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Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain


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It is the least Metal Gear of all the Metal Gear games, with the possible exception of the side ones like the card games and Rising.

Like spatular says, it's much more open-ended like a Hitman, Deus Ex or Far Cry. Here's your basic mission - eliminate that tank before it gets somewhere. On a basic level you could destroy it or steal it. But how do you want to destroy it? Sneak up and C4 it? Fire a rocket launcher? Call in an air strike?

I had a mission earlier where I had to extract a prisoner and there was a tank in the base that kept spotting me every time I headed for the guy. I tried blowing it up with an air strike but that also killed the prisoner. I was about to invest in some Predator style camo and sneak past but in the end I called in some smoke strikes. The place filled with smoke, I walked in, grabbed the guy and left. Easy.

Another option is throw a decoy to keep the tank busy.

The ratio of gameplay to cut scenes/codecs is traditionally the butt of Metal Gear games. This is a complete U-turn.

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I called in some smoke strikes. The place filled with smoke, I walked in, grabbed the guy and left.

ooh that's cool, i tried similar with smoke grenades but they seemed a bit rubbish, no where near enough smoke. didn't even know you could call in a smoke strike.

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It's very confusing in this but for different reasons - you do way more gameplay than watch cut scenes so I have little clue what's going on.

As an example, earlier one of the characters says to you, ".....but let's not forget the real objective here, Boss."

And I thought, what is the real objective? I can't even remember what the main plot is. I got out of a coma, left the hospital, built a base and started building an army. Why? No idea.

Questions regarding buddy stuff:

Got Quiet but not had use of her yet, is this something that happens as the game progresses or do I have to do something else?

Same for the dog, does it just get older at some point?

Also, did the mission to extract Emmerich. Had the option to get the walker which obviously I wanted but couldn't carry Emmerich with me so fired the walker up and carried Emmerich to the chopper instead with a view to coming back for the walker. That didn't happen so have I lost it now or can I go back to that base and steal one?

Finally got the ability to fulton out vehicles and containers. Happy days!

Think I'm pretty much exactly at the same point as you in the game, did the

Emmerich extraction mission (didn't get the Walker either)

earlier and just got the ability to fulton out vehicles myself, was the one upgrade I was absolutely gagging to get since starting the game, so it was really cool and exhilarating to finally unlock it.

Listening to a bunch of podcasts this week makes it sound like there's less of the stuff I don't like about the other Metal Gear Solid games: (the writing, the story, the voice acting, the characters, the gameplay).

The descriptions of this sandbox world where you're able to approach missions in all sorts of different ways, sounds pretty good. I'm slightly tempted.

Definitely the least 'Metal Gear' Metal Gear for sure, I've played all the games in the series but got bored of 1, 3 and 4 (loved MGS2 though for some reason) and gave up half way through due to all the nonsensical story stuff, endless cutscenes and clunky control schemes. In 5, everything is totally overhauled and apart from the menus, characters and weapons in it, it could for all intents and purposes be a completely different game, it's just completely open-world, do whatever you want, how you want, when you want, got extremely clever AI, day/night cycles and the game doesn't hold you by the hand at all, it let's you play and execute infiltrations into bases exactly how you want to, doesn't have any of the codac stuff interrupting your gameplay, and the cutscenes are toned down and it feels natural when the game merges into one rather than feeling a bit abrupt before.

It does still have some traditional 'Metal Gear' stuff in it, it has the weirdness and the nonsensical story (I assume, although it's been surprisingly easy to follow for me so far) and some long-ish cutscenes but it's very toned down compared to previous iterations and very few-and-far-between unlike before.

It's now probably much more akin to something like Far Cry 3/4 with a bit of the management stuff from AC:Brotherhood than any of the previous iterations.

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Oh it still has nonsense.

Mild spoilers:

Characters who should be dead are apparently not.

One of the first enemies you see is engulfed in fire, another is basically Psycho Mantis, it's not clear whether this actually is Psycho Mantis or another similar character.

Lots of characters from the lore are here - Miller, Revolver Ocelot, Otocon's dad.

The game is set right before the events of the original 8bit game so I'm hoping to see Solid Snake at some point.

One thing I listened to on a tape.....

....was either Miller or Ocelot basically saying the effects of coming out of the coma and having shrapnel stuck in my head was I could have hallucinations so the entire thing from coming out of the coma could be all in his head.

I'm hoping it's a bit cleverer than that.

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Most video games stories are nonsensical. :lol:

When DC says to me he's playing a JRPG he calls it that 'melodrama game'.

That's what Metal Gear is, it's anime/action movie inspired melodrama with a weird sense of humour. That's why I like it I think. It can sometimes get a little deeper like the futurist stuff in MGS2 etc as well.

Kojima has retconned a lot of stuff but the premise is so crazy I don't think it really matters. He can get away with it.

I agree that V has cut back on the story cutscenes but it's added 'story/melodrama' because of what happens in the open world design.

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Got the weapon customisation unlocked. I'm unlikely to use it much but there was a weapon I was after that hadn't presented itself so I immediately set out to make it.

I have a sniper rifle which is a tranq gun (I very rarely kill anyone, unless it all kicks off) but no suppressor on it so I think I've managed to make one.

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25 hours played now, just did a load of main missions today from 12-15, got 16 to do tomorrow, was recommended to not bother with many side-ops on another forum so just concentrating on the main-missions, not even upto Chapter 2 yet, this is a helluva big game :lol: did a couple of missions with Mrs. I Candy today as well, she's definitely got a useful skillset that differentiates her from the dog and horse, she'll be extremely handy once I unlock the non-lethal sniper rifle for her.

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yeah quiet can be super useful. can also be mia sometimes so you need to tell her where to go via the buddy/support menu thing.

later game spoilers about quiet - maybe worth reading as it's certainly something i would like to have known about in advance - but still definitely a spoiler so be warned.

you lose her later on - apparently there is a way to keep her so read up on that if you want.

i've lost her and am a bit fed up about it, i hate the dog, although he is the next most useful, the horse is only good for transport, and having a big stompy robot seems a bit silly for a stealth game. i'd just unlocked some more appropriate clothing for her too i think.

oh Hendo - yeah i did the same with the customise weapon thing, there's another good tip i read about that - if you develop an assault rifle with a more durable suppressor you can put that on the tranq sniper too.

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Good tips, cheers!

Yeah, I'm waiting for a non-lethal sniper rifle for her, also preferably with a suppressor.

At the moment the dog is my favourite, haven't used the walker at all. Like you say, seems totally opposite to the way I'm playing. Which is basically sneak in and steal everyone and everything. Civilians, enemies, jeeps, tanks, turrets, containers, tapes. Pretty much leaving them with nowt.

I'm doing more side missions than is probably healthy, but I'm seeing it as enjoyable level grinding, I guess.

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watched a youtube video of a mission i was struggling with (only really vague spoiler but just in case),

the guy runs straight to a strange point on the map, fultons some vehicles, mission complete!

the fact that you can do stuff like that and bypass the mission structure is pretty cool.

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What was the mission?

I really struggled the other day with one of the Skulls missions. I couldn't use heavy weapons in case I blew up a truck I needed to fulton out so I just bombarded them with sleeping gas. Took about 4 call ins but it worked!

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Made some decent progress again today, upto 29 hours played, finished off main missions 16, 17, 18 and 19 today, some really cool missions in there which I thoroughly enjoyed, managed to completely Stealth and S-Rank Episode 19 which was absolutely exhilarating, was pumping my fist in the air after I'd done it, absolute magic when everything goes right, unfortunately that rarely happens with me and the shooty-bang-bang comes out, but when I do nail complete stealth it's so incredibly satisfying.

Really enjoying it now, can't wait to play some more tomorrow.

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