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I originally played this through Game Pass when it was in early access (on PC, I think it's on console too), and enjoyed it so much I stopped so I didn't ruin it. It got its full release last week and Prodeus is still really good


It plays like a mix between the original Doom and Quake 2, fast like the former with those level layouts, but with the tone and look of the latter. Only with Quake 1's soundtrack. It's kind of my ideal fps I guess. It's made with voxels I think, so even though it looks modern and sharp(ish), it had a muddy, grungy look to it.


The levels are a decent length, but there's orbs hidden in there that are used to buy new weapons and upgrades, like the double jump, and so hunting these down adds a lot of length to the levels. Which leads me to a bit of an issue, it's annoying when you can see but can't work out how to get 😅 but also, I've basically been playing through the game twice. It's a good Steam Deck game, but I'd rather play with a mouse and keyboard, to use a cloud save you have to log in to their servers, which I didn't really want to do, so I've got 2 separate saves on the go, which means doing every level at least twice, some times more as I hunt orbs.


It's also a bit too easy, I've had one level so far that's felt like a challenge, and even then I suspect I'll tear through it when I next do that level. At some point I think I need to at the least bump the desktop version up to hard


I did a video on it, I'm never sure about posting these as it feels like self-promotion, but it's a gameplay video



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I've been chipping away at this and it's a little longer than I expected. I don't think there's too much left but it's hard to tell because I can only see so much of the map. There's a weapon and an upgrade I still need to buy, I suspect that the gold shards I've missed (the currency in the game) would cover the cost of those two. I am still missing weapons after that though, or at least it looks like there's slots for more.


It's been good, I've not been following the story but stuff has definitely happened, something big exploded, which if that had been the end of the game I could have understood. It looks to me like there's at least 2 more levels but it's been bouncing between maps so it's possible there's more after

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Bugger. Don’t know why vids F’up for me so much on here. Any good now in this post?


Anyway, completed it last night. For the most part I loved it. Basically it’s classic DOOM in a new skin and you can look up and down. If you like that you should like this.

First I’ve just got to say It looks just incredible! Graphically, as I’ve said elsewhere this is genuinely one of my favourite looking games of all time. All the effects just click with me perfectly. It feels great too, I turned on auto run & the speed and fluidity of your movement is spot on. How you can do super quick laps of a area while mowing down demons is so satisfying. All the weapons feel fantastic to use too. 

If I have any criticisms it’s that’s it is a bit one note, it’s literally shoot demons and move through the level. Which is fine but a little extra variety wouldn’t hurt. Definitely suits shorter play times. & on that note some levels just felt like they went on far too long. 

Still a brill game though. 


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