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Beyond Good & Evil


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I know at least me and Chin are dying for a sequel to this, without giving anything away, the ending makes you go "Aaaaaaargghhh! Tell me more!"

Not in a bad way, just that the story has only just begun, shame it didn't sell that well.

I bone this game and I fell in love with the whole atmosphere, it's great just wandering round looking at stuff. It's very much a Zelda clone but when it's done this well with a pretty good and fairly original storyline (plus, female lead, pretty but not Lara Croft phwoar, etc and non-violent too) you have to tip your hat.

For some reason the story and setting reminded me of the first Oddworld game. I need to play this again, but haven't been able to since I completed it as I lent it to a mate (that I don't see often) along with the Twin Snakes.


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This is definitely a contender for the most overlooked game of last generation. The level design easily matches the Zelda games, the bosses are solid, the story is great, but most important, as Hendo says the atmosphere is wonderful - it's easy to feel part of that universe, and there are loads of (genuinely) funny moments. Plus, any game featuring rastafarian rhinocerouses gets my eternal love.

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