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    @OCH I wouldn't disagree about GotG2, I will about Ragnarok though. I think they'd painted Thor's character into a corner personality wise between the two avengers films and the two Thor movies. Ragnarok was a complete tonal 180, but I don't think that was a bad thing. Perhaps it helped that I'm a big fan of the directors other works and the humorous appeals to me, but I loved it. Like @RikSP says, I think they found the nuance with Thor in IW, but over all I think it's improved his character dramatically.
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    Soon going to be playing through the 3rd (and probably final) DLC for this. So seems a good time to throw down an opinion. This is definitely one of the most fun games i’ve played this year. I’ve a lot of respect for Rebellion,their Sniper Elite series is consistently brilliant (shooting Nazis in the nads? Who doesn’t love that.). So I was definitely interested in this. It doesn’t carry across the gory X-Ray cam feature of Sniper Elite. But that’s understandable,as it’s going for a different vibe. It plays out like an Olden days Adventure movie, with a Narrator providing a running commentary,often genuinely being hilarious (though for some reason has an absolute hatred of cats,and isn’t afraid to show it). The combat is simple to grasp,with a small selection of weapons (sniper rifles,SMGs,shotguns), with additional extra powerful weapons that you can buy from crates,using gold you get from treasure chests and killing enemies. You also get special moves that you can activate with enough charge,ranging from damage reduction,to smart bombs. One complaint though has to come with boss fights. Many of them require an accurate shot on a particular weak spot, often a quite small one. Doesn’t sound bad in theory. But when that boss is constantly moving,accuracy proves difficult. Add that to a swarm of enemies ganking you,and the difficulty in getting a decent shot gets even worse. Co-op definitely helps in that regard. Bosses that took me a good 20 minutes to kill on my own,became a breeze when I was with a mate. Its been a really enjoyable game,and the DLC missions have been quite decent. Charging £6 for each additional new character can go bollocks though. It hit the PSN sales at Halloween,and probably will do so again before long. I’d certainly recommend it.
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    Out at the end of the week, I'm using it as a little Christmas gift though so I'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Booted the main game today and managed to get The Silent Cartographer achievement (1 road short, that I still can't see... Sweet)... It's put me right in the mood for that dlc though. Can't resist screenshots of this game cos it's gorgeous!
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    I thought Thor in Infinity War was a much better character. He still had the humour still, but also the 'man out of time'/warrior arrogance from the earlier movies.
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    UK Chart roundup Smash sales UK Chart, week ending 8th December
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    I had this fight just now against this eyeball boyo. Got him to about 30% of his health but got too close to an AOE and ate it. It's cool tho, it's got this one attack where it petrifies you but if you turn your back to it it doesn't affect you. Just remember doing that in FFXIV a few times and wondered if it would work here. Sure enough. You can't grab the eye and stab it tho ☹️ It's a cool encounter, feels like a proper boss fight from an MMO or JRPG. Which is interesting cause as I think of it the main game is devoid of proper boss fights other than the dragon. The bosses in DS actually suck. It takes a really long time to fight tho even with the dragons rancor bow. Makes me feel like I really should just try the magic classes already but it will take so long to get my guy adept at them.
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    Literally everything about Drax in GoTG 2 made me angry...
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    100% this. The forced humour in both really rubbed me the wrong way. The underlying theme of family in GotG2, specifically that blood isn't thicker than water and family is what YOU make it really spoke to me. My sister is adopted so many of the conversations we had with her growing up were mirrored in this, almost verbatim at some points, so it resonated with me on a personal level. Which is why the forced jokes and constant back patting "hey guys, do you remember this from the first movie? Wasn't it funny!?" really grated on me. And the way characters and performances seemed like they were allowed to breathe and develop in GotG1 was thrown out as they were written to be like how James Gunn thought fans wanted them to be, Drax for example, was a fucking moron in GotG2 and it completely ruined his character. The movie is worth watching for the Star-Lord/Yondu arc and that it's about it. Baby Groot should have been fed into a fucking wood chipper. Fuck me, I just realised how much I disliked that movie.
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    Hela and Ego were the only parts of their respective films that were not absolute shite. Goofy low brow comedy undercut literally every important dramatic scene both Ragnarok and GoTG 2 had. Thor's characterisation in particular, was tossed out of the window for guffaws instead.
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    Put a few more hours into this since finishing Kiwami 2,and thus far it’s creating a very good impression. Muddying up,Arnie in Predator style,and stealth killing people is a right laugh. And it’s good that playing the previous games rewards you with various cosmetic unlocks. I laughed at the old-school PS1 era one,kudos. The tombs I’ve found thus far have said I can’t access them yet. But I like how it specifically tells you that you’re lacking gear,and what that gear is. Oh,and it goes without saying that the game looks absolutely stunning. But yeah,it’s been jaw dropping so far.
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    It's largely just the basics, but there's an instruction manual for the game knocking about https://imgur.com/a/gvSJXL1
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    Because a thread of impressions should start at post 1 with impressions. Not several pages of news and then impressions. It's not complicated, it's just nice to have that divide of it being out and people going from speculation to actual experienced thoughts.
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    But Winter Solider is the best Marvel film they've done...
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    Makes sense to start a thread, since it's an impression thread and not a news thread. You look at something like RDR2, if you moved that thread across you'd have pages of news before you got to any impressions.
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    I emailed Square support and cancelled the sillyexpensive version 😁 Also:
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    Good fights earlier! I ended up manually changing the stages because me and Ben both hate the Donkey Kong (original old school one) stage, and didn't see an option to get rid of it. Turns out when setting the room up you can create custom rules where you can change all sorts of stuff, including taking any stages you don't like out of rotation.
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    As much as I've bitched about this I'm actually having a better time with it now, making up my mind that I didn't have to go hunting before returning to camp every single time did wonders for the pacing. I've said all along that the game is a technical showpiece but some of the lighting is astounding... shame the same can't be said for the controls, it makes Gears feel like CoD! I've seen a lot mentioned of Sadie, I'm part way through chapter four and I've done maybe two missions involving her... When does this brilliant character kick in? Arthur looks more like a caveman in my game too...😂😂
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    I think I might have just got a blow job off a man wearing a horned gimp mask
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