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  1. Nicked from Savygamer:
  2. Now going for less than £20 at SimplyGames! I think I might grab it for that...
  3. I guess it's nice to see some GoD releases at a better price point... even if 90% of that list is old ass...
  4. Haven't touched the consoles for about 3 weeks thanks to a combination of three different factors, one of which is I'm still gripped by my new phone - here's what I've been spending/wasting my time on: > Draw Something & Words With Friends - Not much needs to be said about these, as I'm guessing pretty much all smartphone owners have tried them at least once. > LogosQuiz - Simple yet addictive fun. Played it with the missus and got as far as we could before I went over to the states. Then saw a load more of the fuckers over in Texas / at the airports. Currently about 45 hits short of reaching the final stage... > Tiny Tower - A simple SimTower type of game, probably even too simple... I was enjoying placing my tower's residents into their dream jobs, but I think my attention to it is starting to wane. > Disc Drivin' - Been playing a few games against Hendo & various randoms. Good fun (apart from the ice tracks ) but it needs more players per race... > Zen Bound 2 - Seriously loving this! Unlike anything else I've seen or played! I'm only on the third set of levels (out of 10) and it's already getting pretty tough... but then I am going for 100% (or as near as possible) on each stage... But yeah, it's awesome! > Fruit Ninja - Picked this up for free via HalfBrick's website. It passed an hour or so at the airport, until the missus fluked a bigass score that I can't get near... > Little Things - a hidden object/Where's Wally type of game. Haven't played it that much yet, but it's alright. It's got a nice simple look to it... > DOOORS - Escape The Room type game. Simple & gimmicky, but it was entertaining enough to keep me going through all 50 stages... > Bug Princess (demo version) - Gave this Cave shmup a playthru over the weekend. I think I'm convinced on it enough to get the full version, but will have to give it another blast, just to be sure... > Crow - Picked this up yesterday as it was on sale for 69p after seeing the screens on the AppStore. It looks awesome! It plays boring! It might get better as I get further into it, but the first stage consisted of just flying around tapping coins/gems and drawing the occasional line or circle on the screen to attack & block...
  5. This might be better off in the 'Deals' folder, but according to SavyGamer, there is a fuckload of iTunes apps on sale at the mo! http://savygamer.co.uk/category/deals/iphone/ BANG goes the rest of my credit!! Infinity Blade 2 Bit.Trip Beat GTA3 GTA Chinatown Wars Dead Space World of Goo plus loads more!! Full (?) list: http://www.becausewemay.com/ios.html
  6. Done! Although I have a sneaking suspicion I'm gonna get owned at this...
  7. I looked at that but decided to go for Grand Prix Story instead... Haven't played it yet though. I've got a 9hr flight next week, so I'm saving it for that... So far (apart from Draw Something, Words With Friends & the Logo game) I've been playing 'Geared' (which is free), which is one that caught my eye a good while ago. As the title might suggest it involves placing different sized gears/cogs on the screen. It was pretty fun for the first 50 or so levels, starting out pretty simple but quickly making things trickier with shaded areas restricting where cogs are allowed to be placed. However, it's now got to the point where the game requires you to drop cogs from a height with pixel perfect accuracy! That might work fine on the iPad, but it's just stupid on the iPhone. I know exactly where the cogs need to sit to complete the level, but it's more about luck than skill now... Giving up with just over a quarter of the levels complete...
  8. This thread is gonna be my new home for the next few weeks/months as I'm picking up an iPhone 4S today, which will be my first proper 'smart-phone'. Managed to get a really good deal on it as an upgrade... Really effin' excited!
  9. Probably worth keeping an eye on this site for up-to-date price changes on the Live Marketplace: http://xbldb.com/offer-history/price-changes/price-decreases In fact there is a Microsoft Studios sale on at the mo (in addition to the Kinect Arcade DotW): Kinect Arcade DotW Rhythm Party = 400 (50% off) Fruit Ninja = 560 (30% off) Leedmees = 400 (50% off) Hole in the Wall = 400 (50% off) Haunt = 400 (50% off) Happy Action Theater = 400 (50% off) MS Studios Sale Worms Ultimate Mayhem = 600 (50% off) + DLC Trials HD = 600 (50% off) + DLC Orcs Must Die = 600 (50% off) Magic TG:DotP 2012 = 600 (50% off) + DLC Iron Brigade = 600 (50% off) + DLC Fusion Genesis = 400 (50% off) Castle Crashers = 600 (50% off) Retail DLC discounts Gunstringer Gears 3 Forza 4 Kinect Sports Season 2 Halo Reach Think I'll grab Fusion Genesis for that price...
  10. Nice one Bob!! The Martian Bear DLC for it is half price as well, so I may as well nab that too!
  11. Tomahawk Rob

    Asura's Wrath

    All 18 main chapters done (on Normal, all with at least an 'A' rating), but to unlock the final 'True Ending' chapter you need five 'S' ratings (or 50 chapter playthroughs)... I'm struggling to meet the criteria, even if I switch it back down to easy. Great game though, even if it does consist of about 50% gameplay (and that includes the QTEs in the cutscenes). Fun bosses, awesome OTT action and was also pretty impressive from a cinematic point of view. The episode format was beginning to grate in the last third though, especially when every chapter is split in two with a adbreak/interval type-thing. And now that I'm into the episode replay territory, having to constantly hammer the 'skip cutscene' button like it was itself another bleeding QTE is really putting me off playing it anymore...
  12. Hmmm, is the 'True Ending' done too Ed? I've got at least an 'A' rating on all 18 chapters but am really struggling to meet the criteria for 5x 'S' to unlock the final chapter... Replaying them and constantly pressing the skip-cutscene button is beginning to get on my tits...
  13. That's a shame... Gonna miss SUAM I didn't really bother watching any of the other Inside Xbox stuff though... Yes, they were a pair of knobheads, but they were a funny pair of knobheads... This just proves the fact that you're a cunt if you don't have a vowel in your surname!
  14. PixelJunk are flogging all their games for £3.19 on PSN at the mo (except for PJ Monsters, which is £1.99). I'm definitely grabbing Shooter2 & SideScroller... Here's the kicker... apparently the US PSN has them all going for $1
  15. Catherine = £19.85 @ Shopto 360 & PS3 I would nab it, but I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up a cheaper copy on PS3 when I'm over in the states at the end of the month...
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