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    I spent the end of last year finally getting around to Just Cause 3. It had been languishing in my backlog for ages,so one day I thought “I really need to play this”. Leading to me happily playing through to the end,taking over the entire region of Medici,and doing the DLC,which increased the carnage with a missle+machine gun wingsuit,and mech. Having had so much fun with it,I bumped JC4 to the top of my Boomerang rental list. It just arrived today,so spent an hour or so playing it. I noticed a number of reviews say it looked graphically worse than JC3. Having that game fresh in my mind,I have to say I agree. It doesn’t look awful,but something is definitely off. I’m not entirely sure why,but at the moment I prefer the way JC3 looked. At the moment my weapon inventory is limited to two guns,as opposed to the previous system of two guns and a pistol. Maybe that changes as you progress in the game. I don’t like that the button to swap weapons is the same as reloading. You press Square (on PS4) to reload,hold it to swap weapons. It feels weird. As for taking over regions? Gone is the whole “go to an area,blow up everything and take it over” setup. Instead, you get rebels to take over places by assigning them to a region. You have to unlock more people for your army by causing Chaos. I haven’t played enough yet to judge how that properly works. But it feels like an unnecessary change. I liked liberating everything myself,so I’m not entirely sure how this will play out. I intend to play plenty more of it, as the series has always been fun. But I can see why this got a mixed reaction in reviews.
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    He calls him a loser in the international trailer... No dickwad for us.
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    You know it's fake because The Division is on there.
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    Good demo, that. It's a bit scary for me, though. I always feel wrung out after playing one these games. And this has a very dense atmosphere, more so than Resi revelations, which I played recently - possible due to the torch work, which makes everything eerie. Seems a bit easier to pull off a decent head shot in this than revelations, though. The common enemies in that moved so jerkily, it was difficult to get a good aim. Loved all the blood and guts.
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    Yea The cutscenes are unskippable so you can imagine how short the game part actut is. You can beat this game fast. There's parts I didn't remember but still managed to get in to nab that trophy. It's not got the same labyrinthine structure as Resident Evil. Map layout is super basic. Oni 2 is way longer than this and the pre-rendered backdrops in that game are beautiful. But it's got some real shit bits too like those friend characters. I still hope it gets a port tho
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