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  1. seemingly the gaming press' favourite game ever, and it's actually not bad so far. As a highlight from the first 3 levels I've done, I jumped out of a plane and caught a girl, then as we were parachuting the plane tried to ram us, so I told her I was going to shoot the window, kill the pilot, kick the bad dude in the face, grab another parachute then jump back out of the plane and catch her again. Sure enough that's what happened and it was fucking awesome Beyond the set up things I'm less convinced. The gun play is fine, though it could do with more aim assist I think, and a melee attack button would be nice rather than having to switch out (which is admittedly just a button press). I've yet to do any real GTA stuff, a few minutes driving but that's about it, but I should be at that point now. One problem I have encountered, and I think this is down to A. Playing via OnLive and B. playing via OnLive wirelessly. The driving wasn't great. You aren't punished for killing people, or at least I haven't been, nor for accidents, but I found myself correcting a lot and having crashes caused by the AI drivers. But yeah, compared to the rest of the game it was very jerky (though it might also explain the feel of the shooting) I can see why people love it and I'll definitely be putting in a bit more time over the weekend
  2. HandsomeDead


    I've just done a journey in Journey and it's... just what I expected. Flower surprised me. With Flower I got it maybe 6 months after it came out after listening to game critics swing a gladiola around, waxing lyrical about how emotional it was. I was unsure of that myself but I was surprised to find myself thinking it was a rather fun game. It had a sense of freedom which was really enjoyable. Journey is exactly how I imagined, which is weirdly disappointing. Now Journey, I think it's less game-y than Flower. Judging by the lack of trophies I picked up I guess there is more to the exploration than I saw but it still feels a little lacking. I'd of liked more to do. Though there are times where the pace picks up and some Flower style fun turns up. It's actually really well paced come to think of it: quiet, fast, tense, back to quiet and all that. I had the multiplayer turned on so I could be visited and it did add something to it.. I'll hide this stuff just in case. Thinking about it now, I suppose I like it more than I think I did while playing it. There's an issue with the price and if you want my tuppence I think it's only worth if you do really want to play it. I don't think I'd try and get anyone to get it if they were unsure. I didn't think about it a great deal. I saw it ages ago and liked the look of it, and then I just thought "fuck it" and got it. Best way I think, sometimes.
  3. This must be the hardest game to give impressions to. It's a sort of open world, crime investigation, almost survival horror that was made on the same budget as my woodwork project at school. It's kind of good. This game is ugly, I'll get that out of the way, but the game knows it and often plays that to its strength, the puppet-like animation makes the comedy moments genuinely funny. The weird, uncanny smile Agent York (the lead character) gives when he's trying to be sincere is proper lol worthy, especially when it's combined with that whistling tune which I'm sure will end up being very iconic in videogame music. But it's not all laughing at the technical incompetence of the game, because somehow, it does manage to be successfully creepy, and the mystery itself isn't massively tacky, the characters perhaps, but plot itself is compelling. For some reason there are zombies (I'm sure there is a reason) and that's all I've been shooting so far, it plays a lot like Resident Evil 4 but not as good. And the open world driving stuff? That's the only thing I have a problem with, it's slow, handles both sluggishly and erratically at the same time and you have this 16bit drone as an engine noise. Only the banter York has with Zach makes the trips worthwhile. What's Yorks favourite Tremors film? Play it and find out.
  4. No impressions of this? I thought some people had it. If you don't, well you should. This game is pretty damn amazing. I think if you played Origins you'll know what to expect when it comes to the normal platforming levels. You sprint, jump, punch and bounce your way through a bunch of levels that make some pretty creative use of Rayman and the gang's skills. Of course, it looks amazing, again, with those lush hand-drawn graphics and it has some of those funky ditties again. But there is new stuff. You have music levels which are awesome. It's a shame there are only one per world as I'd play the heck out of a game that was just all these; they're just so much fun. I guess they're not unlike the levels in Origins where you chase the sprinting treasure chest but seeing the levels and the enemy placements sync up with the music as you take them out just adds more of a silly playfulness to it, and they are really imaginative with it, too. The other thing they have which I think is only on the Wii U version which I played is having levels where you take control of Murfy, a new wee flying fella with a big underbite. They are controlled solely using the touchscreen of the Gamepad and you basically interact with the environments with it. Like you move platforms around so an AI controlled Goblox will navigate the level. Early on they're not great but they do build into something a lot more interesting, and again, there is some real creative stuff going on with this different way of playing. Though some of the final levels have it fall apart slightly where Goblox will just do dumb things and get himself killed when you do the right things... it's like the levels get a bit too complex for the AI to handle. But over all, it's amazing. Maybe the lows are lower than Rayman Origins but I think the highs are much higher than in that. It still manages to be surprising despite being a strict follow-up and it is just one of those games where you can tell everyone working on it loved working on it; you can tell, it just pours out of the screen.
  5. I'm going to start by saying this is no way a 4/10 game. I know I'm a Castlevania fan, I know I liked the first Lords of Shadow when others didn't, and I haven't finished this yet, but it's really not that bad. The fighting is fun, it flows better than the first game, it's a tad more forgiving too, a bit like DmC compared to the old Devil May Cry games. They've introduced a mastery system, the more you use a move the more you fill it up, once you do that you empty it to increase your mastery of that weapon. I'm not entirely sure what that does tbh, but it encourages you to use the moves you've unlocked. Which is the point I was going to make about the combat, you can tell it's easier because you can choose what move you want to do rather than just hammering whatever's effective The platforming is fairly simple, occasionally there'll be hazards you have to avoid, these could be clearer, but at least it's got something to it. I've also found odd occasions where it's not always clear what you're supposed to do, one of them was simply because I wasn't on the exact spot I needed to be so the jump point didn't highlight, although the one I couldn't possibly reach did. It's not just the platforming that suffers from a lack of clarity either, the boss fights can sometimes, but it's really the stealth sections. The stealth comes in 2 types, ones where there's guards and you have to distract them, posses them, or turn in to a rat to get around them, these are more common. In theory having a change of pace where you have to use your brain is a really good idea, but they're awkward and messy, and just not all that interesting. The other type involve key characters hunting you down, one of them was deemed bad enough it was singled out by GamesTM (I think), I didn't think it was that bad but I'd accidentally read some advice. Certainly it wasn't fun, parts of the ground made noise that gave away your position, a combination of Dracula's loose control and the collision detection on it meant it was a bit clumsy, but I did it in 4 attempts. Certain bits have been great too, When the script is good Carlyle is good, his delivery of "god failed" is great, shame some of the rest of the script and acting aren't quite so great. Anyway, video here, which looks worse on youtube that it did before I uploaded it. The original file was something like 40GB though, so y'know, you can't have everything
  6. Reviews: 1up - A GameInformer - 9.5 Nowgamer (PS3) - 9.4 Nowgamer (360) - 9.3 CVG - 9.2 Gamestm - 9 Eurogamer - 9 Anyone picked this up? For PC or console?

    Ni No Kuni

    Tidy! Takes a while to get going, but while it's doing all the story stuff at least it's nice to look at. Before you 'properly' start the game you get some story about Oliver and why he's going to the Another World, you get to run around in Oliver's world for a bit, and it's nice to see a relatively normal world done in this style in a game. It's not long though before you're taken to the other world and you say goodbye to your prick of a mate and form an abusive relationship with an emotionally crippling welsh thing. I really like the character designs in this so far, they suffer a bit like Dragon Quest/Pokemon in that some of them look like skewed real world creatures, that's a bit cliche. Some of them though look unique, which makes a bit of a change, and might be Ghibli's influence. The fighting is decent, but a bit easy at the minute. So long as you aren't performing a move you can move about in the battle arena which means you can dodge attacks (presuming you're quicker than the enemy). You can choose what to do, so attack, use an item, use magic, all of these have a cooldown of sorts. For the first hour or so you'll pretty much only be able to attack and defend, attacking doesn't have a cooldown as such, instead you continue attacking for the certain time. I've put a couple of hours in and have a familiar now, a little guy who is better in a fight than Oliver (though Oliver's magic is more suited to some enemies). He has his own special move but it costs quite a lot of magic, which you share (same with health), he can also only stay in play for a certain amount of time before you have to switch him out. I assume it'll get more complicated later once you can have more than 1 person in your team and familiars with differing strengths. So far though the closest thing to strategy is gambling on using your magic and health, enemies drop health/magic orbs that recover a bit of either. It means that getting in to fights is sometimes worth doing even if you're low on health, and it means patience and picking your attacks is more important with bosses. So far it's good, and I'm very much still in the early stages even though I'm a couple of hours in, but it's far too easy at the minute
  8. Cyberpunk

    Grid Autosport

    I've just been playing Grid Autosport. For some reason, my Steam copy unlocked early, but who am I to complain? Anyway, I'll write a better write-up later, but I can say right now, GRID IS BACK!!!!! Gone are the shoddy driving physics of Grid 2 (It doesn't matter what you drive in what event, it'll drive like Ridge Racer). This thing drives just great. I've only done a small season of Touring, and a few Street races so far, but I'm hooked. There are five styles of driving on offer here. They are Touring, Endurance, Open Cockpit, Custom, and Street. Touring is (of course) Touring cars. Endurance is the longer races where tyres, and pit strategy matter a lot. Open Cockpit is the single seat race cars, sort of like Formula 3. Custom is the loud brash street car events, such as Drift. And Street is racing on city streets in everything from Hot Hatches, to Super Cars. The game is much more simulation orientated, although not full sim, and it can be toned down for more novice players. It has a level up system which can be accelerated by turning off driver aids, and flashbacks. Driving with full damage turned on can leave you struggling to control a car after a nasty bump. In the Touring races, it has an interesting penalty system if you cut the corners, whether it's on purpose, or if you're shoved over by another car. The game cuts power to your car for a second or so, with a longer pause it you're taking the piss. I thought it cool.
  9. HandsomeDead


    Dunno how many of you are waiting for this one but hey ho. It plays like those old western RPGs I never played. Get job, go to place, kill baddie tell job giver. Or maybe collect plants and take them back to some dude. Fighting is done in the style of a FPS, its not like Fallout 3 though, this does actually feel like one, all the stat stuff behind the scenes is there but you don't notice or consider it mid battle like you may on Fallout 3. The AI is bollocks compared to what we have come acustomed to, missions and dialogue are given out in soulless text like it is in Marrowind and despite the great artwork it still feels far too brown. So why couldn't I put it down for hours? I'm not sure yet, I think its the looting aspect and the weapon collecting, because of the randomly generated weapons I'd keep exploring the area to find something rare and useful that I could show off when I do end up online. It is a stupid thing to be driven by but I'm loving all these juicy stats. Haven't tride the co-op yet, will do that around its general release.
  10. Just played the PC demo and its fucking intense to say the least but it's also very nice looking and the guns feel about right. I know this was beta tested on the 360 did anyone play it? is the XBL demo out yet to try?
  11. Got my copy through the post today from Simply Games, after I finished installing it I dived straight into the Multiplayer, pretty good, incredibly addictive as always, and extremely similar to the beta a few months back, I'm nowhere near as good as I was in AW unfortunately, and have only had a handful of games where I've got a positive K/D ratio but I'm still enjoying it, was mostly playing Ground War (alternating between Safeguard, TDM and Domination). As I've got limited time for this before F4 on Tuesday I don't really know what to do in it, I was hoping to Prestige it by Tuesday but there's seemingly no 2XP so that'll be quite a difficult task, I've only levelled up to Level 10 in 3 hours so it'll take me another 20 hours at least to get anywhere near Level 55, so I may just pack it in and make a start on the campaign or try out a bit of Zombies. I briefly tried to start the campaign today, just as an experiment to see what happens on the matchmaking side, pleasingly it does have matchmaking in co-op which means I can play with randoms if needs be if/when I eventually get round to playing it.

    Diablo 3

    Diablo 3 had an open beta last weekend, a stress test for the servers, but there's was a decent amount of game to play through It's Diablo, point where you want to walk to, click on enemies to attack them, hit your hot keys when your specials are charged, pick up loot. I'm not sure why these games work, and I'm not sure why Diablo and Torchlight work better than Dungeon Siege. I only played as the barbarian, with these kind of games I tend to find I get swamped, so playing as the character best suited to close combat suits me, but he does seem a lot less interesting than some of the other characters. I will say, and I know it's very early in the game to make any sort of judgement (you play the first act), that it hasn't grabbed me as much as Torchlight did, but it's still enjoyable and hugely compulsive. It's quite easy too, apparently that's just how Diablo plays, and I certainly wouldn't want it to be too hard, but it was only on the boss fight that I had to use a health potion. The problems though, the game has to be connected to the net at all times. It doesn't matter if you're playing single player with no intention of ever taking it online, it needs to be connected to the net. And not just connected in a casual way, checking in every now and then, it seems to be virtually running the game from a server. What this means is that if the server is busy you get lag. Click on an enemy to attack and either you wont perform the action or you will and the enemy wont react for a second or so. You also get put back a few steps from time to time, like you've unsynched with the server and lose the last couple of seconds of play. There's also the obvious issue of this meaning you cant play the game if your net, or Blizzard's servers, go down. I think this is due to the auction house for loot that allows real world money purchases. I get that being offline runs the risk of people hacking the game and selling created weapons when they get online, but I'd happily take the option of never being allowed to sell stuff in exchange for being able to play offline. All this could change as it was a beta, and the lag might never be a problem again. Although I suspect the launch weekend could be a nightmare. Shame because the game itself is very good
  13. If you didnt like the one before then you wont like this. If you liked the one before then you'll love this, miss the cell shaded graphics but appreciate how much they've tightened the controls. Truly the Prince has never moved so freely. Wall runs are executed at almost any angle as long as your vaguely pushing in the right direction and pole hoping is simply pushing in the direction of the next obstacle and pressing jump - he does the rest himself. The hook of the game is an impressive one - the use of water. Holding the L button freezes time and makes water solid, meaning you can swing from jets of water from the walls and climb springs that burst from the ground. Some of the way Ubi have implemented the water as platforming puzzles is nothing short of genius and in turn makes you feel like one when you flawlessly cross a tricky looking cavern. The R button is your run/climb button so at times your playing with both Triggers held down and it takes a few goes to get used too. I wish it had the graphical style of the previous effort, this one with its 'real' people comes over a little wooden, but to be fair with the platforming so good its not really an issue. Ive just done a really impressive section in The Observatory but i had to stop and come to work, but all i wanna do is play this. Brilliant stuff so far.
  14. Hendo

    Burnout Paradise

    This is looking and sounding ultra sweet. Anyone excited? A sandbox racing game? It's gotta be at least worth a look! Anyway, there's a demo coming next week! Click me. Could be just PS3, just 360 or both. Me wanty.

    Borderlands 2

    I've put about an hour or so in to it so far, so far the opening is much better than the first game. In the first game once Claptrap had led you to the first town the first few quests all involved going to the same couple of places, this might yet be the same but it feels a bit more tunnelled so you see new areas. They seem to have done a bit more with the incidental characters too, the quest givers have got more than 3 lines now. The enemies bounce around more than they used to. The bandits roll to avoid bullets, and the bullymongs (a bit like skags only bigger and faster) jump around. It's quite hard hitting them regardless of the accuracy of your gun, and letting them get in close with a slow reloading shotgun is a bit risky. It runs well on the pc, but the unreal engine load in is still there, more often when you open a box and the bullet/money textures need to load. And on that note, things like changing what the boxes look like was a good way of making it feel fresher than the first game, and you start in a snowy area rather than another desert area
  16. Very much impressed with Telltales output these days. Walking Dead is brilliant. As is The Wolf Among Us. So being a massive GOT fan, I was well up for this. And Episode 1 is a very good start indeed. Pretty important to state though that the opening section has a massive spoiler if you're not caught up to the events of the start of Series 4/Book 3. So be aware of that. It's the tried-and-tested Telltale format, which I'm perfectly happy with. You play as the Forrester family, and interact with a few of the series main fore-runners. After his frankly god-awful role as Ghost in Destiny, Peter Dinklige is back on form here as Tyrion. 5 more episodes to go, but this is a promising start.
  17. I wanted to start this thread mainly so "run" could be in the sub-title bit, and maybe a video, but that bit has gone so i'll have to type something about the game i guess. i'm quite far in, about 3/4, wasn't enjoying it at first, there's lots of story/unnecessary stuff at the start, and i was just hammering the same button to win (playing on easy), but as the games gone on it introduces new stuff at a nice (in this case slow) pace and forces you to use different attacks/mix it up a bit, so i started to have some more fun with it, to the point i'm enjoying it now, it's fun. Even on easy it's not so easy you don't have to think about it, you don't have to think much mind - just enough to make it fun. the controls could get confusing though, there are a lot of button combos you need to know, but the slow introduction of new stuff helps here and i haven't struggled too much with the controls. there's lots of platformey type bits which mix it up a bit, they aren't bad but aren't particularly good either. so yeah good stuff, after a slow start imo anyway.
  18. Hendo

    Puyo Puyo Tetris

    I just realised we don't have a thread for this. It came out in Japan in 2014 but only came out over here last year. As you can see by the tags, it's out on pretty much everything bar PC. For anyone that doesn't know, Puyo Puyo is Mean Bean Machine and it mixes that with Tetris. The game modes are insane. You can play against people playing one style while you play the other one (or the same if you like), you can play a weird hybrid mode where the two styles are combined and you will get Puyos and Tetris pieces in the same zone, you can play an alternating mode where you play one style for say 30 seconds and then it switches to the other style, or you can play a puzzle mode where you have to fill in certain puzzle shapes. I played quite a bit in multiplayer over the Christmas break and it gets really fierce and fun. I wouldn't recommend playing online against randoms because fucking hell. You can view replays of other people playing and they are like machines.
  19. Jimbo Xiii

    Fallout 3

    Because I've completed all my games I thought I'd pick this up while it's £29 at Jamie Oliver land. It's immediatly more enjoyable than oblivion and has a nice feel to it. The menu's seem a little overly complicated but that'll be because I'm not used to this kind of game. Stepping outside for the first time was a bit of an anti climax for me as it was pitch black so the scale of the wasteland couldn't be worked out! Duh! So I stumbled around in the dark and eventually came across a house with a really angry woman inside. Stole some food, asked her if she still worked as a prostitute, made my excuses and left with her HD ready tv under my arm. Only bone to pick so far is about the 3rd person cam, it sits around 1/2 a mile away and can't be controlled in any way. The screen shots show over the shoulder GOW syle view point. So say I cange clothes I can't get a good look at my new threads or to see how cool my female charector looks. I'm building her up to look like Tank Girl. Definatly recommend Fallout 3, but best to approach it open minded.

    Saints Row 4

    I don't think there's a thread for this, either everyone who bought it posted in the SR3 thread or no one played it. Either way it's free on steam this weekend (added to your library) and so far it's pretty good. There's loads of systems in it now, I'm not entirely sure how they're all earned. You still level up to some extent but it doesn't really affect anything, you need to buy the stuff you unlock so you need money, by the time you've got enough for anything you've levelled up any way. You've also got super powers, powering these up uses some other currency that I always seem to have loads of, not sure how I'm getting it unless it's collecting the orbs dotted around the city, but while you might have 50 of them, a new move will cost 15 or 25. It always surprises me how linear the Saints Row games are at the start, it's a fair amount of time before you get to just wander the city doing what you want, and it's worth staying on that path a bit so you get the super powers, which makes everything else easier. The game feels a bit tighter too, the gunplay is better than I remember it being, the platforming works ok considering, it's a well made game so far
  21. dante76

    Eternal Sonata

    So off the retro thread for a bit, distracted by this in the game sale, along with lots of other stupidly long JRPG's. Like I have the time to play these... Anyway, so apparently I'm in the dream world of Chopin surrounded by hippies and powder sellers, who are being repressed by the 'man' and his cheap powders. Probably influenced by Hair. It looks beautiful. Its really good to see some colour in games. Bright blue skys, green fields and trees, clean white clothes. The actually game mechanic is quite good, and a novel change from the line and get hit route of FFX, Dragon Quest etc. Not to difficult, and the use of button pressing to block, along with timed movement keeps you constantly involved. On the down side, the pacing is really slow, the cutscene's are Metal Gear Solid length and the enemies currently arn't very diverse. I'm currently on Chapter 2, and it appears that this isn't an acheivement whore game. I think a few other people on this forum have given it a go, so I'll keep you posted.
  22. Im despairing alright because im pretty sure no-one else here is going to buy this game and it doesnt really work as a single player. I thought i was doing ok, i got to the boss of the first chapter and was whipping his butt but the floor gave way and we fell for a few seconds before landing in a room full of regular enemies. All together with the boss it was too much. But with other people... See i took the top route of the castle to get to the boss. If someone else has taken the bottom route they could have cleared out the room full of regular enemies for me. I even passed and elevator with a lever that was designed to bring the player who cleared out said room up to where i was so we could both go into the boss room together. Yes i could do it on my own i suppose but Soma (i havent tried anyone else) moves incredibly slowly and you only have 30 minutes per chapter. Multiplayer could be great, like seriously great.
  23. So I was really looking forward to this. All the vids pointed to awesome. But the end result is pretty hit and miss. The good: Realistic ballistics and holding your breath waiting for that perfect moment is excellent. Then the shots themselves are addictive and never a bore. Seeing exactly how well you did, bones shatter, lungs pop, balls burst. Realising you can shoot an enemies grenade hanging from their belt. The bad: Hate the AI in Far Cry 2? It's that times ten here. Setting up your first shot is always a pleasure but as soon as you've taken it all enemies on the map have a switch flipped on their head and know exactly where you are. But wait, it gets worse. Why be armed with a sniper if the AI (now knowing where you are) can hit you a mile away with a world war semi automatic? The cut scenes are mostly awful too. A mixture of in game graphics and cgi. The final kill in the game is massively comical too, mostly because of a squishy noise and cut to black/credits. Unfortunately a large part of my enjoyment of the first and reason for buying this was for online battles. Death match style multiplayer is not present on the console versions. Instead we are left with co-op only modes and I didn't find these enjoyable. The result: While not a complete failure it's hard to play this game as intended with the AI as it is. The first Sniper Elite was a perfect mix of stealth and mocking the enemy which would only have an idea of your location if they'd had a visual. I did have a lot of fun along the way to the unintentionally funny conclusion though (I played it in a weekend), it's a damn sight (rofl) beter than Ghost Warrior and it's well worth a punt at a budget price.

    Crysis 3

    I picked this up over the weekend, I'd heard it was really short so I figured it'd be a good thing to play before Bioshock came out. Either I play Crysis wrong or the talk of a 5 hour campaign was nonsense. I don't really know what to say about it other than it feels exactly like Crysis 2 but is actually fairly different. Crysis 2 was a series of puzzle boxes to play about in, do puzzle box 3 to move on to 4. Crysis 3 has a better flow to it, the areas feel a bit more sprawling, and if you are locked in it justifies it a bit better. You're back in New York but it looks completely different, it's like you mixed the first games jungle with the seconds city. It also looks and runs better than Crysis 2, at least in areas where there isn't lots of flowing grass. Enemies are still a bit too eagle eyed for my liking, I still feel hugely reliant on the stealth suit skill, which means I'm slowly luring people to their deaths. the bow is pretty good but there's not a lot of ammo for it. I wish they encouraged verticality a bit more, the game is way less flat than Crysis and Crysis 2, but it's rare you can actually climb any of the structures. And they still haven't explained what happened to Nomad at the end of the first game, in fact that you're playing as Prophet again confused me for a while, I think I might vaguely remember what happened there though. I doubt there's going to be a lot of takeup for this on here, but it's a decent game
  25. From what I've played so far Revelations is actually very good, it's a bit of a mix of old RE style and the new RE style. You can strafe, even without the circle pad, and provided you make good use of the scanner ammo is less than sparse. The flip side though is that you're very much dealing with monsters rather than villagers, it's rare they attack in groups, and the tone is creepy rather than high tension. Revelations is paced for the 3DS, you've had chapters in Resident Evil games for a while but here they feel a bit shorter, early on at least, and give you a nice little recap when you boot the game up again. The one thing I will say about this structure is that 3 hours in I'm still unsure if the game has really started properly. I began playing as Jill in the tutorial mission, then as Chris for a while, then I think Jill again with some more new features rolled out (it's a bit jumbled), then I played as Jill's partner in a flashback. In fact half of what I've played has been a flashback of something or other, each time to a different time. Hopefully now with a boss beaten, and a Chris level seemingly on the horizon the game will start to settle down. In terms of resident Evil tropes Revelations handles the limited inventory slightly differently. Now you aren't just dumping stuff in one big bag, instead you can carry a certain amount of health, a certain number of grenades, and annoyingly a limited amount of ammunition. This might be a design decision, you revisit areas so had you completely picked it clean on your first run through there's a chance you'll have left yourself short on a return visit, but the capacity (which can be upgraded) is pathetically small. On that note weapons can be upgraded at certain points, with the scanner being fairly useful at finding the bonuses you'll need. I'll admit that once I realised I was going to have to back track and revisit areas my enthusiasm for Revelations took a bit of a knock, but all in all I've really enjoyed it, certainly more than what I played of 5
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