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  1. Finally, after years of watching videos of other people play this, bought the Switch version and had my first go of this with a couple of mates. Initially, we had the bomb defuser holding the Switch out of the dock but as there are two couches in my mate’s living room, eventually just settled on sitting on the couch not facing the TV and either using a laptop or phone for the manual. If you don’t know what it is, one person can see the bomb and has to cut wires and press buttons. The other person (or people) either download and print out the bomb manual or view it on a screen and have to guide the bomb defuser by communicating what the bomb holder is looking at. Colours of wires, how many, etc. It’s a manic affair and best if you swap over a few times, as then the bomb defuser will know what information the manual guy is really after and which information is superfluous. On the PC and PS4, it’s playable in VR which is probably the best way to play it. But we figured out we could actually play it together on Skype with only one copy. It really starts ramping up in difficulty, throwing memory puzzles at you, morse code, etc and we got as far as extra modules you had to keep an eye on that couldn’t be solved from the manual. There’s these things called “needy modules” where they’ll be like a short timer on it and before it gets to 0 and blows up the bomb, you have to hammer a button to reset it. That’s along with the modules that will actually disarm the bomb. Plus the lights will occasionally go out for a few seconds. Or the alarm clock next to the bomb will go off really loudly so you have to put the bomb down and hit snooze on the alarm. It’s fantastic but I’m glad I played with people I have good friendships with!
  2. Hendo

    Burnout Paradise

    This is looking and sounding ultra sweet. Anyone excited? A sandbox racing game? It's gotta be at least worth a look! Anyway, there's a demo coming next week! Click me. Could be just PS3, just 360 or both. Me wanty.
  3. spatular

    Nex Machina

    So this is a twin stick shooter by the resogun people, there are 6 worlds/levels with maybe 15 or so stages each, and a boss stage. there a humans to save, and combo, by collecting/saving the next one before a countdown expires -for better score. there's loads of hidden humans/levels/scoring things to find - too many for me - but my memory is crap so i never remember where all that stuff is. you can roll out of the way/through stuff, and special weapons to choose from, my favorite is the rocket launcher, but it seems like the smart bomb is supposed to be the best (they have a small delay before you can use them again), they are all pretty good apart from the sword. there are powerups too, most important is the shield, so you can take a hit, then you need to get more points to gain another powerup/shield - if you've already got all the other powerups then the next one you get will be shield - otherwise they're random i think. you get a powerup each time this bar fills in - i guess by scoring/killing stuff. it's brilliant, but annoying at the same time. for me it's much better than some of their other twin stick games that have upgrading/loot/ammo/reloading - none of that stupid stuff here, this is more a proper arcade game. the annoying stuff comes from lack of visibility, of all sorts of stuff - where is the edge of the playing area? - can't see stuff because of explosions - hit boxes seems quite big, or there's a delay from pressing roll/dodge to becoming invincible. basically that stuff leads to deaths where it doesn't seem fair which leads to annoyance, also when you die after a respawn you get back into the action really quick and can die again instantly before you've worked out where you are, so sometimes one annoying death can turn into 4 and yeah annoying. but it's also great fun and i keep going back to it to get a better score so it's obviously doing something right. also when you continue you lose all powerups, so depending on what stage you're on it can be extremely hard to make any progress - other shmups do this a lot better, you've already lost your score so what does it matter - have a max-power power up. oh they are possibly working on a mode with better visibility. there's a few different modes - arcade mode where you play all the levels in order - with different difficulty modes. there's some challenges on a smaller set of stages where enemies are faster etc. with gold/silver/bronze medals. and there's a mode where you can do one world at a time. i've sort of 1cc'd the middle difficulty arcade mode (see spoiler) and am trying to do the difficulty level up, but the 3rd and 4th bosses take up loads of lives, not got past the 4th boss yet. scoring i'm not too sure about, seems to be just, collect everything, get all secret stages and combo all humans - which is more than i can cope with at the moment. to combo the humans i think you need to know some stages where stuff spawns so you can kill it quick enough so your combo doesn't run out before the stage ends, but some stages it doesn't seem as tight on timing. anyone else playing this?


    Refunct is cool as fuck, really chilled It's a first person platformer, which ordinarily is immediately bad game design, but it's very generous with ledge grabs and how likely you are to just fall off something. The game is jumping up pillars to activate switches, which will cause more pillars to rise. What's cool is that you pretty quickly start to learn how to play without being told how to (although it is worth mentioning there is a duck button). You go from carefully lining up jumps to rebounding off. It's really short, like 20 minutes or so, but it is also only 65p on Steam at the minute
  5. I bought this ages ago but have only just started playing it. It's a pretty good action RPG - my only memories of Wonderboy (bar Jack Black and KG) are from the simplistic original platformer and one on the Master System that I didn't like because it had stats and shit (like this, really). I think it might have been Dragon's Trap. Oh well, will have to hunt it down. Anyway this is a great little game, it's quite frustrating in places - as soon as you die you go straight back to the title screen, and saving costs you money so it can get quite tough. So far I'm enjoying it and it's something a bit different so I'd recommend it. Here's a bit of gameplay footage to watch.
  6. Very much impressed with Telltales output these days. Walking Dead is brilliant. As is The Wolf Among Us. So being a massive GOT fan, I was well up for this. And Episode 1 is a very good start indeed. Pretty important to state though that the opening section has a massive spoiler if you're not caught up to the events of the start of Series 4/Book 3. So be aware of that. It's the tried-and-tested Telltale format, which I'm perfectly happy with. You play as the Forrester family, and interact with a few of the series main fore-runners. After his frankly god-awful role as Ghost in Destiny, Peter Dinklige is back on form here as Tyrion. 5 more episodes to go, but this is a promising start.
  7. illdog


    This is a Metroidvania set in the retro robot future by our friends at Double Fine. You play as a floating head in a space helmet that can vacuum the heads of of resident robots and land on their bodies and take control. Certain coloured doors must be opened by certain colour robots, so sometimes you gotta find the right colour then take it back to an area to be able to progress. Apart from the unique hook it's pretty much a Metroidvania by numbers. Lots of back tracking, unlocking of powers, sprawling maps with hidden rooms. It's a good one mind, it's set in the future with a 60's vibe which gives it a cool look. I've finished it 100%, took me about 11 hours. It can be a bit of a pain getting around the map sometimes which is a critisim I find in most of these type of games. Also, when there's a lot going on and you find yourself with out a body it can be fucking hard to see your tiny head amongst the lasers, explosions and colours. Overall though I h(e)ad a great time. Currently part of Xbox Game Pass which was a nice surprise as I've been waiting for it to go on sale since it came out. Here's the Giant Bomb quick look if you fancy it: You can pick your starter head, i was a woman so that guy aint my headlander! Definately worth a go.
  8. Started this earlier on the Switch. Played the opening 20 minutes or so. The game reviewed well when it came out last year and the comparisons to Studio Ghibli were enough to convince me to buy it. The game is basically a side-scrolling adventure in a Ghibli-esque world, or something out of an Enid Blyton story. The setting seems to be a world where forgotten things go, most of the characters in the game seem to be objects and household items, things like that, but you play as a girl. There’s also an older man who is trying to develop a way to get back to the real world. From what I gathered. The game looks beautiful and the opening is very cinematic.

    Cat Quest

    I started this today and it's really good, although it does have a couple of problems. It's an action rpg, and it's got a few nice ideas in there. You have a standard melee attack and a magic attack, a dodge, which you'll need as you see an indicator of where, and how far an enemy will attack. If I had to throw in a comparison, it's not a million miles away from something like Ys, except smaller. The most notable good idea I like is that there's only limited types of weapons and armour in the game, so if you pick up a duplicate it levels up that weapon. It's random, or seemingly random, what you get, so you might have to switch from a build you like because something else has streaked ahead. What that means is, you might have a sword that does decent damage, but the wand that's just levelled up might do so much more magic damage it makes sense to switch My issue with the game then, and I am really liking Cat's Quest, is that it feels very small. The map gets restricted very early by very powerful enemies. I got a story mission I was warned not to go and do until I'd levelled up a bit, so I had to circle around the same small area for a couple of hours picking up side quests to gain some levels. The game never told me what level I needed to be at to take on that story mission, maybe it does in some menu somewhere, but it meant that when I'd started to run out of side quests, or hit a bit of a wall with them, and went to do the main mission, I pissed all over it The quests almost always involve you going to a point, possibly then to another, fighting some monsters, completing quest. It's fine, some of the set ups are pretty good but then some are kind of repeated. I picked it up fairly cheap, it's not a bad Switch game, not sure it's something you'll play solidly for a week
  10. HandsomeDead


    Time for impressions me thinks. I've decided its great. It's a futuristic racing game where the car's have big wheels and can drive upside-down. It's high speed so you can ride up walls, ceilings and generally flip around. It's very fun. The game starts off very easy - you can come last and still progress - but now I've spent some time with it I see that early parts of the game are just about learning the tracks and how your car reacts to the environments. So I will just say you may progress easily but it's important to pay attention. You'll need to because later where positions are more important you can't just fling yourself around; your flinging has got to be considered. Handling is a weird combination of twitchy and heavy. Like steering between other cars on the straights is twitchy but when the tracks start throwing sharp turns at you you need to be heavy on the breaks and the car's suddenly feel like barges. It's weird to get used to but it does make an odd sense after extended play. It has a good variety of modes. Races come in different guises: You have your basic races, there are races based on points (you get points nailing others with Mario Kart style weapons and sick jumps), an arena mode like a death match taking place in an open area and others. I think it's really cool. It's hard, and like a lot of weapons based racing games it can definitely be frustrating but then there are lots of highs, too, so it's a game you have that kind of dysfunctional relationship with, especially with all the flipping. Here, I have a clip of me racing that has a bit of GRIP drama in it (shout out to the self correction after being screwed *chefs kiss*. Boo to me being an idiot and driving into the edge of a pipe)
  11. I’ve always enjoyed Telltale’s output. It was pretty gutting to see them go down in flames. There was a lot of doubt about this game getting finished. But, it was. Personally, I’ve felt that their WD series peaked with the outstanding first season. 2 was good, until the rushed last two chapters. New Frontier annoyed me. Season 2 had a possibility of 3 very different endings. New Frontier decided to make all of those choices meaningless, funnelling Clementine down the one ending they felt was “canon”. Still, despite me preferring their other series (Wolf Among Us, Batman and Guardians Of The Galaxy are vastly superior to anything TWD did after the first season), I was always going to get around to this eventually. If you’ve played any Telltale game, you know what to expect. Very little puzzle solving, mostly making decisions that a character ‘Will remember’, unless they die soon afterwards. The story here is mostly good, focussing on Clem’s continued efforts to raise AJ in a world dominated by Walkers. You meet a new group of survivors, and try to fit in with them. Choices you make influence how AJ reacts to scripted situations. And some of those choices were pretty meaningful in the long run. There’s plenty of action sequences, though I found a lot of them frustrating. If you get attacked while trying to kill a walker, you die. The key to survival is stunning them with a leg stab, then taking them on one at a time. But the controls for movement felt a bit janky at times. I’d stun a walker, then try to kill another one nearby, but it wouldn’t register, so I got killed. It didn’t happen that often, but it was bloody annoying when it did. Did it all pay off in the end? Well, obviously I’ll spoiler it, but I didn’t like the ending. I’ll say why, but obviously, it’s a SPOILER. So, here goes: Anyway, that’s it. It was mostly enjoyable. Definitely some exciting moments. Just a shame it’s the end of the road for Telltale.
  12. Sly Reflex


    Have you played Minecraft before? If it's a yes, you already know what it's about, probably best to click off the thread. If no, pull up a chair. Minecraft isn't for everyone. It's a very directionless game where outside the simple premise of building a house for yourself, you are free to do what you want. In the day time the game plays out as a building sim where you spend time harvesting blocks of various materials. You start off by punching them, but soon enough you are able to knock together a means which will allow you to make tools. Tools allow specific materials to be harvested faster, axes allow wood to be gathered faster, shovels allow dirt or gravels to be smashed u[p faster and so on. On top of that, each tool you make takes a durability hit each time you use it, although as you progress you can make better and better tools for harvesting materials that you couldn't previously. Of course, the more materials you have the more things you can make, and the more things you can make the more materials you can get. It's a vicious circle or harvesting and producing. At night you have one of three choices. You either hole up in the house or shack you managed to find or throw up before the sun went down and sleep the night off in a comfy bed, you curse yourself for over reaching yourself in building a house or you make equip yourself with the armours and weapons you made during the day time to try and endure the night. If you ended up doing the latter two options, you just entered the survival horror part of the game. They might be blocky sprites, but when you hear their howling or attack call it will make you panic. If you survive the night, it's back to the day time cycle. There are a lot of things to do, even outside of building massive houses and castles for you to live in. The beauty of this game is that you can play for one day cycle which is about 20 minutes from what I worked out, or you could play for hours upon hours. If I was to do some game algebra it would be Animal Crossing + Keftlings + Survival Horror + First Person Perspective + LEGO = Minecraft. It's something you should at least try the demo of and see whether you like it if you have not tried it already. You can have a good piss about before the demo ends and get an idea of what you are getting into. I personally didn't try the online part of the game, but I did grab about 40 minutes in splitscreen and it works really nice. The only think I do not like about it is that the menus have not really been optimised properly for a controller. The crafting part is fine, but just moving stuff about your inventory is a bit of a pain in the arse, I'm not sure how they could have handled it better, but I'm sure they could have done it somehow. It's made even more annoying by the fact that the hints and reminders are constantly pushing the inventory box to one side, it could have seriously done without that.
  13. Hendo

    Puyo Puyo Tetris

    I just realised we don't have a thread for this. It came out in Japan in 2014 but only came out over here last year. As you can see by the tags, it's out on pretty much everything bar PC. For anyone that doesn't know, Puyo Puyo is Mean Bean Machine and it mixes that with Tetris. The game modes are insane. You can play against people playing one style while you play the other one (or the same if you like), you can play a weird hybrid mode where the two styles are combined and you will get Puyos and Tetris pieces in the same zone, you can play an alternating mode where you play one style for say 30 seconds and then it switches to the other style, or you can play a puzzle mode where you have to fill in certain puzzle shapes. I played quite a bit in multiplayer over the Christmas break and it gets really fierce and fun. I wouldn't recommend playing online against randoms because fucking hell. You can view replays of other people playing and they are like machines.
  14. Hendo

    Dangerous Driving

    So, the downsides are there. It’s locked to 30fps on base machines (though I can’t actually tell the difference), there’s one music track on the menu when you boot it up and then you need a premium Spotify account to play and control music through the menus. There’s no online or offline multiplayer at the moment. There isn’t even a tutorial of any kind, you’re just thrown straight in expecting you to be a Burnout fan. But it’s fast, fun and completely mind blowing that this was made by just 7 people. I’ve hooked up my Spotify and am currently hurtling round the tracks listening to a Prodigy playlist. I can tell you that bouncing round to No Good, Voodoo People and Break & Enter is fantastic. It’s a shame that there’s no specific music and if you’re using another premium music service you’re out of luck. Also the music doesn’t get filtered like it did on Burnout when you boost. But if no-one else will make it, Burnout fans should embrace this as the good outways the bad. Also, I’m gonna make a collaborative playlist if anyone wants in.
  15. Soon going to be playing through the 3rd (and probably final) DLC for this. So seems a good time to throw down an opinion. This is definitely one of the most fun games i’ve played this year. I’ve a lot of respect for Rebellion,their Sniper Elite series is consistently brilliant (shooting Nazis in the nads? Who doesn’t love that.). So I was definitely interested in this. It doesn’t carry across the gory X-Ray cam feature of Sniper Elite. But that’s understandable,as it’s going for a different vibe. It plays out like an Olden days Adventure movie, with a Narrator providing a running commentary,often genuinely being hilarious (though for some reason has an absolute hatred of cats,and isn’t afraid to show it). The combat is simple to grasp,with a small selection of weapons (sniper rifles,SMGs,shotguns), with additional extra powerful weapons that you can buy from crates,using gold you get from treasure chests and killing enemies. You also get special moves that you can activate with enough charge,ranging from damage reduction,to smart bombs. One complaint though has to come with boss fights. Many of them require an accurate shot on a particular weak spot, often a quite small one. Doesn’t sound bad in theory. But when that boss is constantly moving,accuracy proves difficult. Add that to a swarm of enemies ganking you,and the difficulty in getting a decent shot gets even worse. Co-op definitely helps in that regard. Bosses that took me a good 20 minutes to kill on my own,became a breeze when I was with a mate. Its been a really enjoyable game,and the DLC missions have been quite decent. Charging £6 for each additional new character can go bollocks though. It hit the PSN sales at Halloween,and probably will do so again before long. I’d certainly recommend it.
  16. I fancied some retro stuff today, and maybe even putting proper time in to something. I was toying with playing something on the Saturn or Dreamcast but instead I booted up the Mega Drive collection on Steam. The nice thing about the PC version, which has had a bit of an odd history, is that it has mod support. Sometimes that means things like playing as Knuckles in Sonic 1, sometimes it means whenever anyone dies in Streets of Rage 2 it makes the Tim Allen noise, and other times people have just added other games to the collection through the rom option. I played som Hyperstone Heist, some Maximum Carnage (a Spiderman game), Batman & Robin. What I learnt was that this is cool, people have added all sorts of stuff, but also I'm not as good at these games anymore, nor do I have the patience for them Instead I played some Landstalker. I really liked Landstalker when I was younger, I was probably a bit too young and inexperienced to make the most of it though. It's kind of Sega's Zelda (it's actually made by Climax Entertainment, who made the excellent Dark Saviour for the Saturn), but with some isometric platforming and a bizarre take on how to move in isometric games (there's a mod to change it to more traditional controls, as default it's all about diagonals) I'm not far enough in to say definitively if it still holds up, but certainly it's not terrible. The biggest problem is when you encounter enemies, if you're by a wall your attack wont come out as the sword will hit the wall. Lining up to enemies is a bit fiddly thanks to the odd controls, I almost wish it was slightly more grid like movement, so you moved a set distance with each step, it'd make lining up against enemies and things to interact with a lot easier. Aside from that it had the adventure game thing of never quite being A-B, you aren't just moving in a straight line, even in dungeons you'll have to work to find keys or to activate something. I'm hoping it doesn't get too obtuse, but I'm hoping I keep chipping away at it, I don't go back to properly old games and finish them as often as I'd like
  17. This might be a bit style over substance, which isn't to say it's bad, just I think it's a better idea than it is a game so far The promise if that you're an American in 50s America, watching a video on idealistic American life. As such you've got guns for hands and everything you do involves shooting things. Some of that is targets at a shooting range, but it's also how you knock on windows, play catch (shoot the ball back to your dad), open cans, you even use your gun to collect candyfloss and feed it to your date. It's quite a funny game, but it moves at quite a slow pace. It's hard to know if that's just direction, if it's to lengthen things a little bit, after all, the gameplay is naturally going to be longer than the joke needs to be, or if it's caused by some of the issues with the gameplay. The American Life requires Move controllers, which work well for the most part, but I had an issue where one of them kept turning to one side (would have been my set up, but even then the game didn't have me looking right at the camera, it had me slightly to one side with no way to correct), that could be sorted by shaking the move, but I was having issues with targets at a distance, the aim would swim about a bit. Also causing some problems is the PSVR's resolution. The graphics are more than fine all told, but the PSVR screens just don't have the definition you need for precision distance aiming. So far it's not been too punishing so that it would matter, but it has acted as a reminder of the problems. More of an issue, and one that had me thinking about Sony's refund policy before I found the restart checkpoint option, are the bugs and scripting errors. I ran out of bullets at one point, not a problem, you've buttons on the carriage you're in that you can press, a new mag fires up in the air, time slows, and you angle your gun to catch it in the slot. Nice idea, but the button stopped firing out mags, meaning I couldn't progress. Later I had one where the next scene just wouldn't start, I stood there shooting everything I could, paused, unpaused, hoping I coult just get something to activate, but no, so that is where I turned it off for the night I'm going to stick with it, it seems decent enough, but it also seems broken and I'm amazed it hasn't been patched and fixed, I'm sure there's reasons why not, but it's actually pretty shitty that it hasn't been

    Saints Row 4

    I don't think there's a thread for this, either everyone who bought it posted in the SR3 thread or no one played it. Either way it's free on steam this weekend (added to your library) and so far it's pretty good. There's loads of systems in it now, I'm not entirely sure how they're all earned. You still level up to some extent but it doesn't really affect anything, you need to buy the stuff you unlock so you need money, by the time you've got enough for anything you've levelled up any way. You've also got super powers, powering these up uses some other currency that I always seem to have loads of, not sure how I'm getting it unless it's collecting the orbs dotted around the city, but while you might have 50 of them, a new move will cost 15 or 25. It always surprises me how linear the Saints Row games are at the start, it's a fair amount of time before you get to just wander the city doing what you want, and it's worth staying on that path a bit so you get the super powers, which makes everything else easier. The game feels a bit tighter too, the gunplay is better than I remember it being, the platforming works ok considering, it's a well made game so far
  19. Hendo

    Sonic Mania

    Oh my word, it's glorious! The smile on my face in the first world was pretty wide. Then the remix came into effect and it gets even better. Finally a Sonic game made by people who understand what a Sonic game should be. Also, I'd heard that the second zone's boss was something special for long time fans and it really didn't disappoint. I won't even put it in spoiler tags at this point but you'll know.
  20. Anyone else picked this up at some point? It came out first two years ago but it came out just after Nuclear Throne which is a very similar game so I passed on it back then, but it was on sale on Switch recently so I picked it up as I'm struggling in a gaming rut and for some reason, I felt like playing this. So the game itself. It's a twin-stick shooter and rogue-like, or rogue-lite if you like. You are tasked with getting to the bottom of the "Gungeon"; a dungeon that is very gun-themed. Bullseyes hang from the walls like sigils, revolver-like mechanisms teleport you around the area and other gun-themed devices litter the medieval style Gungeon. You make your way through shooting enemies (a strange bunch; walking bullets and shells with corresponding guns, knights, ghosts, a mini-gun wielding crow. These are the more normal agitators). To help you through these oddballs you have a diving roll with generous invincibility frames and one of the most varied arsenals of guns but in a video game (citation needed). You have four characters to chose from who start with different weapons, consumable skills and passive skills. Even more of both kinds of skills can also be found in the Gungeon along with the weapons. The Pilot, for example, gets a lockpick which means he has a chance of opening chests without needing a key, but if it fails the lock is broken and the chest is sealed shut. The Space Marine starts with a piece of armour giving him an extra hit point. I'm actually having quite a hard time with it. I can sometimes get to the fourth floor but I'm not sure if that is good or not. I did rescue a guy one run where he says he can let me skip floors but I don't know how far down I have to go before he lets me use the shortcut. I bet it's the fifth floor. And while I mostly do okay in the Gungeon itself the bosses can be a bit of a bullet hell nightmare and its here I usually mess up, even on the first boss on particularly bad runs. But it does have that "one more go" factor which is important in games like this. It's just fun to play, rolling through bullets, flipping a table for cover and shooting a switch that makes a chandelier fall on a bunch of idiots. And seeing what guns come up is kinda fun too, in an "I recognise that!" kind of way. Some guns are your usual, Uzis, AK47s, etc; and you also have wackier ones like t-shirt cannons, giant shells that fire shotguns, a barrel that fires fish, etc; and also references! A taste of what I've come across is Barret's from FFVII's arm cannon, Judge Dread's gun and the Proton Pack. And many more! Definitely one for the rogue-like likers out there.
  21. This is by SWERY so you know it's bonkers as shit. I had no idea what type of game this was and i was not expecting a horror puzzle platformer. You play as Jackie (J.J Macfield) in search of her girlfriend Emily after she vanishes during your camping weekend in the mountains. Immediately noticable is the slow pace at which you move, closely followed by doughnuts and use of your mobile phone. The game also explains nothing so you have to guess what to do in all instances. So it turns out you use J.J's body to your advantage. She can dismember herself on various types of scenery, from losing an arm (which can be picked up and thrown), then a leg, then you are just a torso, finally just a head (which moves quickly and has a boss jump). You can also set yourself on fire and you can use all this pain to progress through the levels in search of your beloved. I don't wasnt to give anything else away, i just recommend you play this knowing as little about it as possible, it's truly bat shit crazy but I'm really enjoying it (apart from the crawl speed of the character movement). I will say the story/message is getting good, text messages between J.J and her friends are drip fed to you as you progress.
  22. This is a cool, but not overly long, VR game. It's one of those games where the full price is probably a bit much to ask for it, but so much work has gone in to it and it's available to such a small audience they aren't ripping people off. I got it in the sale that's on PSN at the minute, and I'd say a tenner is pretty good for a couple of hours Pixel Ripped 1989 is a game within a game. You play as a young girl with a Game Boy style handheld, the game you play is a fairly simple, but pretty decent, action platformer, more Turrican than Metroid. You're sat in class while you play, so the 'game' is to finish the level without being spotted by the teacher. There's a spitball pen that you can use to activate distractions, buying you some time to concentrate on the level. Eventually the game starts bleeding in to reality, so you have to use the not-Game Boy to affect the world. The headmaster level is probably the best example of this, it's a great level, but if you die you have to retry the whole thing, 1989 I guess. On the nostalgia front, despite it mimicking the green screen of the Game Boy most of the games referenced and the sounds and images cribbed aren't Nintendo focused. There's a few Sonic homages, some Ghouls & Ghosts, Battletoads (fittingly, the worst section of the game). It makes sense, the developers are Brazilian, what doesn't make as much sense is how UK centric it is, I would have bet my house this was developed over here. It's cool, I enjoyed it quite a bit despite some frustrations during the boss fights. Some of them ask you to do quite a bit at once, and I found just darting about shooting while taking damage was as effective a strategy as any other
  23. Won't be giving any lengthy impressions here as I pretty much covered the game in my R6:Siege Beta thread a few months back (can be found here: http://www.mfgamers.com/index.php?showtopic=40972&hl=%2Brainbow+%2Bsiege) and doesn't differ too much from the beta, largely I'm just going to address the improvement Ubi have made since the beta and comment on the other maps and modes that weren't in that. So yeah, everything is largely the same as the beta, the graphics are much better, the maps are more detailed (for the most part), they've changed the operator logo's (for some reason) to slightly more colourful ones and added a couple of Russian ones I don't remember from the Beta. In addition to this there's of course a lot more game modes in Terrorist Hunt and Multiplayer sections to play, and the addition of 'Situations'. Situations is basically a slightly lengthy, non-mandatory single-player tutorial, it's 10 missions that put you in various different situations, can be played on Medium, Hard or Realistic, you get a star each for getting 4 headshots, completing the mission with more than 50% health and killing 2 enemies whilst aiming, for each star you get 200 renown (R6:Siege XP) which you can use to buy new operators to use or upgrade/customise weapons. Terrorist Hunt, which was in the Beta, but only had the 'classic' game-type where you go in and have to clear a map of enemies on whichever difficulty you choose, there's quite a few more game modes in this such as attacking or defending a bomb or area, rescuing a hostage from a group of Terrorists etc. Incredibly similar to what was in the Beta, but the different game modes add a bit more variation this time around, it's good fun, and a decent distraction every now and again, but not as good as the PvP, the difficulties seem a bit strange as well, Realistic is almost impossible and I've failed every time I've tried, but Hard is too easy and I've succeeded every-time I've tried, so there needs to be a better balance there in my opinion. Multiplayer, now categorised as 'Casual' and 'Ranked' play-types, with Casual being the only option open until you reach Level 20, it also seems to me that the only game mode you can play is variations on TDM (defending/attacking a bomb, defending/securing an area) as in the Beta, there's not been any hostage rescue or anything for me so far, and you have to reach Level 20 to unlock these additional game modes it seems, which is slightly annoying, but the game is so good you probably won't care. A huge amount of maps now in MP, 11 in total and I've probably encountered 8 or 9, 3 of which were in the Beta (House, Embassy and Hereford), all of the maps I've played are absolutely phenomenal, a lot tell a story without actually telling a story (if you get what I mean), some of which make me think there was meant to be a story-mode at one point or another but it got pulled, because of the stories the maps tell by themselves alone. Thankfully, Ubi have managed to address the server issues that dogged my time in the Beta a few months back, haven't had any disconnections, and haven't had to wait a long time for the matchmaking to get me into a game thankfully, have had a bit of lag and a few glitches though but only in a couple of games. Just as tense, just as tactical, thoughtful and filled with suspense as the Beta, and probably the best Multiplayer game of the last 5 years, the moments in it when you outsmart an opponent through quick-thinking and planning are incredible and fill you with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that barely any other MP game can give, it's a shame that no one will play it. Highly recommended, if you are even in the slightest bit interested in squad-based tactical shooters, then get it.
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    I'm never quite sure, when browsing the PS Sale that I clearly bypass the highly reviewed AAA games that I've never played, and turn to something niche, but it's often the way it turns out. Couldn't find a thread for Elex but I know a couple of the GamesTM people played it, so thought I'd give it a go. Seems a bit overwhelming in the early stages, 2-3 hrs in, wandering off gets me quickly killed, whilst walking around picking up quests in the barbarian village is a big hit & miss (no way to access inventory or map without using that item they don't want you to use....) But I'm reassured from reviews that after the first 5 hrs or so it gets a whole lot better.
  25. Put 4 hours into this earlier. First thing you notice in an uncharted game is the graphics, they blew me away and left me flabbergasted once again, this is the first Uncharted game I've seen in 4K HDR and it is absolutely fucking magnificent, I could write paragraphs and paragraphs just about the level of detail in this game and the lighting, it is quite frankly ridiculous and I don't know how they manage it, ND are truly gods among men. The first few chapters are basically the PSX 2016 stage demo, there's more buildup to it and little details like the Chloe not wearing a hijab but yeah you make your way through an Indian city at night whilst a war is raging all around you, everything just looks so amazing I was stopping every few seconds and panning the camera just looking at how incredible everything looked. Anyway, you reach the part where the PSX demo ended and this sequence goes on a bit longer, you steal something, get caught then run away from the chasing Indian rebel army using the rooftops and zip-lines all whilst it's thrashing down with rain, thunder and lightning around you. Once this is over you enter the main area in the Indian savannah, think Madagascar in U4 and you've pretty much got it. It looks almost exactly the same as that, you have a Jeep to get around, there's places to winch the Jeep to get into, enemy encampments dotted around, exotic animals to fawn over and all that good stuff. Where it differs though is you're mainly left to your own devices to explore. There is an overarching objective to find three monuments to Indian gods in some tombs dotted around the environment but you can go where you like, find loads of treasures, pick up collectible tokens to unlock a reward and much more freedom overall than any Uncharted game before it, you can also choose to explore enemy camps and take them out or leave them be, I think this is the first time an Uncharted game has felt truly open-world to me, it's still relatively small, granted but it's still a dense exotic environment that you can have some fun in. The collectible tokens are a really cool idea, instead of just picking them up you have to do a trial in order to get them (actually reminded me of BotW in a way). This can be doing a wheel puzzle on a wall, a physics puzzle like using your weight to see-saw open a hatch or having to ring 8 bells at the same time to get some metal bolts on a door to open, some are a bit more dull like just throwing a grenade at a wall, but some of them have some really nice ideas about them. The rustic feel to the map as Chloe crosses off another token is very satisfying too. It has taken me a while to warm to Chloe and Nadine, I'm used to hating Nadine from U4 so seeing her so buddy-buddy and one of the protagonists is a bit jarring at first. Chloe's great though, their relationship is a bit tense and business-like at the beginning but has already grown in the time I've been playing it and I love the banter between the two of them as I'm riding around in the Jeep, I particularly love Nadine's probing of Chloe's time with Drake. When under questioning Chloe says 'I know Nate well, but his brother literally appeared out of thin air' which I thought was a funny reference to Sam being suddenly introduced into the Uncharted-universe in U4. Took me a while to get used to the combat, but after a few shoot-outs I was zipping around the mini-arena's, stealthing people (the new silent pistol is a god-send) to death and firing some weighty machine-guns when I got found out. Haven't really noticed it to be a lot different than U4 really, if you liked the combat in that you'll like this, there does seem to be more options for stealth this time around though which is always nice. So yeah, I think if you liked Uncharted 4 you'll like this, maybe if you like open-world action games but not necessarily Uncharted you'll like it too, there's more chance anyway than past instalments, particularly if you felt irked or annoyed by the Drakes and their narrative baggage anyway. Photos below:
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