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Battlefield 2042


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I’m very bad at it but 2042 seems alright. There was a 10gb update so I missed out on all the bugs I think. The only jank I’ve noticed is slow texture loading at the beginning of a match (ps4 pro) and sometimes your body might go a bit mad when you die.


The levels I’ve played on have been ok but I’ve not played enough to have memorised any of them. The one with the skyscrapers and has a huge tornado rip through the middle of the map was a stand out moment. I got killed because I was stood staring at it. It looked awesome was giving me anxiety.


They seem to have stopped giving you anything if you have played any previous BF games which I don’t mind I guess but some recognition would have been nice. Just some gamer card art.


I don’t understand the load outs just yet. You seem to be able to give anyone anything? Like give an assault guy a medic pack instead of ammo? I didn’t play around with it much so idk.


It all sounds very nice and the pro version looks a lot better than the base ps4. God knows what the og xb1 version must look like.


The menu and UI and a lot cleaner and user friendly than what I remember of 1 and 5.


It’s Battlefield.



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I got this now for £28 on Xbox SX (recap, I had it on PS4 Pro for a week or two before acquiring a SX). It looked good on pro, SX is next level. Lots of level of detail around you and that’s not lost down scopes. Draw distance a major factor.


Enjoying my time with it despite my reaction time being severely dissatisfying at times with age. But as I learn the maps and not to run around I’ll hopefully improve to be average.


I had one moment where I had the higher ground and achieved a triple kill that was incredibly satisfying.


Ive heard nothing but negative things for it though. I suspect from people that either played on launch and never again or never at all. In any case I’m enjoying being in huge areas and being a plank at firing my shooty shooty.

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