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Fire Emblem Engage


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i almost posted in radiofloyd's fire emblem thread then realised it's a different game



this is the one that's just come out on switch.


i've only played one fire emblem game before - awakening. it seems pretty similar so far - you do some turn based combat, you level up, you talk to people a bit inbetween the combat, buy upgrades and stuff. seems alright so far, quite enjoying it :)

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^ i think it's still grid based but the grid is hidden by default, i'm not that up on fire emblem games though so not sure, i could be missing something.


there's a few things i don't understand about the game, i'm sure the game told me but there's a lot to take in at the start and i pretty much forget stuff as soon as i'm told


there's a break thing where if you have a red weapon it breaks (causes them to drop so they can't fight back) green ones, green beats blue and blue beats red (not 100% sure i have the order right)


but there's also something else where archers are really strong against some people on horses, and some are resistant to magic attacks - this stuff i need to learn as it seems pretty important as an archer took out my horse person in one shot, so could do with avoiding that.



archer beats flying

magic book beats armour

Knife is poisonous

arts beats bows/magic/knives


not sure what arts are.

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Finished this yesterday, thoughts on it are a bit mixed but generally enjoyed the main part of the game, the turn based strategy stuff. Took ages to finish as its really long (66 hours on the clock) but also got distracted by hifi rush about 20 hours in. Think id prefer if it was shorter.

did all the paralogue levels (think these are optional) but skipped the skirmishes.


the difficulty level (on normal) was a bit too easy but i was playing without permanent death, and you cant increase the difficulty, but you can decrease it so guess i should have started on a higher difficulty. Id like to start again but with my current team on a harder difficulty mode so i wouldnt have to level up.


i was using the emblems special abilities at the start but something happened and i forgot what they did and didnt use them too much later.


everyone probably knows this but keep your flying units away from archers


the messing around inbetween levels is not too bad but i did start skipping all the text at some point.


the overall story was ok but the dialogue wasnt that good imo.


the animations when the units are fighting are cool, and theres some great over the top special moves.


quite enjoyed the panzer dragoon style mini game.

so yeah some problems but i did enjoy the turn based combat, which is most of the game so overall enjoyed it.


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