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    yeah that's cool, i've replaced the zeldas with 1000 year door and persona 5. don't want to go to prison!
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    I thought exactly the same before I played it but was spurred on with all the positive comments about it everywhere - and the fact it was a decent sized JRPG on the Switch - and it is an absolutely phenomenal game, you'll only know that if you play it though. Don't judge a book by its cover etc.
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    Well, if I ever want the world to end it would be via Zombies so it's a win.👍
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    Oh my days @Blakey I love you. So hyped for this.
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    Oh yeah man she’s awesome. Owns the Pink Gorilla game stores in Seattle, the flagship store is hands down the best game store I’ve ever been in - huge selection of retro and contemporary, and the best prices I’ve ever seen not from a private collector. I picked up both SMT: Devil Survivor games on DS for $15 each. If you ever go to Seattle (which you totally should) make sure Pink Gorilla is on your ‘to do’ list. And also Raygun Lounge.
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    It isn't how much it throws at you in the last mission, it's what it throws at you and how the commentary reacts. It's utter lunacy.
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    Finished up Digitiser and I enjoyed it on the whole. The actual gaming side of it needs to be improved for the next series, what might be interesting stuff is a mess or buried under the nonsense. The comedy is hit and miss, and is obviously going to vary depending on your taste, it made me laugh a few times though Thingy kitten looked like she hated being there, so she might not come back but she was decent on it, Gameplay Jenny knows her stuff even if it's not my era, and Larry knows his stuff, more detail from those two would be good
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    This game is breaking my heart. This fight against this demon guy at the end of the DLC is really great but I don't have the numbers to pull me through, even with the assassin's autonomy ability. I need to get a better sword than +2 Dragons Dogma. I need to run around the island and find a cursed weapon that takes me over the line. But I hate that I have to do that. I've got this guy down. Avoiding all his AOEs and parrying all his physicals (exct the grab) but the numbers just aren't high enough I also like Sen's Fortress. But Souls is less a game about combat and more dealing with obstacles. When you put the player in a tight spaces in DD a lot of its systems fall apart and the pawns become a useless liability cause they don't know how to deal with close quarters.
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