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  1. I've been really dissappointed at the iPhones games, Assasins Creed was the best so far for me lol, Sims 3 got me for a bit and so did Tiger Wood's for a bit
  2. NinjaLikesCheez

    Bioshock 2

    I practically cryed when I heard this yesterday. I was in a Game Design class and everyone was looking at me untill I told them, then they cryed too :'(
  3. 6 Months after getting Ltd edition I realised it was a lancer.. *fail*
  4. Unfortunatly my part of the world don'ts gets the 1 vs 100 *upset*
  5. Microsoft have said a few days ago that they are fixing the NXE dashboard in order to speed it up but I agree it isn't fast at all. I don't much like the on-screen keyboard, too slow >.<
  6. Talking of iPhones. I just redsn0w'd my iPhone 3.0 OS and it is smelling sweet
  7. ve made it my life goal to perfect EVERY tap tap there is possible, it was the first app on my iPhone and it will be the last off.. I love you Tapulous!
  8. Yay! Kinda updated everything woot-ness

  9. Im NinjaLikesCheez So add me up I am always online lol Ill add some of you guys up as well
  10. Yeah hit me up on my gamertag if you need anyone on the actual night, Legendary is EASY! What are you guys going on about, its hard? lol We have done the last misson on Leg with the Iron skull finnished in Ghosts in just under 20 mins, Anyway gamertag= NinjaLikesCheez ANytime anyone wants to play
  11. Took me and a mate about a month to get the Suicide Missionary achievment on GoW2 It is soo much easier one player lol
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