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  1. New pickup for the collection. Street Fighter Legacy edition, comes with a bunch of stuff. US only as well. Codes were unused so now have pretty much every version of Street Fighter on the PS3. Sweet as.
  2. Psn Id is Kreiden and my street fighter ID is Grizzl33. Feel free to add me for games!
  3. Local pick up today, haven't seen NES games that look this good before.
  4. Grizzly


    New additions, Gold Mario from Japan and Shovel Knight! Full set apart from the skylander/Amiibo hybrids, not sure whether to go for those or not yet as they are hella expensive if I buy the starter packs or I would have to get them individually which would be a pain as they would be unboxed.
  5. Grizzly


    The issue I now have is that I have very little space for the newly announced figures. I was going to get some more box protectors ( like the one on silver Mario) and stack them proper. Should still look good as well, can only hope anyway!
  6. Grizzly


    Updated my displays for Amiibo goodness. Some 20+ have been added since the last pics.
  7. Grizzly


    I don't plan to resell but that option is there in the future if it came that I had to. But mostly I love the display, they all look really nice in their boxes. And I have opened so many toys over the years that I regretted. And if the figures died in value then I would simply open them also. Basically I see no need to open them right now, but the option is there in the future.
  8. Grizzly


    Been a while since I updated with pictures; Here is the current amiibo collection. It is comprised of a complete EU boxed set which is 53 units strong! This also includes a Silver Mario which at this point is a US or AUS exclusive. I intend also to get all of the big box releases with amiibo included.
  9. Grizzly


    It's cool, little mac and the other rares were made uncommon due to a recent restock which is the first of many! Get the cash while you can Andy!
  10. Grizzly


    I currently have all available amiibo apart from Gold Mario. As there are only 3 amiibo in July I will be using this month to get goldie and with the lack of amiibo in August I will be aiming to preorder famicom ROB from Japan. Amiibo.
  11. I always wanted to try one proper so jumped at this when it showed up. It was sold as faulty as the seller wasn't sure whether the controller port worked as his third party pad was non functional. Well worth the risk, got an official pad for trade (£10) worth and it works a treat! Got Star Wars rebel assault and road rash on the way!
  12. And now for something completely different Worked out around £50 ish. Dead chuffed
  13. Grizzly


    Amiibo get! Fave of this wave goes to Pacman. It's just awesome! And the collection as it stands now
  14. Grizzly


    i am guessing they will likely go up in the next couple of days. hopefully not at the same time as there are 13 to get, including limited edition bundles and such.
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