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    Was round my cousins for lunch today and her 5 year old is obsessed with this game. He’s really good at it as well. We played a little co-op and it whet my whistle for a return spell. Anyway, you know we all kind of wish that we could get an hour count on the games we played back in the day (original Sonic, Super Mario Kart and Secret of Mana are ones I’d love to know)? Obviously these days you can. His mum didn’t know you could find out such things, she was mortified to see his hour count: His Sonic game times are something else as well! Anyway, went back to the post game super tough level and I still can’t fucking do it. God damn it’s annoying.
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    I like it, it's like you are talking to me at different volumes. It has a very Christopher Walken / Jeff Goldblum feel to it.
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