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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


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Been hammering this pretty hard since I got my PS5, haven’t actually played anything else yet ? about 13 hours in. 

Going in I was pretty confident I was gonna like it but a little bit cautious due to my time with the previous game. I ended up loving it a lot in the end but had a lot of issues with the side activities which felt like they were stuck in the PS2 era, which brought the game down from the highs of the phenomenal story. 

So with that in mind, this has far exceeded every expectation I ever had for it already. It’s safe to say it plays very similarly to the previous game, the mechanics, the combat, the stealth sections, the Arkham-style Predator sections and - unfortunately - some of the side activities are all very familiar if you’ve played SM 2018. So in lots of ways it doesn’t really innovate, it merely tweaks the formula from the previous game adding in new powers for Miles like the ‘Venom’ Power stuff, but when the core is as strong as it is there was no point starting from scratch. Everything works, and it works really well, the combat is still fun, the swinging is still addictive as fuck and the side activities are still a little PS2-esque but trimmed down a bit from the previous game. It feels a bit like being reacquainted with an old friend really.


Whilst that core from the previous game is very much in tact the game still manages to have a very different feel to it thanks to Miles. Miles is just a very different character and a very different Spider-Man than Peter Parker and his identity and charisma is running through pretty much every facet of the game. Whilst the previous game had you taking charge of a confident, assured Peter Parker that had honed his craft over a number of years, Miles is still a teenager who has a lot to learn in general. He is becoming a man, has just become ‘the other’ Spider-Man and has to deal with a lot of strong emotions from the events of SM 2018 coupled with moving to a new neighbourhood and his Mother running for a local Council position. 

Miles just makes the game so much more refreshing. We’ve seen and played as Peter Parker’s Spidey in so many games and films over the years that getting to pilot Miles in this and see New York from a totally different perspective just feels fresh and unique. The best way I can describe it is akin to ‘The Lost and Damned’ DLC from GTA IV, you’re playing a new character that starts off in a totally different district that it makes the game and the environment itself feel totally fresh and new because you’re coming at it from such a different angle. I think the Christmas setting this time around lends the city a totally different feel to the Summery New York of SM 2018 as well.


This being a PS5 launch title I have to mention the graphics. They are extraordinary. Not just the big things you notice like the Ray Traced reflections on every surface (playing in fidelity mode) but the little things like the squirrels that now roam about and run up trees or the little ornate gardens outside some of the opulent buildings that are scattered across Manhattan. Every single building you come across seems to have so much more detail to it than in the previous game, Manhattan in that game often came across as a little bland for me in some of the outer districts but in this every single one has its own identity. There was one section quite near the beginning of the story where you’re walking through a Harlem street market with Miles and his friend and it just blew me away, getting this level of graphical quality this early in the generation is just insane to me.


My only real criticism of it would be the side activities again. Don’t get me wrong, they are far less of an issue here and I’ve enjoyed them for the most part but every now and again they’ll get on my tits a bit, nothing to the level of SM 2018, but yeah there still is some room for improvement there in my view.


The story moves at a quicker pace this time around. It did take the previous game a while to get going but here it seems to throw you into the deep end a bit sooner with some twists coming relatively early that I never saw coming. I just love hanging out with Miles and his friends really, some of my favourite moments are just walking around his Mums apartment studying various bits and pieces in there and listening to all the banter in Spanish (and English) between them. 


I will say as well, to anyone that was worried about this being a short jaunt back into Spidey’s Manhattan, don’t be. It has taken me 13 hours so far and I’m only about 50% through, considering the previous game took me 34 hours to Platinum, this will likely end up taking me 25 or so.


I’ve just loved being back in this Marvel version of New York again and piloting Miles, he really is a breath of fresh air. I really cannot recommend this enough, this is one of the best ever PS launch titles already in my view, definitely shits all over the PS4 and PS3 offerings that’s for sure. What a start to the next generation! 










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Played a decent amount of this today and enjoyed it quite a lot. Enough that my progress through the story is slow because I've been fighting crimes and picking up collectables. Might be a mistake in the long run but if it's a shorter game then hopefully not. 


It really feels like the last game to me, not a huge surprise but it's not moved on quite the way I was expecting. The camera and aiming can still be a problem. The new powers do add something, because you're usually being swarmed it's not always easy to make use of the weakened enemies after a venom attack. The invisibility will be handy once the perks open out a bit. 


It's very right on. I'm a liberal guy, and honestly what's here doesn't bother me, other than it feels a bit cynical. Even the missions have it with Miles and his acquaintances only being pure and good. It is what it is I guess. 


I failed a crime mission because the people with the magic weapons were robbing a truck. They managed to get to the driver and shot him in the face. I'm not convinced by the writing so far, why would a gang of 20 people armed with future tech rob a food bank? 

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Finished this last night. Haven’t looked at the completion hours yet but was probably around 20.

My thoughts have never changed on it, an absolutely fantastic game and one of the best PS launch titles ever.


Consistently great throughout, with some amazing characters and a nice succinct, satisfying story. The side activities were the low point but never irked me or outstayed their welcome like they did in the previous game. 

Really can’t recommend it enough, it’s just such fun to play and a real sight to behold. 

Loved it so much I’ve just started a NG+ run to go for the Platinum.

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I finished this last night. I've still got the postcards to find, and a few trophies, but I'm not going to replay the game any time soon so doubt I'll get the platinum. 


I think the game ends well, but like the first game I got a bit tired of it, my fault for doing the side quests and not turning down crimes. 


I started the game with the ray tracing on but given how much you're moving, and at that point of the game I was outside swinging around or having fights on roof tops, it sort of seemed a bit pointless. So I switched to the 60fps mode, and I can't say I noticed the benefit immediately. 


For the last section, because of the lighting, I switched it back to the ray tracing mode, and while it looked very nice it felt very framey. I'm not sure if it was the switch from 60 to 30 alone or if the frame rate in that area is just rough but it did feel slow to me 

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According to DF it’s meant to be very stable at 30 or 60 (dependent on mode). I didn’t have any issues at all myself with the FPS until NG+ when I skipped a load of cutscenes and it went stuttery for awhile.


I will say that NG+ only takes about 3 hours if you skip all the cutscenes so it isn’t too bad. 

For me, I purposefully never put it onto 60FPS mode because I know I would never wanna go back ? played through everything with that glorious RT. The interiors just look so fucking amazing with it on that I couldn’t bare to take it off, likewise with the buildings, I was worried the level of detail would take a hit on performance mode too.


Saying that, I did try ‘cinematic’ mode on Demon’s Souls for about a minute before sacking it off for performance. 

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Made a start, loving it so far. Already had 2 huge, exciting and incredible looking set pieces. The combat is really fun and the way it moves between so many different animations, even sometimes for the same abilities dynamically is just incredible. Looks remarkable in general. Got a black and white suit with reflective red pads at the minute and it really shows everything off, the snow on the black parts of the suit and the way the shoulder pads reflect the environment is pretty beautiful. The part where you walk through the Christmas market for the speech was breathtaking.

I’m in full 30fps fidelity mode at the moment. I want 60fps but don’t want to give up the prettiness. I really wish it wasn’t a option as it’s in back of my mind all the time. I’ll no doubt switch as 60 just feels so good in all games. But I know it’s going to niggle at me that it doesn’t look as good anymore. I’d rather not have the option as it messes with my brain and I’m never happy with either pick lol. 

Is it just me or is it quite difficult though? The guys with guns really fuck me up. Not died loads but far more than I expected to. Probably something that changes after a bit of practice and will even get easier I’m guessing as I upgrade - just got the the perfect dodge kill ability and that’s already a game changer. 

Bit disappointed theres no Duelsense 5 features either. No real haptic feedback and the triggers only have the slightest resistance at the bottom if I really Concentrate on it. Shame. 

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Completed and absolutely loved. Did everything, fucking great to have a more condensed type of open world where there’s not a hundred million things to do and icons everywhere. Great combat, great traversal mechanics, fantastic animation, actual unlockables which are fun to unlock and use, looks beautiful, decent story. Just a full and complete package. 

Got the Platinum too, @Nag don’t worry about the NG+. I mainlined the story and put it to easy & completed it about 2.5 hours. Some cut scenes aren’t skippable which is annnoying but it’s not too bad. 

I definitely recommend playing in Performance RT mode. It made a huge difference to my enjoyment of the combat and traversal. I went from dying in almost every big combat encounter to immediately doing 60+ hit combos and barely died throughout he rest of the game. Just feels so much better. + the lighting and reflections still look incredible. The only noticeable difference is in the character  models, they definitely take a hit, especially in cut scenes. But it’s worth it. 

Brilliant game.


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33 minutes ago, Nag said:


Yeah, I'm a graphics whore... I'll play everything in the mode that'll get me the best picture, FPS be damned.?

Honestly, just try the Performance RT mode. Can barely tell a difference in the graphics during gameplay but combat and traversal is night and day better. 

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