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Sea of Thieves

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Nothing wrong with holding off a bit. The games get cheaper, are patched and by that point there's a consensus if it's worth looking at or not. 

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8 hours ago, Nag said:

Pretty certain @Blakey was having a little dig at @Sly Reflex being a tight arse northerner rather than the fact of him having to wait on sales... there's a difference.


Yeah exactly, meant no offence @mr lakitu apologies.

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I think it all basically comes down to (for AAA at least) gaming is a business and when they release they have to try to maximize their income. It makes complete sense from a business point of view. 


But it's down to developers to come up with ways that don't damage the game or piss people off that also make people want to part with their cash, it's fucking hard. Cosmetics is fine but that doesn't work with every game. 


The games market is so saturated compared to 15 years ago too. No wonder people are waiting for a game to go on sale or on plus. There's hundreds if not thousands of games a year being released now. With the non-indies being 40/50 quid a pop, you HAVE to pick and choose what you want because of money and time. 


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The Stress Test has now begun, open to everyone that had Closed Beta access, finishes Monday morning.


Some new features: 




Ferry of the Damned Shenanigans - Now you can use all the items you have when you are living on the Ferry of the Damned. Obviously there are limitations to their effect, because, you're a ghost..

Idle Disconnect - The clock is ticking! There is now a ten minute idle timer, once that runs out players will be disconnected from their session and placed back in the ship selection lobby.

Life in the world – You'll find fish in the seas, and more birds in the air. How pleasantly delightful!

Pirate Selection - Now you can choose the pirate that best represents you! Eight pirates are generated when you first launch the game, don't like the look of them? Generate eight more! This pirate you select will be persistent for the duration of this Scale Test!

Persistent Pirate - Equipped your favourite outfit? Now when you leave the Sea of Thievesand re-join, your clothing & equipment is persistent between sessions!

Quick Menu - Tab on PC or Menu on Xbox One brings up a menu, which currently shows a brand new Voyage Inventory!

Equippable Items
New Radial Icons - Finally saved up for that cosmetic you've always dreamed of? Now your radial icons will display the items you have equipped, stare at it until your hearts content. What shiny icons you have!

Store Inventory Additions - From peg legs to pretty new spyglasses, the shop keepers have new items for you to purchase in their inventories.

Updated Bucket –Your bucket can now carry water from ship to ship, or sea to ship or sea, to tavern, to ship, imagine the possibilities.

Vanity Chest - Want to change up your pirate's look with a beard and eye patch? Visit the vanity chest on your ship to transform your inner pirate into your outer pirate!

Voyage Inventory - Players can now carry a maximum of 3 voyages.

Weapon Limit - Pirates are now limited to equipping 2 weapons, so choose wisely!

Weapon Shop - The weapon shop has been restocked with new items. Maybe something new will take your fancy... oh, is that a new Eye of Reach?!

Island Updates
Booby Trapped Chests – You've solved the riddle, found the x which marks the spot and you're ready to dig up some well deserved treasure.. but beware! Some treasure chests are now guarded by the skeletons of pirates who are determined to keep you from their buried treasure! How will you know if it's booby trapped? Dig and find out!

NPC Dialogue & Reactions - The NPCs now have a lot more to say, some have gotten used to you visiting them and now will wave you into their store. Maybe you'll catch one laughing? Was it something you said?

Skeleton Difficulty - With greater status comes greater challengers! The skeletons now scale in difficulty depending on your progression in the Sea of Thieves.

Washed Up Items -

The seas are now giving up their treasures, so make sure to scour beaches for:

  • Message in a bottle - Keep an eye out for a glint in the sand! The contents may make it worth your while...
  • Treasure Artifacts - These treasures were once hidden in the depths thought lost forever, turn them in to the Gold Hoarders who will happily take these off your hands.
  • Treasure Chests - Thought a chest was lost? Think again, it might wash up on a sandy shore.
  • Resources - Island restocking just got more fun.

Player Settings
Windows 10 PC Specific Settings

Make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your graphics cards.

PC Text Box - Press T to freely type in the text box.



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5 hours ago, mr lakitu said:

Isn’t that counterintuitive to have a stress test but only for people that were in a closed beta?


I get why you'd think that, but seemingly not.




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