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  1. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    yeah the games press is biased sometimes, particularly against the ouya it seems. I think patrick klepek linked to an article in his worth reading feature on giantbomb this friday where the CEO of OUYA said that we have a 27% software adoption rate and she thought of that as positive, and the headline was '73% of OUYA owners dont buy anything' but you can see how blow and fish might have an interesting take on the story too, that since theyve both pretty much boycotted xbox they might themselves be very interested in that news.
  2. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    yeah youre right, if thats all he went off jonathan blow certainly gave a valid reason for not playing ball. but at the same time isnt it still a bit whingey? not defending beer at all because he obviously went off at the deep end if thats all that jonathan blow said, but you get asked for commentary on a potential but relevant story and you take to twitter to decry it? the request seems innocuous enough
  3. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    hes got an ego, and its easily hurt. Not ideal for interactions on the internet. Hes pretty impulsive and childish when he gets upset too so its a recipe for disaster. I would still play his games though, Fez was fantastic. Im half expecting him to do a 180 on this though. or come back with another game soon enough.
  4. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    theres nothing remotely derogatory about it is there.
  5. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    Beer is welsh too
  6. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    if he got his facts wrong, then hes a pratt for shooting his mouth off before checking them. I still have no sympathy for phil fish's reaction though, he acted like a total baby
  7. TopGunKnacker

    Fez II

    I dont know much abou tthis marcus beer guy, but i dont think he did anything wrong, hes allowed an opinion and 'blowfish' do come across very up-their-own-arse. I wouldve loved a fez 2 im sure, Fez was my GOTY, but phil fish gets no sympathy from me spitting his dummy out like that. maybe theyre all just twats
  8. Yeah i guess theyre keeping the cost down. I heard that with it not being a phone thatll free up one of the tegra3s cores for applications, and im assuming it will have better heatsinks than a phone so we should see a noticable performance increase even if it does get blown away by the tegra4. Im hoping its serves as a portal for crazy random creativity in games, if it doesnt then i suppose ive at least got a cool little emulation box/media centre.
  9. thats a really cool device, usb stick sized gaming. Id personally rather have the extra power of the ouya though.
  10. Game of the Year Fez Far Cry 3 Mark of the Ninja Dragon's Dogma Sniper Elite Best Handheld/Mobile Game (smartphones, DS, PSP, 3DS, PS Vita - download and retail games) VVVVVV Best retail/disc Game (PC, 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U - games you buy that come on discs) Far Cry 3 Dragon;s Dogma Sniper Elite Sleeping Dogs Syndicate Best Download-only Game (for PC, PSN, WiiShop, XBL) Fez Mark of the Ninja Spelunky Hotline Miami FTL Best Multiplayer/Online Experience Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Halo 4 Syndicate NFS Most Wanted Minecraft Most Wanted Game Of 2013 Retro City Rampage (on 360) GTA V Dark Souls 2 Bioshock Infinite Tomb Raider Disappointments Assassin's Creed 3 Deadlight Max Payne 3 Lollipop Chainsaw Overlooked Gems Syndicate Binary Domain Sniper Elite
  11. Nice mate! I got one of those a few months ago, really nice bit of kit. I still havent got used to it though!
  12. id say its still there, but most sega games these days dont cater to that crowd, cos theyre a bit bob
  13. we know why sega had to abandon hardware manufacture, but what made them a bit shit at making games afterwards? brain drain?
  14. it is rather good!! the wingsuit bit made me smile, do those things really turn you into a plane?? first impressions of the multiplayer are really good too.. the new 10 item slots system seems really cool, loads of scope for crazy builds. hmm i was planning to trade in either this or halo4 and stick with just one for the multiplayer but i dont know if i can choose.
  15. TopGunKnacker

    Halo 4

    ive certainly seen people teleport to me when they hijack a vehicle im in, thats annoying!!
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