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Mass Effect 2


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Think I've definitely just done another DLC episode, the one where you have to rescue the doctor whose got the reaper artifact. Top bit of space action, that was! It's all nicely integrated in this legendary edition, and the new characters I'm getting like the South African merc, and the stealth assassin are easily my favourites. This game is monumental in this legendary edition.

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Don't know how long I got out of it because the saves weren't keeping track of times for some reason. But every hour I spent on it was pure joy - every cutscene, every battle, every character interaction, every piece of beautifully written lore. 


One of the best games ever, I'd say. The only thing I could criticize it for is a bit of a lack of freedom to just go off the beaten track and find something amazing. Plenty of uncharted planets around but only a few with anything other than precious metals to probe. I had the feeling that maybe they planned to to include some of that 'Bethesda' style exploration with all those planets just waiting to be landed on, but perhaps financial constraints forced them away from following thru on that. Still, given how much the game actually does give the player, it's a minor complaint.




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