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    Xbox One

    I didn’t even know this thread existed before today 😂
  2. Blakey

    Xbox One

    Shouldn’t this conversation be here: I’m confused 🤔
  3. Started this off on Thursday, put around 10 hours into it so far. I don’t want to spoil any of the story so I’ll keep details as vague as possible. But it’s safe to say that the game really doesn’t pull any punches at the beginning. You're put into Protagonist Amicia’s comfortable shoes almost straight away and after a brief tour around her parents Estate things start to slowly unravel. After the events at her homestead she ends up on the run with her estranged Brother Hugo. From here you travel around differing Medieval French environs trying to keep your brother safe and find a sanctuary to escape to horrors of the outside world along with meeting others who’re in just as desperate a situation as you are. In in terms of gameplay, it’s very much a stealth game mixed with light puzzle elements and a little bit of ‘the floor is lava’ thrown in for good measure. The first few chapters were quite basic really with serviceable stealth you’ve seen in countless other games - hiding in bushes, throwing objects to distract the guards and all that jazz. Things do get a little more difficult with a variety of potions thrown in that you can use against Guards along with lots of fire puzzles with the rats which then intersect with then Guards at some points to make things a little more complicated. It’s still all stuff you’ve seen before though, there’s nothing new in it at all in gameplay terms aside from the rats. The rats are incredibly cool and are easily the most distinctive part of the game but with fire sources abundant they’re never all that threatening to get through. The setting is incredible distinctive too. The grounded Medieval setting doesn’t get done an awful lot and there really aren’t too many comparisons to make, the only other games I can come up with is Vermintide and parts of The Witcher too. It it is a game that thrives on melancholy. Chapter after Chapter features tons of horrific scenes like a battlefield filled with dead soldiers or a hillside of dead pigs, it’s difficult to explain but it does well to create a constant feeling of misery, death and decay and it never really lets up, it is relentlessly miserable with only slight moments of brevity here and there. I do like it so far and I am incredibly Intrigued to see where the story goes next but I don’t love it. The stealth gameplay is often frustrating, not knowing when you’ve been spotted by enemies or not and the check pointing is poor, often putting you back at the start of an area. The voice acting is a bit wooden and I haven’t exactly wholly warmed to the characters. For a AA game from a somewhat unknown studio though it is pretty incredible what they’ve achieved with this. The Rats are a fantastic enemy that hasn’t really been done before, the graphics and lighting in particular is phenomenal and the setting feels incredibly fresh. It’s surprisingly long too, I thought it’d be finished at this far into the game but I’m not sure I’m even half way through. Lots of pics:
  4. Blakey

    Sonic News

    Team Sonic Racing reviews: 73% average from 37 critic reviews on Metacritic 73% average from 28 critic reviews on OpenCritic
  5. Bought three games from the first Epic Games Store sale:
  6. Up to 75% off most games, all games £13.99 and over are £10 off. John Wick Hex - £4.39 Hades Early Access - £5.49 Shakedown Hawaii - £4.99 World War Z - £18.10 Control Pre-Order - £37.99 Borderlands 3 Pre-Order - £39.99 The Sinking City Pre-Order - £37.99 Observation Pre-Order - £7.99 Subnautica - £3.99 Hello Neighbour - £3.99
  7. Blakey


    Stories Untold is free on Epic Games Store (PC) at the moment, up until the 23rd May.
  8. Here's all of the current or past series (I will put my personal favourites in a future post): Easy Update Playlist: Easy Allies Podcast playlist: Huber Syndrome Playlist: The Busted Trifeca Playlist: Movie Podcast Reaction Shots Playlist: Friend Code Playlist: Box Peek Playlist: Mysterious Monsters Game Show Playlist: EZAnime Podcast Playlist: Tabletop Escapades Playlist: Trailer Jones Playlist: Don's Discount Gaming: Game Sleuth Playlist: Fiasconauts Playlist: Previews Playlist: Western Horror Musical No Redemption: Reviews Playlist:
  9. An introduction to the Allies: Kyle Bosman Specialities: Nintendo and Pokemon. Moderator of the Easy Allies Podcast - out every Friday. Directed and Wrote Box Peek - a cardboard puppet animated show loosely based on Pokemon. From NY State Famous for his Geoff Keighley/Game Awards involvement Famous for The Final Bosman back in the GameTrailers days Famous for the Easy Allies Betting Specials versus Michael Huber Michael Damiani Specialities: Nintendo, Square Enix, Japanese games. Hosts the Nintendo focused Friend Code Podcast - Sometimes has guests like GameXplain's Ash Paulsen on. Famously gave LoZ: The Wind Waker a 7.8/10. Produces and writes The Game Sleuth series - finding out whether famous gaming myths hold any water or not. Writes some of the EZA Reviews From Texas Loves Raising Cane's Ben Moore Specialities: Japanese games, Fighting games, JRPGs. Hosts the Bi-Weekly Frame Trap Podcast - Sometimes has guests like Max Dood on. Writes some of the EZA Reviews Guest on many of the Tabletop shows/games Produced the Don't Skip show which champions little known Indie Gems. From Iowa Chim Ian Hinck Specialities: Indie Games, Puzzle Games, SoulsBorne Games. Famously hates The Last of Us Produces the Easy Update series every Sunday Produced the Red Dead Musical late last year From Wisconsin Movie Enthusiast Hosts Movie Podcast Reaction Shots for EZA. Is a frequent guest on Tabletop games/series. Sponsored by Fatburger Brandon Jones Specialities: Open-World Games. An ever-present guest on the Easy Allies Podcast Writes some of the EZA Reviews Hosts Trailer Jones trailer scoring show Famously the 'voice' of Easy Allies - he does all the voice over for all their Reviews. From California Daniel Bloodworth Specialities: Nintendo and Racing Games Writes some of the EZA Reviews From Florida Thinks people sneeze a set number of times Don Casanova Specialities: Indie games, Arcade games, 'Maker' games, God Games. Producer of Don's Discount Gaming Producer of The Busted Trifeca series Movie Enthusiast Also appears on Funhaus Brad Ellis Specialities: Soulsborne games, Indie Games, Difficult games. Produces the Retrospective series for EZA - Dark Souls and Deus Ex (Devil may Cry coming soon) From California Writes some of the EZA Reviews Michael Huber Specialities: Shenmue, Square Enix, Story-Driven games, Pop Culture. Host of Huber Syndrome for Easy Allies Writes some of the EZA Reviews From California Famous for the Shenmue 3 announcement video back in his GameTrailers days. Famous for the Easy Allies Betting Specials versus Kyle Bosman E3 Jolliness Hype Culminations
  10. Blakey

    DC Cinematic Universe

    Robert Pattinson has been cast as the next Batman. Thoughts?
  11. Cheers @RikSP I’ve been thinking about making this thread for a very long time but never got round to it.
  12. Blakey

    Game of Thrones

    I imagine some of these folks’ heads would’ve imploded at The Sopranos ending 😂
  13. Blakey

    Stealth games?

    Nah, been playing games since I was 5, would be a long ol' list if it had all the stealth games I've ever played on it 😂
  14. Blakey

    Stealth games?

    I can’t decide on exact positions but my list off the top of my head would be: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Splinter Cell Splinter Cell: Blacklist Hitman: Blood Money Thief: Deadly Shadows Hitman: Absolution Alien Isolation The Last of Us Dishonored 2 Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
  15. Blakey

    Super Mario Maker 2

    Looks absolutely fantastic. My GOTY senses are tingling. All the multiplayer stuff is the most exciting part for me, they’ve gone above and beyond including a full-fat story mode as well.
  16. Congrats man 🍻 Me and my new missus also met (almost) two months ago on Tinder 🎉
  17. Blakey

    Skull & Bones

    Been delayed again out of 2019:
  18. Whatever you do don't play Conviction 😂
  19. Blakey

    Trials Rising

    They have tutorials in the game I believe @AndyKurosaki called Trials University that’ll help you improve your technique. Guess it’s too late for that now though.
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