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  1. This is the new one from Vlambeer, the Super Crate Box and Ridiculous Fishing folks. You're lucky I'm here telling you about it because I have been pounding this game the last 24 hours. It's an arcade shooter in the style of Asteroids but there is so much more going on. The enemies are cunts, there are bullets everywhere and you have loads of types of plane that can massively change how you play. The playing field is leveled by you having regen health when you're not firing, but it's really easy to get caught out when trying to get one guy on your tail; it's one of those risk/reward mechanics done really well which I think Vlambeer have a really good hold on, what with this and Ridiculous Fishing. And then there is the plane building thing. Planes atre made up of three bits and there are about six of each which can be combo'd together in any way: there are laser guns, homing rockets, high impact armour, a body that automatically drops bombs, an engine that lets you go under water with taking damage and stuff like that. I feel like some combos are just plain useless (lol) but there are missions attached to (like kill so many fighters, or sink a ship while maintaining max combo) so it's worth seeing what you can do with the dumb combos even if you're not ever likely to get your high score. And it's probably more about doing these missions than getting the best score, it's the thing that keeps you coming back more (though I have a pretty sweet score ) But that's just all guff. It just feels real nice to play. The speed, the responsiveness, just how it's all balanced in how much punishment you can take, all the acrobatics you can do that aren't hard to pull off; it's just a real nice feeling game and polished to a shine. Get it, it's ace.
  2. Anyone else playing this? It's bloody brilliant, i've been playing it for 15-20 minutes a day since i got it, it's very intense. I've just started Level 3, Pillars of Light, which introduces my favourite videogame enemy type...spiders. The game itself is a first person dungeon crawling rpg, with a really good balance between exploration, puzzles and combat. If you like Dark Souls you'll love it.
  3. Hendo

    Little Inferno

    Made by the team that did World of Goo and the guy who was behind Henry Hatsworth. You can tell the World of Goo thing by the art style and sense of humour, a mile off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04GSCt2Wiqo It's a little bizarre. It's a sandbox game with no fail state but there is a running narrative and story. You order objects which you place in your fireplace and then set them on fire. Build combos by combing certain objects together and you'll start unlocking more lists of stuff to buy. All in-game money, no IAP's as far as I'm aware. It's oddly compelling but there isn't much point to it. From Wired:
  4. Just dove into to the start of the game tonight. It’s really good if you like hardcore stealth games like the old Hitman or Thief games. The download is around 6 or 8GB if I remember correctly and the game was developed using Unreal tech and it shows for the most part. The characters are nicely designed, but are slightly on the plastic action figures side of things. Styx animations are very well done. He moves with weight throughout the world and walks like a goblin should. The Humans and elves on the other hand are very stiff and robotic-like when walking. The environments are very well design. I’m not far in the game, but it seems that the humans and the elves have some sort of alliance and Styx has lost most of his memories. The only thing he can remember is that he needs to get to the center of the world tree where amber is made. Styx is pretty puny compare to all the other character’s in the game, so it’s not advised to go into hand to hand combat because you’ll die pretty quickly. In most cases they will kill you in one or two hits. Stealth is mandatory and there are multiple paths to get to your objectives. There is a very well done quick save system in place in case you die. So far it’s a solid old school stealth game.

    Freedom Planet

    I got sent a code for this but I'd have bought it myself eventually. It's a retro inspired game, only in a novel twist it's inspired by the Sega side of the fence rather than Nintendo. Thematically it's Sonic 3, the way the scenery smashes apart, the huge sprawling levels, the way everything looks. It's deceptive though as while it really does play like a reimagined 16 bit game, particularly one post Sonic 3, it doesn't play that much like a Sonic game. You dont bounce on people's heads, instead there's uppercuts, low kicks, and special whirlwind jump attacks. It's a hyper action game. Sonic crossed with Knuckles I guess. There's a few problems but I'll do a longer post some other time. It's fucking great though, one of the best 'retro' games I've played, but it is a little rough in parts
  6. Uncle Dokuro

    Hero Siege

    This has been out on smartphones and PC for a while now, but I just got around to picking it up and playing it. The Finnish developer Panic Art calls it a “rouge-lite hack n’ slash”, which is a somewhat fitting description. People reviewing it on Steam call it a stripped down Diablo, but at its core it’s a twin stick arena arcade game like Nuclear Throne. The difference being Hero Siege has very lite RPG trappings like leveling and skills. Playing with kbam is so fucken annoying, so I would recommend playing with the 360 or XO gamepad for this. There are eight classes (if you buy the DLC) and the only two that really interest me are the redneck class and pirate class. Still on my first play through of the game with a level nine redneck I affectingly named Bubba Fett. The Redneck class is a melee class and his main weapon is a chainsaw. The skills that I’ve unlocked for that class are flaming NASCAR wheels that can be thrown, Molotov cocktails that can be thrown and a bear trap that you can lure enemies into. There are a few more for that class, but I have not unlocked them yet. Each area has six waves of enemies that you fight and the sixth wave is a boss fight. Pretty typical stuff for a twin stick game. Each area is randomly generated and has secrets like dungeons. There is also some DLC for called The Carp of Doom. It adds a fifth act, a new class Samurai, exclusive hats and exclusive dungeons. If you buy the C.E. version of the DLC you get a Cyber Punk skin for the Samurai Class and a Karp Hat. The game is quite difficult till you level your character up, then it becomes quite an enjoyable experience. According to the developer Hero Siege is coming to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at some point in time. They are also trying to become id@Xbox developers too. I would recommend this if you enjoy twin stick arena games and grinding. 4 beer cans and a dixie cup/5 beer cans
  7. Hendo

    Hack 'n' Slash

    I know Mike has been playing this, I've only put 20 minutes in. It would be more as I like the concept of it but I'm constantly stuck, it seems so open that I have no idea where I'm going. I got as far as being asked to clean up a spill in the water (like an oil spill) which I found but have no idea how to clean it. I also found a magic gate that I don't know how to open and a few other paths that there's no way of telling which way I'm meant to go. I might need a guide to get me going as I love the concept and art style (it is Double Fine, after all) but I'm perpetually lost. It's a puzzle action game, kind of like Link to the Past viewpoint but your sword can hack into objects and enemies and you can change their values to make them non-aggressive or let bushes you burn give out tons of hearts. You can pretty much break the game by changing the values in your favour. Like there's a queen sprite in this cave that gives out extra hearts but only once. You use this item in your inventory to change the history of whether she gave you hearts or not and you can just churn out tons of energy for yourself.
  8. spatular


    What's yours is mine. this is a top down coop (can be played single player too) heist game - a modern comparison would be a stealthy hotline miami. you collect coins that are lying around, or in vaults, or being carried by people. get to an objective, via multiple floors, then escape. you can only see stuff line of sight - but there is a period where a guard sees you his question mark above his head fills in, you're only spotted when its full, so the line of sight thing doesn't make it too easy to get spotted - also one of the guys ability lets you see guards positions. you can pick between a number of guys to play as - each has a special ability, like the really useful one mentioned above. one can knock out guards, one can break walls, one can hack plug sockets to take out security, etc. playing in coop its interesting to see what abilities work well. i always go the guy that lets you see guard positions, but some of the others look really good too. there's a variety of weapons you can pickup - shotgun, crossbow, emp, smoke grenade, health - these are refilled by picking up coins - 1 gunshot/item per 10 coins, so its hard to go on a killing spree. i like the crossbow for silently taking out annoyingly positioned guards. at first it starts off pretty easy and you can play it a bit like pacman, collecting the coins as the guards chase you around - early guards can only punch - soon there are guards with guns, security cameras, lasers, etc to avoid so you have to play more propper like i've played quite a bit in coop and on my own, i like it. the coop definitely needs some good coordination (which i don't really have) to do well, but its also good fun when it all goes wrong and all hell breaks loose as you're trying to hide/escape but blundering into more baddies and stuff in the process. and in single player, if you die you can respawn as another guy, so you get a few lives. in coop if everyone dies its game over, but you can revive allies. so anyone else try it? tbh i probably would have waited for a sale if i didn't have loads of xbox points already, and P4A didn't arrive at the weekend.
  9. I gots to tell you, I really don't like this game. It's really humourless and annoying. The controls are all nice and I've had no issues with the platforming but the script is boring and flat. I just want to smack his stupid face.
  10. Uncle Dokuro

    NHL 15

    The demo is out now. My thoughts are Vancouver did a good job. Not an excellent job, but just good job. Granted this is the first NHL on new-gen consoles. The pre-game show is scare photo realistic. I thought I was watching a game on NBC Sports. But during the game while the visuals are all glossy the character models look last-gen. At start-up you can select Easy (face buttons with Arcade style gameplay), Standard (Skill stick instead of face buttons and simulation gameplay), or custom. Enjoyed the demo, disappointed the EASHL mode will not be in the new-gen version. It would have been nice if EA knocked $10 off the price, but whatever. Will pick this up when I find it on cheaper sale.
  11. I think this is a game that maybe a bunch of people have picked up at some point during a Steam sale, maybe. It has even been reduced really low on Wii U so I assume someone may have this game as well. I just want to say if you haven't played it yet but have it then get it played. It's a a cool game. What I've noticed is it promotes itself as a game with no real tutorial and you have to just figure it out. That sounds all well and good but therer are a few to many games out there that claim to do that but are just obtuse and a pain in the arse; Toki Tori 2 isn't that. Maybe it has too much of a simple opening, but it's only after playing it a bit and getting to appreciate the level of complexity do I realise why they started this game slowly. What is awesome about it is that the game is based around interacting with wildlife, and when you start off you don't know the amount of interaction you actually have until you've gone through a load of the game, and then you're like 'oh shit, those butterflies were at the start and I could have got them to do such and such'. I guess it's almost like playing a Metroidvania but having all the power-ups from the start, except you don't know what they do unless you play more, which is super cool. It has the most natural progression without you having to unlock anything. I know it's far from the most exciting game in the world but it is such a perfect Sunday afternoon hang out game. You just potter about and solve some surprisingly satisfying puzzles. I think it's worth a punt, but I don't know for certain if anyone herer would like it. But I'm giving it a hearty thumb up, anyway.
  12. This came out of the steam tombola and it comes out on the newer consoles soonish. Normally I wouldn't do a thread for something only I'm going to end up playing, but this deserves it. Did you like Colony Wars and X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter? You'll be wanting a slice of this if you did. SSZ is a space combat game where you're given a set of orders and expected to follow them. You're not a super soldier killing every last thing, you are part of a machine. If you fail to fulfil your orders the whole thing falls apart and can make the rest of the mission harder or even fail it outright. You're going to spend a lot of time dogfighting but there's other orders that mix things up a bit. You're scored on missions, doing well sees you unlocking medals, medals equals unlocks which can be used to pimp out your fighter. Different fighters have different attributes and slots to fill with weaponry. I've not actually unlocked much yet, but I can see that some are clearly better in some regards than the others. Controls are a bit hard to get your head around when you start, but you can pitch, roll and do all sorts of fancy shit that will see you skidding and barrelling through the depths of space. It seems hard at first but before long I was able to do trench runs in my ship on big freighters, taking out defences whilst avoiding crashing into debris that seemingly ends up floating about from all the ships you end up scrapping. Getting hit or smashing into something isn't the end of the world, you have a rechargeable shield that can soak up the damage. If you take a hit that isn't absorbed by shields, you have to deal with the hull damage it inflicts until the mission is over. You can use a limited amount of boost and the games warning system to deploy preventative measures from getting hit even more. It's here the game excels in providing you feedback through visual and audio cues that make sure you're protecting yourself when it matters most. Speaking of cues and feedback, there's a part where you're attacking this big space freighter and it's firing flak cannons into the air around you. The closer you get to it the more interference you get trying to pilot around it, it pixelates your screen like a corrupt MP4 and stimies your ability to pilot as you would normally. Usually I wouldn't like that, but it feels really good here, the ship itself is just an obstruction flying through space otherwise, every time you have to deal with one it feels risky as you swoop in trying to take out a defence to make the next pass safer and easier. Other aids are reticles that you can aim for that react to inertia, speed and angle so that you've some idea of where you should be shooting at far off targets. It's a little feature that goes a long way to making the core concept of the game fun Other stuff I should probably mention. Graphically it looks amazing. Although it's very minimalist it really does look the part. The music is great, it reminds me of the Mass Effect games composition. The voice acting is also above what I was expecting, I like how it's not just Americans, the vocalisation is very varied. It's hard as fuck. I'm playing on easy because of the games reputation and I'm yet to feel truly in control of something because of how fast everything is unfurling. I'm hoping when it eventually drops on the newer consoles it comes with a demo so people can try it out. It might surprise a lot of people. In no way is it a top tier million dollar budget game, but the people responsible have crafted an exceptional game, or at least the SSZ part of it is good, I've no idea if SSI is any different.
  13. Hendo

    Don't Starve

    This is made by the people who did Shank and Mark of the Ninja but isn't anything like those games. It's a permadeath survival game which can be summed up simply as collect items to create other items in order to collect and make other items. For example, need rocks to make something? You'll need to make a pickaxe. To make that you'll need to collect some smaller items like flint first. It has a day/night cycle and at night without fire or some other form of light, the monsters will kill you so that's your first real motivation - start making some progress to build a fire. Also, as the name suggests, you have a rapidly emptying belly so you'll need food to survive. You can find berries on the ground but there are also creatures running around like rabbits that you'll need to build traps and put down suitable bait down to get them. I've made it at most about 4 days in which I was quite proud of! This Giant Bomb quick look video gives a good indication of what you do, some UI has changed since then, but it's largely the same. http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/quick-look-dont-starve/2300-6864/
  14. wholehole

    Dead Space 3

    The opening to this game is incredible, they went full blown Uncharted this time around and it works brilliantly. Very glad to see the game proper starts with interleaved vid screen static, I was getting worried as it's kind of a tradition for the series. First things first, make sure you pop into the options menu before you start and switch on classic aiming. This will turn on the classic Dead Space laser sights rather just a reticle. Not sure why this isn't on by default tbh. The change to universal ammo seems to work okay if a little wonky. The two initial weapons you have, a plasma cutter and a submachine gun, don't add up. Reloading the Plasma Cutter from empty uses up 5 clips and gives 10 shots, whereas the Submachine gun uses up 4 clips and give 20 shots. There doesn't appear to be any stats up front for the guns so this is a bit puzzling. I just assumed that universal ammo clips would reload all guns on a one-to-one ratio i.e. one clip per refill. Probably should worry too much, but I like to know how far my resources will go at all times. I really need to get out of the habit of constantly reloading as I usually would in the previous games. Doing this will use up your clips fast as even refilling one shot will use up one clip at a minimum. The new Waster enemies you meet early on are very cool, like a thinking mans Slasher. Because of the way they evolve as you dismember them, going for the easy shots may not be the best way to tackle them depending on the other enemies you're facing. Not liking that they've kept the stamp enemies for loot thing from Dead Space 2, it's kind of annoying to have to stamp everything and see if items jump out. I always imagine Isaac catching these in mid air like the Fonz or something. I'm wondering how the difficulty will pan out as I quickly filled my inventory up with med-packs and ammo during the early part of the first chapter. I started on Hard, but I think this is more like Normal from the previous games. May have to ramp it up another notch if this carries on. I don't want to have plentiful ammo and health constantly as it really lowers the tension.
  15. Much recommended this. It's a stealth game, 2D side-view, made by the people who did Shank and the N+ XBLA port. It's got great reviews and I've only done the tutorial bit so far but it's looking pretty good. The feedback on your surroundings is excellent so you can see the waves of sound of how far away people can hear your footsteps or enemies' field of vision using the MGS light cone. You get bonus points for not being detected or not killing people which will be quite the challenge. Give the trial a go. Oh, also if this had been in the Summer of Arcade, it wouldn't have been seen as such a damp squib.

    The Fall

    Heard a bit of praise for this so I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go. It's a bit unfortunate it's come out after The Swapper, because it shares the same aesthetic, use of light, and creepy desolate space station vibe.The Fall is more of a point and click with gun combat, you use your gun's light to reveal things you can interact with, then select how to interact, combine with an object or whatever. The problem with it is that The Fall can get a bit 'try to click on everything while trying to combine everything with everything' pretty quickly, or it did for me at least, especially annoying when I'd worked out a later puzzle but wasn't allowed to solve it yet, so my progress just stopped. I've also encountered a puzzle where you have to inch your way through, solve one bit and the next bit will drop on the floor, do something with that and now there's suddenly another bit on the floor, but it doesn't really tell you it's happening. The plot is pretty cool, you're the AI of an armoured suit, your human is damaged (non-responsive) and your primary objective is to keep your pilot alive, in any way you can. It's well done so far, and it's got better as it goes along. I suppose it's more like Flashback than anything, seems good so far
  17. Hendo

    They Bleed Pixels

    Got this in the Steam sale. The best I can describe it is like Super Meat Boy merging with a 2D Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. Not as complex as those brawlers but the simple idea is the same in that you can juggle enemies around. Lots of blood and spikes like Meat Boy and the platforming is pretty brutal. The stages aren't short like Meat Boy, only about 7 of them and I'm stuck on the 2nd. One of the cleverer bits is that you can choose where your checkpoints are. You fill up a meter with collectibles and once you stay still for a second or two, the checkpoint is out there. If it's still on sale or comes up again I can recommend it. Here's the trailer which shows it far better than I could. http://youtu.be/7X42GIOfuYo
  18. spatular


    So it's like rock band pro guitar, except you can use any guitar, and the notes are displayed differently. There's a 2d representation of the guitar neck, with notes coming towards it from behind, so it's like a 3d note chart, so yeah it can be pretty confusing. Probably a bit less confusing than the rockband version for me though. You can flip the guitar neck upside down so it looks more like guitar tab. It starts off pretty easy with barely any notes to play, I have played guitar a bit before but not much in the last 10 years and even back then I was a noob. It has some dynamic difficulty thing going on so as I'm not a complete beginner it upped the difficulty, then when I started missing a load of stuff it drops it back down - this seeme to work pretty well at keeping it not too easy and not too hard, for me anyway. I've just been playing through the main career type mode where it gives you some songs to play one at a time, then when you've played them each to a reasonable standard it suggests you play the 3 or so songs in a set list all together and if you do wel enough you get to play an encore song. I think you can just ignore this and play whatever songs you want though as I played high and dry from a list of songs. There's a practice mode and arcade games that are supposed to help teach guitar technique, not tried those yet. The recognition works well for single notes but chords it seems to struggle sometimes, although I'm probably not playing it that cleanly. and it can be a bit slow giving you credit for hitting the chords as it has to work it out. It's very lax on hit windows, I don't really see that as a bad thing though. So yeah I've been enjoying it, and unsurprisingly my fingers hurt a bit now. Anyone else giving this a go?
  19. Uncle Dokuro

    Alien Breed

    I have had so many opportunities to play Team 17's Alien Breed throughout my twenty seven years of gaming, but always passed or got busy with other games. Last night I started playing the PlayStation Vita port of Alien Breed and wow it is fantastic. Alien Breed is up there with Dyson vacuums, The Business and Liverpool FC as one of the greatest thing given to mankind by the English. The Vita port includes the original 1991 Amiga game, the 1992 enhanced special edition and what looks like expansions packs (Convergence, Valiance and Synergy). Wi-Fi and Ad-Hoc co-op is included. Team Bloober did the VIta port and it looks fantastic on the Vita's screen. Not sure how the controls where set up on the Amiga, but the twin sticks and touch screen on the Vita work wonderfully. Great game. Highly enjoying it. Easy Trophies if that is your thing.
  20. It has been a bit of a breakout hit lately on the PC, or it has seemed like that to me. Games like this are sometimes teased for years but this one just turned up and is getting a lot of attention. This can go in the PC thread but I felt it deserved its own. It's deserved as it's a great return to the classic survival horror of old, mostly inspired by Silent Hill. Actually, it's better at being Silent Hill the recent Silent Hill games. Of course the game is in 2D and uses a very chunky pixel art style. Personally, I don't think it works that well. It's still atmospheric as it still uses quite an advanced lighting technique and the sound is top notch (in fact, the sound is amazing) but I think the chunky pixels do make everything look weirdly cute. But like I said before, the sound, lighting and subject matter does give a constant sense of uneasy-ness; it's just different art style would have added more, I think. I don't want to go into the the story and stuff because it's the mystery of it that is what's great. Apparently, Jasper Byrne, who made it, really went to town in researching mental illnesses and it's through trying to piece together why the game's nameless protagonist experiences these things. Is what's happening actually happening? if not, what's driving these apparitions? Or is it both? It's really rich in weirdness so it could go either or all ways. And it's definitely a survival horror, with emphasis on survival. Ammo for your handgun is rare, batteries need to be stocked up for your torch and you need to keep yourself nourished with food and sleep. I've only failed in keeping on top of a few of these things and it ends up with your man having a breakdown so keep things topped up. I'll give one bit of advice: for ammo, take a blue pill before you sleep. It's been pretty hard, too. You really don't have enough ammo to kill all the enemies so choose wisely if you are going to put one out of its misery. With it being in 2D it's also reminded me how much in common the classic survival horror has with adventure games. If it wasn't for all the scary stuff that's what it would be. Anyway, Lone Survivor is very good and you all should get it; it runs on anything. Go!
  21. Seems so far to be an adventure of two brother getting from A to B (to get daddy some medicine I think). Big Brother is controlled by the left stick (movement) and the left trigger (interaction) and Little Brother is the right stick and trigger. The focus of the game play is traversing the land in which the game, controlling both brothers at once and solving puzzles that require co-operation between the two. I just did one such puzzle that wasn't particularly difficult to solve but it made me smile: It look nice, i don't particularly like the style of graphics, has this basic look to it which I'm not too keen on but the lighting is lovely, has this nice sunset-y look to it. And the music is nice too although I don't particularly remember any of it which is normally the sign of a well worked score if you know what I mean. Oh, and I could do without the babbling french sounding language they speak, I mean they do a good job of conveying their points with hand gesture and the likes but either speak English or just use hand gestures innit. I haven't got far in to it yet so I cant tell you if the 1200 moon dollar price tag is justifiable but about 45 minutes in and it hasn't done a great deal wrong.
  22. This hasn't reviewed well and while I can see why it's not awful, in fact I can see it being a bit of a cult game. Gameplay wise it's not dissimilar to the Witcher games, particularly the first one. You have 2 stances, one is using a heavy weapon like a sword, the other is quicker using knives allowing you to dodge. You've got fire magic too, there's area effect stuff, but the most useful ones have been a fireball, a fire shield, and the very necessary spell that lets your weapons do fire damage. You can fire arrows, which I did a lot early but haven't bothered with since learning they were limited, and plant traps. The traps are limited too, but I actually found them more useful than those of The Witcher. A big reason the game has been reviewing badly is the combat. At its core it's pretty good, the need to time blocks to counter is pretty fun. The problem is that the combat is unforgiving, you can go down very quickly, and too often enemies will surround you, ignoring your ally making the fight unwinnable. Add to that the only way to learn how best to beat an enemy means failing the fight over and over again. As a general rule you'll always need your fire attacks, but taking on a large enemy with your heavy weapon usually means reloading your save. I suspect the issues became apparent during development as the game saves before just about every fight. The script is awful, your character is supposed to be cool and dry, but he just comes across as a hateful arsehole. It's telling that the demon that has possessed you is the nicer character. Your dialogue is at odds with the rest of the characters and the world too. The story itself, and the set ups for the side quests are actually pretty good though, they've done a good job building the world even if it is fairly derivative. I've not finished it yet, but I can't see it being worth the price they're asking on pc let alone the higher ps4 price. It's not without its moments though
  23. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I stuck it on. Two hours and a lot of swearwords later I understood how great this game is. It's equal parts manic frustration at getting laid out for the 50th time and utter joy at finally smashing that last enemy's head in with a pipe. The controls are so well implemented the game never feels at fault regardless of how many times you get nailed. It has this weird 80's Killer 7 vibe mixed with a fantatic soundtrack (available on Soundcloud, definitely worth a listen: http://soundcloud.co...-miami-official) which all mashes together and reminds me heavily of the movie Drive. Everything about the game just fits together so well. Certainly worth a punt a £7, just a shame there isn't a demo for those that are unsure.


    I played through this over the weekend and it's out today so I thought I should do a thread. There's a ps4 version but I'm not sure when that's out, I think it's this week but I don't know for sure, and it's probably tied to whenever the store updates I'm going to come out and say it, I don't really like Daylight. I streamed my first attempt at it and it was ok, I got stuck on the floor but it was in beta at that point, but it was sort of creepy. I found some stairs, I didn't really want to go down them because it felt ominous, there was a moment where the witch appeared behind a curtain, but as I approached she disappeared. The problem is all the other stuff, the random bangs, screams and wails, the cabinets toppling over and boxes falling, you learn really quickly that stuff is all toothless. Things got bad enough that I was killed by the witch because I didn't realise I could be, prior to that point there was no reason to run from her so I just stood there and eventually dropped down dead. There were a couple of moments where the horror lands. I talked about it in the review and the video I'm going to stick below, but getting chased through a forest, hearing the witch gaining on me through my rear speakers was great, knowing that when I did stop to pick up a note she was going to be right behind me was effective. I jumped a couple of times when she appeared behind me, the first time was that first time I died, but once you've died she largely just becomes a nuisance, more of a problem because she might rob you of your progress which is the problem with it, if you ignore the bits where it doesn't recognise you're trying to pick up items, open cabinets etc. The maze like areas are procedurally generated, so it's possible you will get unlucky and have a really difficult time finding the notes you need (6 notes reveals the key, the key opens the door to the next area). You'll be running around revisiting rooms you've already been in trying to find what you're missing, eventually you'll be killed and you'll do it again, still not finding whatever you missed. That's not fun, if I didn't have to play it I would have stopped at that point and never turned it back on again. If that does happen to you though you can exit the game and reload, you'll get a different map layout which might make more sense. The story isn't great either. It's familiar ground, which is fine I guess, but because of the way it throws you in with no information everything you find is meaningless. It doesn't help that a lot of it really is meaningless, there's stuff there that seems really important but is just dressing, yet the person you need to be focussing on is referred to by a number. It's had mixed reviews, which I'm kind of glad about because it means I'm not on my own, and I can see how it would work for people, it worked for me for about 10 minutes. It's not unthinkably bad though, it's just not fun
  25. I'm starting this thread because I've been playing this game. Some of you will know that I have bought an arcade stick recently, even though I only had the HD version of Darkstalkers to use a stick on. So since this game was only released about a month ago I decided to get it, just so I had a fighting game that was kinda in vogue. But this meant earning a new fighting game. Now I'm not that familiar with this kinda game so it's weird for me. It's a game where pretty much any move combos into another. I hear the Vs. Capcom games are often like this but I don't know, I' only quasi-familiar with them. I dunno what to say about it. You can pretty much make a combo of anything as long as you start with light attacks and work your way up with standard, crouching and jumping variants. Linking in some special and Blockbuster attacks will also do damage and impress. BUt that's all fighting game bullshit. What I do like is you only have eight characters (well nine now thanks to some free DLC) but they are all very different. And even the bread and butter character, Filia, is pretty damn fun to use so there are no filler characters. I don't really know what else to say about a game like this. I think it's a fighting game fan's fighting game and the stories are really cool but I can't go any deeper than that. Even though this version of the game hasn't been out long there is no-one playing it online so that is annoying. I got it hoping there would be a community. So sorry for the shite impressions but if any PS3 Skullgirls owners are lurking lets hook up. I wanna try my button mashing against people.
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