the more things you can make, and the more things you can make the more materials you can get. It's a vicious circle or harvesting and producing. At night you have one of three choices. You either hole up in the house or shack you managed to find or throw up before the sun went down and sleep the night off in a comfy bed, you curse yourself for over reaching yourself in building a house or you make equip yourself with the armours and weapons you made during the day time to try and endure the night. If you ended up doing the latter two options, you just entered the survival horror part of the game. They might be blocky sprites, but when you hear their howling or attack call it will make you panic. If you survive the night, it's back to the day time cycle. There are a lot of things to do, even outside of building massive houses and castles for you to live in. The beauty of this game is that you can play for one day cycle which is about 20 minutes from what I worked out, or you could play for hours upon hours. If I was to do some game algebra it would be Animal Crossing + Keftlings + Survival Horror + First Person Perspective + LEGO = Minecraft. It's something you should at least try the demo of and see whether you like it if you have not tried it already. You can have a good piss about before the demo ends and get an idea of what you are getting into. I personally didn't try the online part of the game, but I did grab about 40 minutes in splitscreen and it works really nice. The only think I do not like about it is that the menus have not really been optimised properly for a controller. The crafting part is fine, but just moving stuff about your inventory is a bit of a pain in the arse, I'm not sure how they could have handled it better, but I'm sure they could have done it somehow. It's made even more annoying by the fact that the hints and reminders are constantly pushing the inventory box to one side, it could have seriously done without that.
  13. Hendo

    Clash Royale

    This is quickly becoming my favourite game and certainly deserves a thread. Yeah, it's a free to play game with timers and in-game currency to buy. But it's also one of the best designed, most fun and well balanced games you're likely to play. In short, it's a real-time card battler that manifests as a tower defense game. However it's more like tower offense. You throw in cards from your deck to deliver troops and towers that will hopefully get through to the opponent's bases and fuck them up. There's a real stone-scissors-paper balance to how it all works and it is glorious when you devour the other side. When you win you get chests that can be up to 8 hours to unlock (or spend gems) and out of those chests you can get new cards or more of the same you already have which means you can level up your units, which also costs you. I've put a fair bit of time into it so far and haven't spent anything but I'm at the point where if it comes to it, I'll be quite happy throwing them a tenner for currency as I've spent far more on games that I didn't enjoy as much. In that sense, it's free to play done right.
  14. Gearing up my pc to be able to play this, been watching streams of it for ages. My pc is about 6 years old now or more and its got 4gb ram and a gtx570 so I've found 8 gb ram and managed to get a gtx 970 for 100 quid which should put me in a good position.

    Gunman Clive

    I've seen this game around quite a bit but not paid too much attention to it, but the creator started a thread on Gaf the other day detailing how it had sold. If I remember right the pc/mac version hadn't sold much at all, the ios a bit, Android a decent amount because it had been featured in the Staff Picks section, but the platform it had sold best on was the 3DS. Again it had been featured, still is under Winter Picks (or something like that), but the key thing for me is that it's only £1.99 It plays a bit like a not as hard Megaman, not that it's easy, just that it's not as hard as Megaman. You can jump and you can shoot, you can't shoot up, you can't shoot diagonally, but you can duck. The stages are pretty short, you're scored based on how quick you do them, and at the end of a set of stages there's a boss fight. The boos fights might be my favourite thing about the game, they aren't massively hard, it just takes a bit of old fashioned skill and patience to beat them. It does suffer the way Megaman did in that it's ever so slightly unfair. There's plenty of times where you'll jump, which will make the screen scroll forward, spawning an enemy to fire or fly at you and knock you to your death. You have unlimited lives though, it's just a case of starting from a checkpoint (more often than not the start of the stage). It's not very long, but apparently the 3DS version has extra stuff. It does look pretty nice, the 3D isn't too intrusive, and it is pretty cheap compared to most stuff on the 3DS
  16. spatular


    I don't know anything about the main game mode, only played the free battle royale rip off mode. Played that mode loads. It's a rip off of that playerunknown battlegrounds (pubg) game, I'm not too up on that game but the main differences I think are that there are no vehicles in this and you can build stuff in this. There's some controversy about ripping off the idea, and maybe some other stuff, I'm not sure really. I guess the first copies of something popular always get more stick. On the plus side this game has sold me pubg and I'll be getting it on Xbox. Anyway back to fortnite, I think it's great, especially in a team, you start in the party bus with about 100 people with only a pick axe, look at the map, pick a spot to drop in, if there's people going to the same place do you try to get there first and get a gun and fight straight away, or divert to somewhere else. the map constantly shrinks in size as the storm covers the island, loot is random. I prefer to start near the outside in usually less populated areas, running in with the storm there's less likely to be people behind you, but you probably won't get as good loot as if you'd gone to a town. When you see someone do you fight or hide, there's constant decisions like this going on, it's always different and often cool stuff happens. when you get to the end do you build a fort or try and hide. I'm not sure I'm really explaining it very well but then apparently loads of people watch pubg on the internet so everyone probably already knows. I think my friend said this, it sums it up well saying it's a bit like playing a zombie/apocalypse survival film. The building works well too, you can get some really impressive structures people have built at the end. Anyway yeah it's really good, especially for free. Anyone else playing it? Oh yeah I think I should give them some money, but currently I don't like any of the outfits and they're about a tenner each or something, which puts me off, if it was maybe a pack of 5 for £15 or something, and I liked a few of them, I think something like that I'd be much more likely to spend.
  17. Hendo

    Phone Games & Apps

    iPod Touch / iPhone Apps AroundMe [Find nearby banks, cafes, etc] Free BeatMaker [drum machine, sequencer] £11.99 Bloom [generative music] £2.39 eBay [shopping] Free Echofon [Twitter] Free | £2.99 Facebook [social Networking] Free Flixster [Movies, what's on, trailers] Free fring [instant Messenger, Skype] Free Google Earth [expanded Maps] Free iNXES [Xbox Live Friends List] Free Last.fm [Music streaming, Social Networking] Free MySpace [social Networking] Free Photo Swap [random pictures] Free Plaringo [instant Messenger] Free Pocket Gamer [app and game reviews] Free Stanza [eBook] Free TweetDeck [Twitter] Free Tweetie 2 [Twitter] £1.79 Prices subject to change.
  18. illdog

    Donut County

    Odd that Blakey just posted a picture in the Latest Purchase thread as I just finished this myself today. Its only a couple of hours long. The immediate comparison in my mind was Katamari Damacy where as you move something around and as you add to the thing you're moving it gets bigger. In this case it's a hole. The more that goes in the bigger the hole gets and the bigger the things you can swallow. It's more set pieces in opposition to Katamari's sprawling playscape and Donut County is much more story driven. Its about a racoon called BK and his pal, a young lady called Mira. Using an app on his phone that controls the moving hole, BK has basically swallowed up the town including himself and Mira. Turns out the Earth is hollow and all the townsfolk have gathered together underground to try to figure a way out. The levels you play are flashbacks leading up to the current event. In the levels themselves you move the whole around, swallowing things up. Each level is split in to little areas and sometimes the hole size resets, depending on the goal. Also there are puzzle elements. Like in the second level you need to launch a hot air balloon by swalling a flaming kiln. The hole then emitts hot air so you can lift the balloon and end the level. It gets more complicated than that obviously but you get the picture. BK the racoon is quite funny, he's a selfish cunt to comedy effect. The games humour continues in the Trashapedia which is basically a log book of all the shit you pick up with amusing(ish) descriptions. So yea, its nice. Looks nice, nice music. You know, nice. It's just quite short. I liked it though, my kind of game. Nice.
  19. I couldn't find a thread for this so decided to make one, a mod can merge or delete if it's an issue I'm in hospital recovering from spine surgery and my parents picked this up for me, it's the perfect game for post-op convalescence I think as the games take ages and it's all careful menu based stuff. Also I can't play that goddamn Pikachu game cause of the motion throwing ?? Had a go last night but found myself quickly getting myself into a housing crisis and a frustrated populace annoyed at lack of amenities. Then the fucking Aussies came and invaded my stagnant civilization and that was that. Started again now as Japan, trying to invest a bit more in culture and keep growth within bounds that can be supported. But now barbarians are taking advantage of my lack of military investment So it's still Civ and it's still very compulsive and addictive. The switch interface is very confusing at first but I think I've got it now. It seems to take a while to calculate turns so it will be interesting to see how it holds up in larger games with loads of civs It doesn't have online multiplayer it seems like.
  20. This is definitely one of the more unusual games I've played. It's a visual novel but set out in the style of a text conversation with some modern day smartphone features like pictures, GPS coordinates, maps etc. too. It plays out in real time (you can adjust this if you want to speed up the story) with you acting as Majd and typing his responses, chatting to his wife/girlfriend Nour. It tells the story of a refugee escaping the Syrian Civil War and attempting to travel into Europe so on the face of it you'd think the story would be pretty grim and dark, but it is often surprising how normal and down-to-earth the conversations between the two are, often making jokes, taking the piss out of one another and things like that but obviously dark subjects come up when Nour is in a dangerous area or is put in a dangerous situation and all you can do is wait until she comes back 'online' to ask if she's ok. The notifications on your phone pop up like regular text messages throughout the day and I have found myself compelled and caring for Nour and her journey, wondering if she's ok in between messages, I know it sounds a bit silly but after it feeling a bit of a throwaway game/conversation the first day or so it has grown on me and I find myself looking forward to the messages from Nour more and more just wondering what the hell is gonna happen next. Definitely not for everyone but for £3 I'd recommend it, definitely think it's worth a go.
  21. I don't really know how to give impressions on this game since it belongs in the MOBA genre and they are usually those Computer Games. You know the kind; billions play them but you never see them out in the street, irl. I guess they're inside, playing their Computer Games all the time. I should tell the press about them. Who knows what other degenerative stuff they get up to *shudders* But this one is on Switch as well so it must be cool and not have people who write things (((like this))) for some reason. Anyway! The game itself. I think I like it. Its made by a large Chinese tech company that bought Riot Games, responsible for League of Legends, and from what I've read it feels like that to play. It's designed for mobile so matches are a lot shorter. Around ten minutes. As I understand it a LoL or DOTA match can approach an hour(?) I could easily be wrong. The general impression I've always had of MOBAs is they are pretty much competitive Diablo from my perspective. You deal with that kind of gameplay, defeating other players and dealing with simple objectives that level you up on a game by game basis. Thankfully you can set it to be pretty automatic. Levelling up skills can be done automatically and buying better equipment can easily be done by setting an upgrade route and things get purchased as the money comes in. I can't put me finger on it at the moment; it's all quite new to me, but I do find the game compelling and I'm certainly into while in a match. I absolutely dominated on my first game, but I suspect it was everyone's first game and they didn't pay as much attention to the UI as me, because they weren't upgrading shit and just got slaughtered by me. In my second game, we won, but I wasn't dominating at all. To be honest, I solo'd the middle lane in that game and I think I held it pretty well. None of our towers got destroyed and they were double teaming me a lot. My stats didn't look good but that middle lane was barely touched. I still think I'm the best MOBA player.
  22. radiofloyd


    Gorogoa is a hand drown indie puzzle game that has been in development for years and years and was finally released today. It's gotten some very good reviews. Basically the game involves you interacting with pictures and moving them around in order to cause something to happen or open a way forward etc. It starts off easily enough but soon gets devilish. I've played it for an hour but am well stumped on Chapter 3 so I've taken a break, but I won't give up... Lovely game so far.
  23. Hendo

    Fallout Shelter

    Let me tell you the story of Vault 111. In the beginning, there was Vault 489 and it was a happy place. For about 30 minutes. It turned out that the Overseer really didn't know what he was doing and had badly misjudged how much power he needed and sent too many of his people out into the wasteland to forage instead of looking after the vault's meagre power station, canteen and water system. So the people left in Vault 489 were pretty much fucked. The Overseer being a heartless bastard abandoned his people and left for a bigger screened vault to look over (albeit with slower, more sluggish technology) and opened Vault 111 to the world. He was expecting maybe a round of applause or special item for naming it 111, but sadly that didn't happen. Everything was going pretty good. The people were happy, the vault was improving all the time. People went out looking for goodies while others stayed behind and looked after the vault, then everyone was called back to work together and help with booting out (or straight up murdering) raiders who broke in, killing giant roaches who burrowed in or putting out random fires. The Overseer paid special attention to hooking couples up in the private quarters and watching them pair up to make new little survivors. Of course the pregnant vault people were pretty useless in a fire or fight but could do any other job the Overseer told them to do. After a certain amount of time (approximately 3 hours), the pregnant survivors gave birth to little ones who would take the same amount of time to become an adult. The Overseer spent this time shouting at his control screen demanding the rubbish ankle biters "hurry up and drop your balls, for the love of Christ", as children can do absolutely nothing but wander the vault smiling in their stupid smug manner. The water, power, canteen and even the vault door got upgraded and everything was going well until supplies were running low and that stupid child wouldn't grow up quick enough and the other pregnant survivors weren't popping soon enough and people started getting sick. Then the roaches came and the Overseer pretty much gave up. About 6 of the 16 inhabitants died before he gave up, turned his control screen off and refused to go back to the vault. I'm sure later on he'll arrive at a new vault and start the whole process over again. With a new goal of seeing if he can cause incest, seeing as the men and women in there will pretty much fuck anything after a while.
  24. illdog

    Secret of Mana

    Cleared some space on my Wii for this most precious of gems. Looks awfull on the 42" but fuck it, i love this game from the bottom of my asshole. Im really interested to hear from someone who has never played it becaue my rosetints ae welded to my face. I love the soundtrack so much, honestly, i ony got to my first oppertunity to save and i had a massive boner. Even when you save it the music is awesome... Im gonna bum this hard like i do my girlfriend when she's asleep.
  25. Never got into AC before and will see how this one goes. Its basically about collecting and building up a campsite right? Not sure where the satisfaction is yet but will give it a bit more time
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