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  1. I'd definitely be willing to pay, especially for the HD video. Unless they want to go ad overload, Whiskey is going to have to make some money eventually. They've went like 2 years without any advertising at all. They're going the right way about the subs as well, locking people out of content is just a massive turnoff. Over at IGN it's horrible, or at least used to be.
  2. David

    Rock Band 3

    Doesn't appeal to me as much as the RB2 setlist. There are definitely some great tracks on there though. Definitely looking forward to Space Oddity, Bohemian Rhapsody and Free Bird.
  3. Lucky bastard ed.

  4. David

    Xbox Kinect

    I think this was revealed to be bullshit, at least with the current hardware. Kinect's power seems to have been curtailed a fair bit since last years E3. It used to have its own CPU, but they got rid of that. Stuff like the sign language thing might have been possible with the prototypes.
  5. David

    Costume Quest

    I reckon doing smaller projects like this suits them a lot better than big games with massive budgets.
  6. David

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    It almost looks too hectic. I'm really looking forward to this, but the difficulty needs to be sorted out. MVC2 is absolutely ridiculous at times, and the last boss is pretty much a joke, even on easy.
  7. Wow, that totally is just Burnout with licensed cars.
  8. David

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    It's pretty obvious Eidos has a history of this. I'm fairly sure that advance reviews of Arkham Asylum had to be at least a 90. At least that game was good.
  9. Bad blow for the Scottish industry there. Hopefully some of the guys manage to get their stuff together and possibly get another studio going.
  10. David

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

    Jeff Gerstmann gave this 3/5 for the PS3 version and 2/5 for the 360 version. The 360 one has 'technical issues' or something. I honestly was thinking this would be a much better game than the original. Seems I was wrong.
  11. David


    If I was a kid I would've loved this. Making actual games for it is a pretty savvy move as well. Not for me but if it's cheap enough I could see if shifting a few.
  12. GO BIG gameplay is the future of video games imo.
  13. Wow, it's not looking good for these guys. Always sad to see game studios possibly go under. Maybe this should act as a lesson for studios with 1 hit game not to get too ambitious and try to make an MMO bankrupting themselves in the process?
  14. David

    Alan Wake (360)

    OK, so I tried to play the signal a little while back, and it was ridiculously hard for some reason. I was a little tired at the time, but I was just constantly dying and switched it off and never went back to it. Shame, as I really enjoyed the game over all.
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