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Until Dawn


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I thought it would work the same as The Walking Dead and tell you at the end of each chapter how your choices compared with other players.

What it actually does is give you a percentage under each choice when they come up.

First I found myself drawn to the ones that were most popular, then I corrected this by going the opposite way. Then I realised it was a bad idea and turned it off.

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Started playing this yesterday, only got 2 hours in (part-way through Chapter 2) but first impressions are good, it has a great atmosphere to it, the lighting and character models (outside of cutscenes) are great and it's already made me jump about 15 times and usually over small little things like Racoons :lol:

Love these kind of movie-game games (not Beyond:TS though...) so it's not really a surprise I like it, this feels a little different though to all the others I've played which are made by quantic dream, going to be interesting to see how the butterfly effect stuff works as I progress through the game too, hoping I can keep everyone alive.

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Played another 3 hours earlier upto Chapter 6:


now I believe, 5 hours in.

My desire to keep everyone alive hasn't gone well at all today :lol: first

Jessica, then Josh got split in two, Sam got injected with something, Mike may be dead or knocked out and Matt and Emily are dead too

so not done very well there at all :lol:

I'm still liking it but I couldn't help shake a general feeling of malaise set in today whilst playing it, not sure if I've got used to it or what but I didn't find it that scary and quite predictable in places.

I'm sure some things will be explained later on but there's so much weird shit going on I can't get my head round it, a few of the deaths I've had looked like there was no way to be avoided either which I don't like.

Still liking it overall, but not as much as yesterday, more tomorrow.

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Played another 3 hours yesterday, 8 hours total, upto Chapter 9 so should finish it later today.

Nag was right! Surprises were aplenty today!

After my experience with the game souring a little yesterday, today was absolutely amazing, just loved absolutely loved it.

Genuinely quite scary (especially for someone that doesn't easily get scared in games), tense and unnerving, the graphics and lighting continue to astound as well and the particle effects are great too, didn't expect a game that was intended for the PS3 to look so goddamn good I must say, only shows its PS3 roots in the character models (slightly).

Parts of the game felt so like Resident Evil today, I mean the controls were already pretty similar to the RE's of old, but some environs I went through today reminded me so much of RE, and the main Lodge started to really remind me of the Mansion from the original RE.

The plot has been genuinely amazing,

Didn't see the twist coming at all, and was incredibly surprised to see Josh as the 'Maniac' playing a massive prank on the house, a fantastic inversion of expectations and Slasher movie tropes for sure, it's really cool how they use the back-drop of Josh's fake-violence and murder for the real violence and murder of the Wendigo, a really interesting Red Herring to throw at the player (although Josh does seem pretty messed up). Pleased that Emily survived her fall as well, I was convinced that she was dead after the Tower fell, but really caught me by surprise to see her alive, pleased that Josh is still alive to (at the moment...), it's not looking good for the group at the moment though as they're heading into the Wendigo HQ that I just blew up with Mike.

So, lots of Wendigo shooting-running moments tomorrow for sure, just hope I manage to save at least one of them from the Wendigo death-trap

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Finished it yesterday, took me 9 hours.

Loved it I must say,

The first half of the game things just seem really predictable, first you had the 'Maniac' then you had the ghost, doors shutting closed on their own, a Saw style game being played on a bunch of teenagers by some nutter, quite predictable I thought and at one point (when the ghost jump-scares you) I actually rolled my eyes in annoyance at the game. There's a huge twist in the 2nd half though which I never saw coming (I had a feeling in the back of my mind that Josh wasn't dead after the Saw contraption bit with Chris but no more than that) and when's it's revealed that the whole thing was just a massive prank to get back at the rest of the group pranking his Sister the previous year by using his Father's movie props and horror techniques, it's just genius it really is.

Then you realise that the whole 'slasher movie' vibe and the 'Maniac' supposedly on the loose are just red herrings to mask the true evil which is the Wendigos, the 2nd half though is incredible and much like the film Cabin in the Woods turns the whole slasher movie premise on its head and it essentially turns into a Native American version of The Descent, just marvellous.

The atmosphere, the score, the lighting and the characters were just absolutely spot on and led to a genuinely scary, unnerving, tense and exciting game with relate-able, unique characters that bely their stereotypes and actually make you care for them by the end.

As for my choices in the game, I got Jessica killed near the beginning by taking too much time in getting to her as Mike when she was dragged away, got Matt killed as I tried to save Emily and the Wendigo got him and all the rest apart from Sam and Chris I got killed right at the end in the lodge during the finale as I turned the light on too quickly and it blew everyone up, quite gutted about that as I thought I'd managed to save most of them in the build up to the finale, but that decision right at the end to turn the light on instead of saving Mike proved to be the wrong one.

Loved all the characters in their own ways but Sam was my favourite followed by Chris and Ashley. Mike was alright, bit too 'Nathan Drake for me', didn't care too much for Jessica (she got killed right at the beginning so never 'got to know her' so to speak) or Emily (too bitchy) for my liking and Josh was just a bit of a mentalist.

Anyone who's even remotely into Horror films or Horror/Survival-Horror games should pick this up, it's short at 9 hours, but bloody good and only £20 on Amazon at the moment.

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