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    I think the word you were looking for is “gangbusters.”
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    I wasn't sure where to put this so I thought maybe a thread is worth starting? Especially since it may be a thing for the next few years before its standard. Anyway, we know Fortnite currently has all platform holders on board and there are a number of games that cross in some way with certain platforms but I'm sure more will come. First up: Blizzard Wants Diablo 3 to be Cross-Play With Blizzard getting the ball rolling I hope this will set a big precedent. Could Overwatch be next? A standard for Activision as a whole?
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    I’m not calling for some mass boycott or anything, I’m a huge CoD fan, bought and finished every one (except WWII) but no Campaign means I’m out, simple as. They won’t get me back until a Campaign is put back in. I dont buy the ‘no one cares about single player now’ shite either, it’s nonsense.
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    I like that, stick by it mate.👍
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    There’s some single player/co-op challenge type things they’ll be putting into Blackout as time goes on I believe but that’s it, no campaign. I’m not buying another one in the franchise until a Campaign is put back in.
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    I bought a couple of games to take on holiday tomorrow, only 1 of them has turned up 😫 I feel like Warioware should be a good holiday game, easy to dip in and out of for a few minutes at a time
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    I'm not sure how this Joker movie will turn out but, personally, I don't like the fandom around the Joker and indulging it with like this makes my skin crawl a bit. I hear King of Comedy gets referenced in regard to the inspiration behind this movie and its like telling a Darth Vader origin inspired by Falling Down. I see it as the worst kind of pandering to adults that like stupid shit but refuse to admit they like stupid shit. It could end up being a decent sociopathic guy movie but there are enough of those around and tying one to a comic book character with an odd fandom makes me cringe a bit.
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    To be fair, the Godfather films in particular are more about relationships and people making choices that have a huge effect on everyone around them. There’s more anguish than gangster stuff.
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    Read comments for lolz
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    First two Godfather films are immense. 3rd one isn't as bad as everyone makes out, but certainly the weakest one. I bought them on DVD in my twenties as I'd never seen them and made a whole weekend of it. By the Sunday I was like a Welsh/Italian/American gangster.
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